Allbirds Shoes Review: The Most Comfortable Shoes in The World

Looking for ultra-comfortable shoes that don’t look like your standard comfy shoes? Then you’ve probably come across a brand called AllBirds. Marketed as the “world’s most comfortable shoes” that are also sustainable and stylish, AllBirds is becoming more popular by the year. And it’s no wonder why: featured in major publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Vogue, and worn by many celebrities, including Jessica Alba and Leonardo DiCaprio, AllBirds seem to be popular with everyone, from busy parents to college students.

But Silicon Valley’s favorite sneakers don’t exactly come cheap, so the natural question is, are they worth it? We explore this and many other questions about this brand in our comprehensive AllBirds review. Here, we focus on the company’s background and their shoes’ specificities, including sizing, materials, shipping and return policies, to help you decide if and which AllBirds sneakers are right for you.

Background Of Allbirds

Created in 2014, AllBirds is the product of two highly imaginative and eco-conscious men; Neozelandese Tim Brown, and American Joey Zwillinger, an engineer and renewables expert. Their curiosity about the remarkable qualities of merino wool led them to invent a revolutionary wool fabric specifically made for footwear.

In 2014, merino wool was absent from the footwear industry, and AllBirds was soon created to fill that gap. The brand consistently upholds its sustainable, high-quality standards with shoes inspired by natural materials and an ongoing mantra to create better things in a better way. Fast forward to 2021, and the sustainable footwear revolution is well-set into our modern lifestyle. In 2019, AllBirds, now a certified B Corp, raked in well over 100 million dollars and currently employs more than 350 people worldwide.


The brand’s core values have not shifted an inch, though: no senseless design details, confidence in comfort, and unisex shoes made from Mother Nature’s finest materials. AllBirds take their carbon footprint mission seriously with packaging that uses post-consumer recycled cardboard. The company also positively acts on a humane level, gifting lightly used returned shoes to SOLES4SOULS®, thus helping communities in need worldwide.

But before we take a deep dive into this AllBirds review, let’s quickly go over the pros and cons of the company:


  • The company is fully sustainable, using eco-friendly shoe materials and recycled packaging
  • Extremely comfortable, lightweight and breathable footwear
  • Positive human impact thanks to SOLES4SOULS® partner
  • Stylish, unisex shoes for men and women
  • Extensive range of colors for each model
  • AllBirds also offers other apparel, including T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and underwear
  • Fair prices


  • Limited range of apparel
  • Sock bundles and accessories cannot be returned

Product Reviews:

From an all-shoe brand, AllBirds has evolved into a company that provides its sustainability-conscious customers with a wide range of footwear and clothing apparel, including T-Shirts, sweaters, jackets, underwear, socks, as well as accessories like face masks, insoles, and lace kits.

For this AllBirds review, although the brand offers quite an extensive range of shoes like high top shoes, flats, and loungers, we will focus on some specific models: the Flats, Loungers, Wool Runners, and Tree Runners, all among the most popular AllBirds sneakers.

Allbirds Flats


The Flats, also called Tree Breezers, are a women’s flat shoe that retails for $95 and comes in 21 different colors for every mood and occasion. According to the website’s reviews, the Flats run true to size, notably thanks to their ribbed collar, which allows a perfect fit.

AllBirds has imagined their Tree Breezers with an innovative cooling material developed from eucalyptus tree fiber. AllBirds sources the tree fiber responsibly, allowing the people and animals depending on their renewal to live sustainably.

For the Tree Breezers flats, AllBirds has also incorporated Brazilian sugarcane in their SweetFoam™ outsole, made with the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA. The castor bean oil used by the brand also helps the feet breathe comfortably since it repels moisture and reduces odors. All in all, the Tree Breezers seem like a go-to shoe to wear on most occasions during the warmer weather.

Allbirds Loungers


The brand offers two types of Loungers shoes: the Wool Loungers and the Tree Loungers, both retailing for $95. Far from being conceived only to lounge around, these shoes are highly versatile.

Designed to be quick and easy to slip on and go, the temperature-regulating Wool Loungers offer the ultimate flexibility and follow all of your movements, all the while minimizing odors. If you are looking for a pair of shoes ideal for warmer days, the AllBirds Tree Loungers are perfect as their cooling eucalyptus-sourced material makes them lightweight and breathable, keeping the feet comfy and cool.

AllBirds Wool Runners


A minimalist and incredibly comfortable shoe, the AllBirds Wool Runners use the innovative merino wool material formulated by the brand to be worn any time of the year. Although you can wear them with any pair of socks, AllBirds wool runners have been imagined to be slipped on without socks whenever you feel like it.

The Wool Runner running shoe retails for $95 and comes in six classic colors (Natural Grey, Natural Black, Natural White, Dapple Grey, Tuke Jo, and True Black) as well as ten limited edition colors.

The upper part of these stunning wool shoes is made from ethically sourced merino wool, while the bouncy SweetFoam™ insole is made with the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA, with Brazilian sugarcane. Castor bean oil is another component of the Wool Runner shoes that provides a cushiony, moisture-wicking, and odor-reducing insole. Even the AllBirds Wool Runners’ laces are recycled from old plastic bottles and made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. The Runners also have an S-curve tread, which helps keep feet nice and flexible, aiding in evenly distributing your weight as you move.

All in all, the Wool Runners AllBirds seem to be super-comfy, soft and breathable, making them perfect for everyday use. However, since they’re made from merino wool, we don’t recommend them for extremely hot summer days; they’re ideal for chilly weather though as they do help keep the feet warm.

Tree Runners AllBirds


The AllBirds Tree Runners are one of the New Zealand-based brand’s most popular sneakers. With a breathable and pleasantly cool material from responsibly-sourced eucalyptus tree fiber, the Tree Runner is the perfect running shoe to wear when it is warm outside.

Combine the eucalyptus fiber with a Brazilian sugarcane SweetFoam™ midsole, a castor bean moisture-wicking, cushiony and odor-reducing insole, and recycled laces, and you’ve got the AllBirds Tree Runners, a fine pair of everyday running shoes to tread the world lightly.

The Tree Runners AllBirds retail for $95 and come in three classic colors (Kauri Marine Blue, Charcoal, and Chalk) and 12 limited-edition colors, so you can dress up any outfit or tread casually around the city or in the countryside.

AllBirds Customer Reviews


For this AllBirds review, we have taken a look at the experiences and opinions of previous customers of the brand. At the time of writing, the brand averages 4.1 out of 5 marks on the review website Trustpilot, which is pretty impressive.

Unsurprisingly, we have found that most customers who wear AllBirds products are more than pleased. Raving about the comfort of the products, one customer stated that the Wool Runners and Mizzle shoes (known for their water-repellent property and comfortable wear) had been a “game-changer for them.” Other customers praised the efficiency and kindness of the customer service, with one review reading: “I 100% recommend this lovely company. Not only are their products amazing: kind to our planet, lovely to look at, amazingly comfortable to wear – but the staff themselves are absolutely FANTASTIC in their customer service.”

Some customers have experienced some difficulty selecting the perfect shoe size, while others felt the toe box a bit tight and normal wear and tear occurring several months after their purchase. If you are in-between sizes, size up as the company recommends avoiding receiving shoes too small, which could damage your shoes faster than usual. Also make sure you follow each pair’s weather instructions to keep your shoes looking brand new for as long as possible.

Some reviews we have found expressed that their wool and tree shoes were not totally waterproof. However, the company does state that the AllBirds shoes are not completely waterproof anyway, although the Mizzle collection offers a few extra-special features that allow customers to wear AllBirds when the weather is less than ideal.

Overall, the reviews we have found from previous AllBirds customers were very positive, praising very comfortable wear and extensive shoe options and colors, and second-to-none customer support.

Allbirds Sizing

The shoes’ sizes vary according to the shoe style, with most shoes being medium-width and full-sized. Women’s AllBirds roughly size from 5 to 11, while men’s shoes roughly size from 8 to 14.

Keep in mind that some of the designs stretch naturally over time, like the Wool shoe collection. Still, the brand recommends sizing up if you wear a half-size. Similarly, size up if you have a wider foot, and in case you need some advice, the customer support team can also help you select the appropriate size.

Promotions & Discounts

When we decided to review AllBirds, we looked for deals and discounts extensively and found that the company unfortunately does not offer promotions.

Since the brand works hard to make premium-quality products that look great, feel comfortable, and minimize our impact on the planet, the prices are understandably fixed. However, shipping is free on all orders over $50, and returns and exchanges are always completely free.

Where to Buy Allbirds Shoes


If you would like to treat yourself to a sustainable AllBirds pair of sneakers, you can do so straight from the brand’s website. Additionally, the brand’s many stores worldwide will allow you to see firsthand their designs in:

  • the United States, with stores in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Boston, Washington, DC, Philadelphia
  • New Zealand: Auckland
  • Europe, with stores in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris
  • Asia, with stores in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Beijing

Allbirds Shipping and Return Policy

If you order a pair of shoes from the AllBirds website, you will receive your parcel between 3-6 business days after placing your order with the standard shipping option (USPS Priority).

Standard shipping costs $5, and the brand offers free shipping for all orders over $50.

Return Policy

The AllBirds return policy is very flexible: they offer a 30-day trial period within which you can return or exchange your shoes absolutely for free even if you have worn them. No matter what the reason is, whether the toe box is too tight or the color is actually not to your liking, send them back, and AllBirds will exchange or refund them – no questions asked.

If you would like to return your socks, undies, and apparel, they must be unworn and undamaged in their original packaging within their return timeframe. However, you cannot return sock bundles and other accessories.

Returns and exchanges must be made in the same country of purchase, and you can return an in-store purchase online by reaching out to [email protected] with your order number, the address where you will be shipping the shoes from, and whether you’d like a refund or an exchange. AllBirds will then email you a prepaid return label for FedEx or USPS.

Contact Allbirds

If you still have some questions that haven’t been addressed in this review, you can contact AllBirds from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm PST via:

  • Text: 1-814-251-9966
  • Call: 1-888-963-8944
  • Email:
  • A contact form on the AllBirds website

Allbirds: Editors Verdict


After taking a good look at the AllBirds brand’s specificities, we can confidently say that their shoes are worth the money. From a sustainable and environmentally friendly perspective, the innovative shoe styles crafted from natural and unexpected materials are beyond comparison. Shoelaces made from recycled plastic bottles, merino wool ethically sourced to respect both sheep and people depending on them, eucalyptus trees sourced responsibly to allow the animals and people around to thrive – everything about the brand seems like a fantastic way to reduce our carbon footprint and act positively for the planet.

Far from a simply environmentally conscious company, AllBirds also acts actively to make the world a more humane and kind place. If your shoes don’t fit, if they are not your style, in a nutshell, if you need to send them back even after you’ve worn them, the brand will donate them to a partner organization so that people in need all around the world can benefit from almost new shoes, thus preventing unnecessary waste.

In short, if you’re looking for truly comfortable and sustainable shoes, AllBirds footwear is a great option. The world’s most comfortable shoes are not even that expensive – they retail for the same price, if not cheaper than most Addidas or Nikes! Oh, and it also helps that you can wear them without socks for that “walking on a cloud” sensation.

Frequently Asked Questions Allbirds

How Do You Wash Allbirds?

If your AllBirds pair starts to feel less than fresh, you will be happy to know that most footwear from the brand, like the Wool Runners, are machine washable. The company recommends washing them on the wool or gentle cycle. Remove the insoles and laces, use a mild detergent, avoiding bleach, and put them in a delicates bag to protect them while they get washed. To dry them, the brand recommends air drying – avoid using dryers at all costs.

For shoes that have been treated to repel water like the ones from the Mizzle collection, AllBirds recommends hand washing them, spot cleaning dirt with warm water and gentle soap. If they need a deep clean, you can still put them in the wool or delicate cycle washing machine.

The AllBirds insoles can be washed by hand by applying a small amount of gentle detergent to the top, woolen part of the insole, and rinsing off the detergent in lukewarm or cold water – avoid the washing machine, and air dry them to preserve the longevity of your insoles.

To wash the AllBirds socks and undies, you can do so in the washing machine, setting it to cold, once again preferring a mild detergent, and tumble dry on low or air dry. As for the shoes, steer clear from bleach and dry cleaning.

Is Allbirds Really that Comfortable?

AllBirds pride themselves on the comfort of their shoes. Not only do their respectfully sourced materials lend an unmatched level of comfort to their shoes, but the brand also strives to accommodate all types of feet, including the wide and flat. A savant mix of merino wool, tree fibers, natural yarn, and more unexpected materials like sugarcane all come together to create unmatched comfort which gives Allbirds their signature “walking on clouds” feel.

If you have flat feet, it’s more than likely you’ll be able to find the shoes of your dreams within the extensive AllBirds range, as a few models like the Tree and Wool Runners or the Dasher style have built-in arch support and a high level of cushion for maximum comfort. If you are looking to use your own inserts or orthotics, you can easily remove the AllBirds insole to adjust to your feet’ needs. It really does seem like the company has thought of every possible way to make their shoes comfortable enough to wear on any occasion.

Should You Wear Socks With Allbirds?

When you buy a pair of AllBirds, whether wool runners, tree runners, or any other style from the brand really, you don’t necessarily need to wear socks if you don’t want to. Indeed, even worn without socks, AllBirds are still some of the most comfortable shoes the market has to offer. However, if shoes worn without socks are not really your thing, the company has released a collection of Trino™ socks to match their shoes’ comfort level, but you can, of course, wear Allbirds with your regular socks as well.

Are Allbirds Eco-Friendly?

To put it simply, yes – the New Zealand-based brand offers only eco-friendly products. Abiding by the motto “Mother Nature is our muse,” the company strives to create renewable and naturally-derived alternatives to traditional fabrics. Thanks to their sustainable ways of sourcing out the materials of their shoes, the company has earned the Forest Stewardship Council® certification, which places the brand as a positive entity for the environment and for the people and animals who depend on the sustainability of the trees that AllBirds uses to create its products.

Rooted in a vision of environment protection, the company uses sustainable materials like TENCEL™ Lyocell, a tree fiber sourced from South African farms that use 95% less water than cotton and cut our carbon footprint in half. Similarly, instead of yarn, AllBirds has invented Trino™ and TrinoXO™ yarns that blend the brand’s renewable materials’ incredible properties into a comfortable and breathable fiber (Tree + Merino, which gives Trino™).

As the brand’s base, the Allbirds wool is selected very carefully, and its sourcing process allows the brand to use 60% less energy than materials typically used in synthetic shoes. The superfine AllBirds merino wool is temperature-regulating, moisture-wicking and breathable for extra comfort. AllBirds laces are also made from recycled plastic bottles. Some unexpected materials also come into the composition of the company’s products, like Castor Bean Oil, which helps increase the natural content of the AllBirds insoles. Another surprising “ingredient” that the company uses is Brazilian sugarcane, with which the company crafts its bouncy and comfortable SweetFoam™ shoe soles.

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