Coursera Review : Explore New Possibilities with Graduate Programs from Leading Universities

Courseera has tie-ups with many established institutions for a period of time but it has reached new highs by collaborating with many top universities of the world. The website has tie-ups with 200 leading universities and many potential recruiters who have hired the students in numbers.

From Imperial College in London to Duke University, the university has tie-ups with all of them. Many graduate programs to certificate courses that will make you job-ready is the main vision of the site.


You will find counsellors on the site who will help you guide with a degree that you should pursue to make a living. Many masters programs too have been made available to the students.

Along with that, the site is no short of providing many specialized programs in tie-ups with the universities. Taking admissions to your preferred course is also quite easy through coursera. Students interested in talking admissions to any university can visit the site.

The admission box in the site has all the details and after reading that one can fill the online application form. All the courses offered by the leading universities are listed there and students can fill the form by paying the application fee.


A crucial part of every course is to provide secured placements to its students. The placements provided by site are ideal as they provide jobs in core sectors and students can find enormous joy with placements as placement percentage are quite high here.

Over 4000 courses are being offered currently and since business studies being the preferred choice of many, maximum courses are provided in that domain. Students who wants to learn language too have that option here as many language learning short term courses are also available.

For people who are finding it hard to get promotions, or people who wants to explore the new possibilities in life can take a punt on some of the professional courses that are provided by the website.



early 90 million have learned through coursera and therefore one can calculate the quantum that the website has. Finishing degree from here is as realistic as anything and one will also find many testimonials of the students who have benefitted from the site.

So, if you are in a catch22 situation, and feels like your career is going North, then to change things coursera can be the most ideal choice.

For Business Enterprises


Coursera also has many business development training programs in their kitty. Many leading companies such as Axis Bank, AIRBUS, DANOE, Accelya, Telenor, and Loreal have sent enrolled their employees to train from our world class training program.

The first assessment of any business is TAM (Total Accessible Market) and we train people to understand that. Our training program have certain pointers that will help people understand the real value of their business and how to make it into an unicorn business.

Course Term


From some financial market courses to skill-upgrade courses, there are courses that are available from a tenure of 1-3 months to full-time courses.

Coursera has them all in their bags. From Yale University, to University of Alberta, Brand Management is one course that is offered by all leading universities and many organizations and individuals have profited from that.

There are some free courses available on python to data science and people interested just have to navigate the website as one will find all piece of information on their site.



Learning should never stop is one thing that is taught in every school or university. After doing one job you may realize that this is not your cup of tea.

In this fast-paced life making a living is not that tough but making a life out of job is. This is where coursera have helped people and takes immense pride in helping out numerous people who have been complaining of being in the second best thing in their life.


So, if you are one of those, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the counsellors for a live interactive session. It will get the monkey out of your back and will help you with get all demons out of you.

Only education can help you reach new highs and goals in life and coursera is the platform for it.

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