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Launched to answer a call for affordable equipment, Vevor came into the market to become one of the top brands for tools, machinery, and equipment.

Selling almost 30 different categories of products, this company caters to over 200 countries with thousands of loyal returning customers building up their base.

Due to a relaunch of their social media accounts, Vevor only has upwards of 1.1k followers on Instagram, with lower numbers coming in through their Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

The brand has also been featured in the New York Times in multiple lists for affordable and good-quality products.

This Vevor review will look beyond the social media following and consider products, prices, customer testimonials, and more to determine whether or not this brand is worth the buy.

Overview of Vevor


Founded in 2007, Vevor entered the market with the goal of bringing typically expensive equipment to the market for more affordable pricing.

Through the years of growth, they’ve provided products from plumbing to automotive to culinary to forestry with so many other elements included.

A goldmine of products for a wide range of interests, this brand is more than happy to manufacture cost-effective versions of those products you’ve been eyeing for years.

Their headquarters are currently in Shanghai, China, but international offices exist in other continents alongside their numerous warehouses. Serving tens of thousands of customers, this brand has become one of the top tool and equipment brands on the market.

While low costs are an obvious pro to this company, we need to look at the other benefits and concerns that come with this brand name:


  • Incredibly expansive product list covering almost 30 different collections of equipment, machinery, and products
  • Thousands of positive Vevor reviews
  • Reasonable prices for typically expensive items
  • Free shipping within the contiguous US
  • International shipping
  • Points firmly in mind, we’re moving this Vevor review into the fun section of products.

Looking at a wide range of popular items, we need to remind you that this list doesn’t even begin to skim the surface of this brand’s inventory. If anything piques interest, check out the brand’s website and you’ll be sure to find more.

Vevor Review

Vevor is known for their wide inventory, so we’ve had to narrow down our review to some of our favorite bestsellers. These products are highly rated online with hundreds of reviews praising each item.

Vevor Combo T-shirt Heat Press Review


Add customized designs to everyday wear with the Vector Combo T-Shirt Heat Press. Whether you’re looking to personalize hats or shirts, this efficient machine gets the job done with ease.

Crafted to be simple to operate, this Vevor heat press swings in a 360-degree motion with a rubber handle to keep all hands away from the heated area.

Easily press any design with a digitally controlled temperature display and built-in overload protector. With plates for hats, shirts, mugs, plates, and custom work, this $230 8-in-1 heat press does it all in a timely manner.

Vevor Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine Review


Cool off any warm day with the Commercial Ice Cube Maker Machine. This Vevor ice machine quietly creates all the ice anyone would ever need with the simple press of a button.

Designed to craft three different thicknesses of ice, this machine is easy to operate and maintain. Built-in cleaning systems save everyone time by maintaining a hygienic standard on all pieces produced by this machine with the push of a single button.

Useful in any bar, restaurant, or home, this machine hooks up to water sources with ease, working silently through its energy-saving compressor to form those perfect cubes that will add to any drink.

This machine is available for $340.

Vevor Ultrasonic Cleaner Review


Keep all your priceless pieces clean with the Vevor Ultrasonic Cleaner. Designed to clean a variety of pieces – jewelry, coins, glasses, automotive pieces, and more – this quick cleaner can safely brighten any rusted piece in one session.

Featuring a simple timer and heater gauge display, it’s easy to adjust settings as you please to rid those favorite pieces of buildup. Each cleaner includes a stainless-steel basket to keep pieces accessible and safely removable at all times throughout the process.

Built with a rustproof basin, this ultrasonic cleaner keeps the process fast and easy – just be cautious around the water once the heat kicks in.

This hard worker is available for $113.

Vevor Vinyl Cutter Review

Show off those artistic signage skills with the Vevor Vinyl Cutter. Designed with multi-purpose use in mind, this piece offers the ability to print out decorations, labels, drawings, and even stickers. Let the mind run free and embrace the endless creative possibilities with one machine.

Detailed in design, this machine uses 3-rollers to feed the precision work that creates each printed piece. Whether working with thicker materials or thin paper, this force can be dialed up to handle whatever is thrown its way.

Throw on your favorite fonts and print up a sign to be proud of with just a few buttons. Grab this vinyl cutter and get designing for $315.

Vevor Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine Review


Bring home the fun and flair of fresh ice cream with the Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine. This Vevor ice cream machine swirls out 2-in-1 flavors, letting you mix and match for that perfect cone.

Control it all with a simple touch screen display to set, clean, freeze, and stop everything this machine has to offer. Set the cones in the side holder to always be prepared for that constant craving, ice cream always cool and waiting to fill that desire.

If soft-cone isn’t your style, hardness and temperature can easily be adjusted with the touch of a button to personalize the texture to anyone’s taste.

Add it to the wish list for $1,555.

Vevor Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine Review


Make every childhood dream come true with the addition of the Electric Commercial Cotton Candy Machine to any home or business. It’s a one-stop-shop for a candy floss cloud of comfort at every gathering (or just by yourself on a Friday, we don’t judge).

Get spinning and swirl those cones around to create childhood favorites in minutes. You can control the temperature through an easy dial and simply flick the switch to start it up.

The best part of this product is the ease of transport as it was built to operate on the go with its wheels and handles to let anyone pick up and head straight to the party.

Give in to your dreams and make every day a party with the Vevor Cotton Candy Machine for only $210.

Vevor 700W Wind Turbine Generator Review


Get going on green energy with the 700W Wind Turbine Generator. Simple to attach to caravans, campsites, and more, this Vevor wind turbine was built to power the most remote locations.

Crafted from nylon fiber, these blades were made to withstand the harshest winds weather can throw at them. Easy to set up and operate, every individual can piece this together in moments with the straightforward instructions included in every purchase.

Take some pressure off of the electricity bill and use those natural resources to turn on the lights in a mean and green manner.

This product also “generates” excitement with its price of $225.

Vevor Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Cart Review


Stare down any steep move with the Vevor Heavy Duty Stair Climbing Cart. Comfortable handles combine with innovative tri-wheels designed to deal with every angle that may come your way. Moving after this will be a piece of cake.

Loading up to 460 pounds in one go, this steel cart was carefully crafted for a sturdy climb. Triangular sets of wheels ,as well as two back-ups, function to keep the climb smooth and steady, no matter how much weight is piled on top.

There’s no cause of concern about storage as this $73 piece easily folds up to a small and transportable size that can sit inside a closet or trunk.

Vevor Laser Engraver Cutting Machine Review


The future is now. Craft those detailed designs you’ve always dreamt of with the Laser Engraver Cutting Machine. This Vevor laser engraver is an improvement on a previous model that provides the user with an even more fluid and intuitive experience.

High-precision lasers work with CO2 gases to produce fast and detailed work on any materials. Elevated from the previous model, this design incorporated an LCD panel to better display temperature and power, making it easier to monitor the progress of any engravings.

Connect this $400 machine to any computer with a simple USB cord to take advantage of CorelDraw, the included software designed to maximize the precision of every cut.

Who is Vevor for?


This brand is so expansive, it works for anyone that has the money for it. Whether intrigued by a Vevor sausage stuffer or attracted to the automotive industry aspects listed, this company covers a wide variety of interests.

Products tend to be equipment-based and can run in the more expensive price range due to machinery being purchased, so we will say this company tends to be geared towards those who have it in their budget to spend some money and invest in some highly-functional products.

Comparison: Vevor vs. DEI Equipment


Specializing in tools, machinery, and equipment isn’t exclusive to Vevor. One of their leading competitors, DEI Equipment, joined the market in 2006, providing kitchen and restaurant equipment for affordable prices.

While Vevor covers the same area, they also extend beyond this line of products to a range of tools, machines, equipment, and products spanning arts, automotive, forestry, plumbing, and more.

Restaurant and foodservice equipment is actually only a small portion of the stock available, but Vevor still sells over 1,600 items in this category.

When it comes to the supplies available through both businesses, DEI breaks down their products into more refined categories to help customers better find the products they’re looking for.

While both companies offer a similar amount of stock in this area, it’s definitely easier to navigate the DEI site to find what’s needed.

With that being said, the company information and policies are a lot easier to find with Vevor. This brand openly lists their shipping, return, and warranty info in a simple manner.

DEI has some information posted, but it’s awkward to navigate and isn’t as clearly communicated, not to mention the shipping info is entirely absent.

Prices between the companies tend to run similarly no matter the size of the product at hand. Whether shopping for utensils or freezers, roughly equal prices are offered with typically within a $50 range.

Both companies offer expansive inventories for restaurant, catering, and cookware, but if you’re looking to shop in other areas as well, Vevor is the go-to.

With thousands more products on the market, this brand offers free shipping to cut delivery costs and comes with tens of thousands of positive reviews. Either company will deliver what you need, but Vevor seems to have the upper hand in our books.

Vevor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?


Before buying, it’s always best to check out a Vevor review or two written by verified customers to ensure the brand matches up to the products they offer.

This brand seems to be quite popular for their shipping and expansive inventory. One customer commented, “Thank you for quick shipping to my off-grid address. The chainsaw mill is great and very good value for the price. I’ll be a returning customer.”

At first glance, this company garners a lot of good reviews from thousands of customers. On Amazon alone, the company averages 4/5-stars based on almost 19k ratings.

These ratings are spread out over a number of products, their most popular on Amazon being the Vevor Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner with 4.4/5-stars based on over 1,275 ratings.

Reviews for this product speak to the great price, handy size, and durable design. One 5-star reviewer was very happy with its efficiency and durability:

“I have been using the unit on a constant basis since I purchased it. It has been a remarkable timesaver for me in cleaning small parts and rescuing rusted hand tools from the dead.”

Here are how some other best-selling Vevor products are rated on Amazon:

  • Vevor Heat Press Machine: 4.4/5-stars based on over 1,200 ratings
  • Vevor CNC Router: 3.9/5-stars based on over 200 ratings
  • Vevor Bottled Water System: 4.5/5-stars based on almost 500 ratings
  • Vevor Gal Water Alcohol Distiller: 4.4/5-stars based on over 350 ratings

Aside from Amazon’s thousands of positive reviews, this company comes in at 3.8/5-stars from ReviewMeta’s 5,400+ ratings. Covering the same variety of products as Amazon, the hundreds of reviews listed on this site are quite positive overall.

“This unit is as good as it gets for the price. Works better than expected. Very impressed with it.”

Despite some lower ratings, this company’s positive reviews far outweigh the negatives and it seems as though the poor ratings tend to be manufacturing defects that can be easily fixed and exchanged.

Is Vevor Worth It?


Based on customer comments and ratings, this Vevor review can safely recommend this brand as one to buy. The expansive product list paired with affordable pricing options makes this an easy addition to any shopping list.

We will say that some Vevor reviews complain about the return process and customer service, so it may be safer, in this case, to order from a third-party site such as Amazon that operates through a standard return policy.

Vevor Promotions & Discounts


When looking to save money, discounts are always the best way to go. Unfortunately, Vevor doesn’t advertise a lot of promotions, but they do offer a consistent 5% off student discount.

Their Hot Sales section also offers prime deals on some of their high-ticket items, making it the first place to check out when visiting their site.

Where to Buy Vevor


Searching for a Vevor orange juicer or some other fun product? This brand is fully available for purchase at If the brand website doesn’t work for your location, check out some of these retail partners for another option:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Newegg



Where are Vevor tools made?

Vevor products are manufactured at their headquarters in Shanghai, China. Warehouses are located throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia to provide customers with quick and dependable delivery dates.

What is Vevor’s Shipping Policy?

If you’ve read this Vevor review and found a product worth considering, we’ve got some prime shipping information to help complete that purchase.

First and foremost, all ground shipping within the contiguous states is free. Unfortunately, there’s no speedy option to select at checkout, but free shipping might just be worth the wait.

All shipping from Vevor takes between 1 to 7 business days depending on the location. With warehouses located in California, Texas, Kentucky, and New Jersey, shipping points are widely spread out to aim for 3-day shipping within the contiguous states.

Additional time is required for more remote US locations.

Items ship within 24 hours of purchase and a tracking number is sent out as soon as the package leaves the warehouse. Track any order online to follow the ETA to prepare the space for your new product.

Vevor does ship internationally, but additional taxes and duties may apply with each purchase.

What is Vevor’s Return Policy?

New Vevor water distiller not what you’d dreamed of? This company has a 30-day return policy that promises a full refund alongside an easy return process. Here’s how the return process works:

  1. Reach out to customer service with order number, name, and reason for the return
  2. Once the request has been approved, instructions will be sent on how to return the item
  3. Repackage the product in original boxes and use the supplied label – a fee may be applied depending on the reason for the return
  4. Ship off the package and wait for the refund to be sent to the payable account

Should the product ordered be too large for standard shipping, Vevor will arrange a pick-up time that works for all parties. Just make sure the product is boxed up and ready to go upon arrival.

If any product has manufacturing difficulties, reach out to customer service to check if the defect is covered. Vevor offers a 12-month warranty on their product, so chances are a free repair or exchange will be offered as a response.

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