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About ASICS Running Shoes

Asics Shoes

ASICS creates its running shoes and athletic apparel in a way that helps people fully take in the moment. Prioritizing comfort, providing support, and accommodating the needs of different feet and bodies, the brand brings versatility and thoughtfulness to the realm of athletics.

ASICS has left tracks all over the web. Whether it’s on ‘Best of’ lists, news sites like the Wall Street Journal, or running magazines like Runner’s World, it’s not hard to grasp how popular this brand is.

Worn by Olympians and pro athletes, ASICS has taken the world by storm—it’s even dominating the social media realm with a whopping 1.4 million followers.

So will it be these sneakers be the right fit for you? This ASICS running shoes review is here to help you decide. We’ll provide the key information on the brand and its best-sellers, along with customer feedback, discounts, and answers to FAQs. Ready, set, let’s get into it.

Overview of ASICS Running Shoes

Asics Shoes

ASICS is a brand with an incredible history. Founded back in 1949 by Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka under the name Onitsuka Co. Ltd., it was responsible for many innovations in the realm of athletic footwear (including the influence of traditional basketball shoes that happen to look a lot like the design Converse pumps out today).

Renamed ASICS in 1977, Mr. Onitsuka chose the acronym from the Latin script, “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano,” which means “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.” The new name fits its mission perfectly, as the company is a firm believer that exercise is an important part of happiness and health.

Though the company is headquartered in Kobe, Japan, it has head offices around the world and distributes globally.

It’s equally as concerned with helping the earth live in harmony as it is with helping its customers, so the brand has a noble sustainability plan which already boasts a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions over the past 6 years.

What’s up next for this ASICS running shoes review? The brand’s highlights are next, just before overviews of the best-sellers from its footwear collections for women and men.

Asics Shoes


  • Wide selection of athletic footwear, apparel, and gear for men, women, and kids
  • 95% of running shoes made from recycled materials
  • Has donated over $600k to charitable organizations
  • Manufactures with 25% renewable energy
  • Tons of discounts & promotions available
  • Available around the world

Known for its wide selection of athletic footwear, this brand is also popular for its performance athletic wear and gear for adults and kids. Considering the topic of this ASICS running shoes review, the next section will focus on just its footwear for both women and men.

Prefer alternative payment methods? Opt for afterpay to purchase your new shoes in four interest-free installments.

ASICS Running Shoes Women Review

Women tend to care a little more about what their shoes look like, and that may be why the ASICS running shoes women’s collection has more color options than its men’s. Bursting with hot pink and turquoise hues, below, we’ll introduce you to its best-sellers available in sizes 5-13.

ASICS Women’s GEL-VENTURE 7 Running Shoes Review

Asics Shoes

There’s really nothing like trail running. The fresh air, the sights…it’s a truly freeing form of exercise that connects you to this earth. The ASICS Women’s GEL-VENTURE 7 Running Shoes give you the support you need for the path ahead, using GEL® technology to help absorb shock.

Constructed with an ORTHOLITE™ sock liner, these shoes conform to your feet, ensuring you get the perfect fit for stability. The GEL-VENTURE 7 is made of synthetic leather for a look and feel of quality but has a lower impact on our planet.

Offering enough space for a normal width foot, these sneakers are ideal for those with a neutral or high arch. Plus, they’re cushioned for support and comfort.

The GEL-VENTURE 7s are available in 11 two-toned color options, ranging from classic black/grey to vibrant blue/pink. Get a pair on sale for $60 (normally $70).

ASICS Women’s GEL-KAYANO 26 Running Shoes Review

Asics Shoes

The road is one of the most brutal places to run, and yet, it’s a (normally) even, easily accessible surface than many runners depend on daily to clock miles. The ASICS Women’s GEL-KAYANO 26 Running Shoes are made to help with the impact that road running takes on your joints.

Constructed with GEL® and SpEVA 45 technology, they absorb shock and push you forward, creating an easier stride. And though we always hope the road before us will stay smooth and free of gravel, often, it doesn’t.

The GEL-KAYANO 26 uses a Guidance TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® to provide stability for uneven terrain.

Ideal for those with neutral or flat feet, these smart, technologically advanced shoes are here to support and cushion your stride. In standard width and 14 different color options, get a pair for $100 (on sale from $160).

ASICS Women’s GEL-KAYANO 27 Running Shoes Review

Asics Shoes

The ASICS Women’s GEL-KAYANO 27 Running Shoes provide the same level of technology as the GEL-KAYANO 26s, only they’re developed to assist with a perfect strike.

Using flex grooves to soften impact and re-supinate your midstance, you’ll push off of your toes effortlessly, creating a faster pace and more efficient stride.

Ideal for runners who overpronate, they’re made with Dynamic Duomax® technology to help combat inward rolling. Stable, supportive, and sleek, choose from one of 14 colors to take your run to the next level—we’re gravitating towards the calming lilac or sleek black.

Grab a pair of the Women’s GEL-KAYANO 27 Running Shoes for $110 right now, they’re normally $160.

ASICS Running Shoes Men Review

When it comes to running, three things reign supreme: support, stability, and cushioning. The ASICS running shoes men’s collection is full of functional designs for all levels of runners.

Offering sneakers in sizes 6-15, below, you’ll meet the brand’s top-selling styles that come highly recommended.

ASICS Men’s NOVABLAST 2 Running Shoes Review

Asics Shoes

As one of the most popular surfaces to run on, the road can be hard on your joints and can cause future injuries.

The ASICS Men’s NOVABLAST 2 Running Shoes were made to cushion and stabilize your feet with every stride, using a heel stabilizer to support the back of your foot, but keeping the feel responsive—not like you have inches of cushion underneath.

Choosing FF BLAST™ cushioning to provide great rebound, these road running shoes are perfect for hilly and flat roads. They’re available in ten striking color combinations.

Get a pair of the ASICS NOVABLAST 2 Running Shoes for $130.

ASICS Men’s GEL-LYTE III Running Shoes Review

Asics Shoes

Running shoes with cushioning are great for reducing the impact of the road on your feet and joints, but there’s a point where they can start to feel too clunky.

The ASICS Men’s GEL-LYTE III Running Shoes are the most recent model of the GEL-LYTE design that’s been going strong for over 30 years.

The shoes are inspired by the ‘90s running style but have modern features that set them apart from the pack. With a blend of mesh and suede fabrics, your feet will enjoy the comfort of GEL™ technology to absorb shock with every stride.

Available in white with yellow, orange, coral, or blue accents, you can get a pair of the ASICS GEL-LYTE IIIs on sale right now for $83, they’re normally $110.

ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 8 Running Shoes Review

Asics Shoes

With tennis, you need to stop and start on a dime. Going backward, forward, and side-to-side, support and stability are key. The ASICS Men’s GEL-Resolution 8 Running Shoes have a thin sole for a feel that connects you with the court.

Using DYNAWALL™ technology, your midfoot will be stabilized, while the torque control in the heel will assist in helping you feel locked in place with no gapping or sliding. With an AHAR® outsole and PGUARD™ toe protector, the Gel-Resolution tennis shoes provide great traction.

Pick from 11 bright and classic colors to match your tennis ensemble. You can get a pair of the ASICS GEL-Resolution 8s for $115 (on sale from $140).

Who Is ASICS Running Shoes For?

Asics Shoes

ASICS running shoes are ideal for athletes looking for the perfect fit. Whether it’s in terms of width, arch, or stability, the brand offers a range of options for men, women, and kids.

Making it easy to get exactly what you’re looking for, you’ll find shoes for all kinds of sports and activities in its collection including running, tennis, and golf, as well as options just for street style.

It’s an eco-friendly brand that’s always pushing towards greater sustainability, so this ASICS running shoes review thinks it’s also a great choice for those who want conscious footwear.

ASICS Running Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Asics Shoes

Knowing that this company’s shoes are worn by professional athletes says a lot about their quality, comfort, and performance. But since no ASICS running shoes review would be complete without hearing from customers, in this section, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

First, let’s check up on some ratings for the best-sellers found on After that, we’ll dive into some comments.

  • GEL-Resolution 8: average of 4.2/5 stars from 213 reviews
  • GEL-LYTE III: average of 4.5/5 stars from 125 reviews
  • GEL-KAYANO 27: average of 4.5/5 stars from 3,684 reviews
  • GEL-VENTURE 7: average of 4.4/5 stars from 1,235 reviews
  • NOVABLAST 2: average of 4.5/5 stars from 198 reviews

To see what customers love about the brand’s footwear, we looked into the ASICS running shoes review section for the GEL-VENTURE 7. Among the feedback, the most common words we came across were “sturdy” and “comfortable.”

One comment that sums things up nicely reads: “Love my ASICS – this is my 4th pair of the Gel Venture. They fit well and last great on our gravel road for my daily 3-4 mile walks.” A great example of the GEL-VENTURE 7’s quality and comfort, the fact that this customer buys them repeatedly speaks volumes.

To see if these great scores help up outside of the brand’s site, we headed over to Amazon and checked out the Men’s NOVABLAST sneaker. Finding a score of 4.6/5 stars from 152 shoppers, we’ve included the rating snapshot below to help you see how it breaks down.

  • 5 stars: 79%
  • 4 stars: 12%
  • 3 stars: 4%
  • 2 stars: 2%
  • 1 star: 4%

Since comfort is the reason that people choose sneakers, we felt it was important to look in on the comfort of the NOVABLAST. One ASICS running shoes review that speaks on this point reads:

“I have back and leg issues. I needed a pair of shoes with better cushion. Since I have been wearing these my back pain has been so much better. It’s amazing how much they have helped. I exercise with them as well as just normal wear.”

Asics Shoes

The right pair of shoes can totally change the way you live and feel while working out. Making it comfortable to exercise and supporting you through your run or walk, it looks like the NOVABLAST delivers on both fronts.

Turning to Zappos for just one final bit of feedback, we dug through the comments section for the GEL-NIMBUS 23. The shoe was awarded an overall score of 4/5 stars from 903 shoppers.

The most common phrases used for this product include “excellent cushioning,” “great fit,” and “high quality.” One ASICS running shoes review that we found really helpful reads:

“They are very cushioned and have the perfect amount of structure and stability. Recently I’ve purchased Nike for style, but the quality can not compare to ASICS.”

During our research for this part of our ASICS running shoes review, the most common thread of feedback was that customers choose them for life.

With tons of comments from shoppers who have been wearing its shoes for 10-20 years, we find that a terrific sign of not only the brand’s comfort and performance but also its consistency over time.

Is ASICS Running Shoes Legit?

Asics Shoes

There’s no doubt on our part that ASICS is a legit brand, but while scoping out feedback around the web, we came across some reviews that mention issues with returns. That appears to be the largest complaint made against the company.

Considering that ASICS is a worldwide brand and is an absolute giant in the running shoe industry, though it doesn’t make things any less frustrating, it’s super common.

You’ll find the same stats for other athletic giants like Nike too, so in the grand scheme of things, it’s not something that raises a red flag for us.

Is ASICS Running Shoes Worth It?

Asics Shoes

Throughout the years, ASICS became a name that casual and serious athletes choose to meet their needs for performance and comfort. Known as a brand that caters to a variety of foot widths and arch heights, many who choose it say they get the perfect fit and stay customers for life.

With a great range of shoes for all kinds of activities, ASICS has an impressive selection with something for everyone. Along with tons of discounts and a 1-year warranty, it’s easy to see why so many people love and are loyal to this brand and believe it’s worth the buy.

ASICS Running Shoes Promotions & Discounts

Asics Shoes

One of the best things about shopping online is getting deals, so naturally, during this ASICS running shoes review, we kept an eye out for any that may pop up. Here’s what we discovered:

  • Become an OneASICS Member & get 10% off + free shipping always
  • Get free shipping when you spend $100
  • Discount for medical professionals, first responders, military, teachers, and students
  • Returns are always free

Where to Buy ASICS Running Shoes

To access its deals and the entire collection, your best bet to buy the brand is right from You can also find its shoes in sports stores around the world like Atmosphere and the Running Room or at online footwear retailers such as Zappos, Amazon, and Nordstrom.


Asics Shoes 16

Who owns ASICS Running Shoes?

Kihachiro Onitsuka founded and owned ASICS until his death in 2007. Headquartered in Kobe, Japan, the brand is still owned by Onitsuka Co., Ltd.

Does ASICS Running Shoes ship internationally?

Yes, just make sure you’re on the right version of the brand’s website. Shipping all over the world, you won’t be able to see the correct shipping options if you accidentally landed on the wrong one.

What is ASICS Running Shoes’ Shipping Policy?

ASICS takes 1-2 business days to process your order from the time you place it online. Offering free standard shipping for orders over $100, we’ve put together a list of all of your shipping options below:

  • Standard Ground (4-7 business days): $5
  • 2-Day (2-3 business days): $15
  • Next-Day (1-2 business days): $25

OneASICS members get free standard shipping on all of their orders. Once yours ships out, you’ll receive a confirmation email with an estimated delivery date and tracking link via UPS or FedEx.

What is ASICS Running Shoes’ Return Policy?

If you need to return your ASICS running shoes for any reason, you can, as long as you start the process within 90 days of purchase. In addition to the time window, the brand has a few other requirements your items must meet:

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