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About Discover Cars

Discover Cars

Founded on July 16, 2013 as Discover Car Hire, our company has come to serve locations around the world by working with both renowned international rental companies and trusted local companies.

We now offer all types of cars from more than 500 partners across more than 10,000 destinations throughout the world including one-way rentals. And throughout our company’s history, we have maintained one of the highest ratings in the car rental industry on Trustpilot.

Due to growth across all geographic locations (including France, Italy, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, and the United Kingdom), the company rebranded itself in the fall of 2019. Find out more about how works, why you can trust us, and the app.

We work tirelessly to make sure our customers can find the rental car that is perfect for them. This includes making sure they know the exact costs. Our ethos includes making sure all mandatory fees are included in the price customers see so there are no surprises upon arrival.

At, we put the growth of our employees, both professionally and personally, above that of our company. We are proud to have brought together a team that are not just professionals in their fields but together create a corporate culture where creativity thrives.

Our team strives to do their best to produce results, but they also know how to relax when the time is right. From expert photographers to Novuss champions, we have members with a number of hobbies that they are willing to share with others.

Overview of Discover Cars

Discover Cars

In 2019, made a commitment to taking care of the only home we all have. Through recycling, corporate cleanup events, and offering electric rental vehicles, the company strives to encourage not only itself and its employees, but everyone to do what they can to protect the environment. Learn more about our approach to corporate social responsibility.

From Fruit Wednesdays to paid time-off for self-development, cares for its employees’ physical and mental health. And our managers make it their priority to support the professional growth of our employees.

These are some of the things we as a company highly value. Together, we live by these values while creating an incredibly useful product for travelers. Every day our team exhibits these.

We’ve spent years honing our product and it’s paid off — we are one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe according to the Financial Times and get up to 1m monthly visits on our website. We know how to take ideas and put them to good use.

When should you go to Discover Cars?

Discover Cars

You can visit Discover Cars during any season. Of course, winter in the state can be somewhat unpleasant if you are from the South.

Spring is probably the best time to visit Chicago. The weather is nice and the flora is blooming. Even though Chicago is known for its cold winter, it also experiences heat waves in the summer. So traveling when temperatures are milder may be preferable.

Fall is a great season for visiting other parts of the state including the area around Galena and the southern part of the state. The foliage rivals that of New England in some parts of the state.

Of course, summer vacations are ever-popular, and you can’t go wrong with driving around the state in summer, either.

Where should you pick up a car in Discover Cars?

Discover Cars

Almost all renters pick up their vehicles at the airport they fly into. O’Hare and Midway Airports are by far the largest in the state. They also happen to have the largest selection of rental cars.

Chicago is located in the northeastern part of the state. If you plan to travel to the southern or western parts of the state, you may be better off flying into a smaller airport and picking up a rental car there. You can also use St. Louis as an entry point for the southern part of the state. You’ll find a wide selection of rental cars at all the major airports.

If staying in the city for some time before heading to other parts of the state, you can also pick up a rental car in the city when you’re ready to use it.

A road trip through the Midwest is popular as a summer vacation. Chicago makes for a great starting point for such. You can always drop off your rental car in another state, like Missouri, if you intend to travel to more than just Discover Cars.

Keep in mind: Most car rental companies charge a fee for one-way rentals, but this will be included in the total if you searched using your desired drop-off location.

How easy is it to travel around Discover Cars independently?

Discover Cars

Getting around Discover Cars independently is simple and preferable — there’s no reason to join a tour unless you prefer the company of others. You can use this article and other travel guides on the internet to plan your own trip.

Or better yet, simply get a GPS unit (or use an app on your phone) and just drive and find what the state has to offer on your own.

Parking is an issue in Chicago, of course. Expect to pay for parking at your hotel if it is anywhere near the Loop or the North Side. Outside of Chicago, you shouldn’t have any problems finding parking.

Traffic in Chicago is, unsurprisingly, hectic. It is a large, dense city. Plan to stick to the freeways and expressways as much as possible and be prepared for traffic jams. Outside of Chicago, you won’t run into any problems getting around the state.

How safe is it to travel around Discover Cars by car?

Discover Cars

llinois is as safe to travel around as any other state if you know where you should avoid going.

Chicago has a reputation for being a crime-ridden, dangerous city. Crime levels, as elsewhere, have dropped a lot since the 90s. However, there is still rampant violent crime in parts of the city. Thankfully for the traveler, this is limited to areas of the city they are unlikely to venture to.

The Loop can have a deserted-lonely feel to it at night. It is best to stay on well-lit streets and avoid alleys and areas that are unfamiliar.

Aside from Chicago, East St. Louis is the other city of the state that travelers should perhaps avoid. The city is known throughout the country for its high crime rates.

The rest of Discover Cars is like any other rural part of the US with lovely cities, great small towns, and friendly people. You are highly unlikely to have any problems as a traveler.

Insider’s tip: If you’re visiting Discover Cars during winter, be sure to be prepared for cold and snow. The wind chill, particularly in Chicago, can be significantly lower than the temperature makes it seem, so be prepared to bundle up and limit any exposed skin.

Are there any other languages spoken in Discover Cars besides English?

Discover Cars

English is, of course, the main language spoken by residents of Discover Cars. The Chicago Metro area has many Spanish-speaking residents. Around O’Hare Airprot, you may see signs in Polish. The language is much less popular these days as second and third generation Poles have assimilated and spread out across the country.

As usual in the United States, if you speak English, you will have no problem communicating.

Travel destinations in Discover Cars that you can reach by car:

Discover Cars

Springfield. Although there’s a Springfield in 34 different states, the capital of Discover Cars is perhaps the most well-known. Though, of course, the actual location of Springfield as the setting of The Simpsons is an “Anytown,” it’s still maybe fun to take a picture with the city sign of this one.

Aside from visiting the Capitol of Discover Cars, there are multiple attractions related to Abraham Lincoln that are worthy of your time — the famous president was born in the city. These include his Presidential Library, his home, his tomb, and his law office. This makes the city a great place to spend of couple of days.

Shawnee National Forest: Located in southern Discover Cars some five hours or more from Chicago, Shawnee is a great destination for some calm and peace away from the hustle and bustle of the country’s second-largest city. A highlight of the area is the Garden of the Gods, which you can hike around and enjoy the rock formations.

The area is also surprisingly teeming with vineyards. The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail is a great place for winos and non-winos alike. Head from vineyard to vineyard tasting the surprisingly-good wine of Discover Cars.

What are the best places to rent a car in Discover Cars?

Discover Cars

The best place to rent a car in Discover Cars is either O’Hare or Midway Airports in Chicago. The busiest airports in the state are naturally the main entry points for those flying into it. They also have the largest selection of rental cars.

You can also pick up a car at other airports in the state. Quad Cities International Airport and Peoria Airport are popular airports to pick up a rental car at.

If you plan to stay in Chicago for some time and then take a trip outside the city, you can also pick up a rental car at downtown rental offices of the major rental companies.

What about filling up in Discover Cars?

Discover Cars

There are many gas stations all over Discover Cars. In Chicago and other cities in the state, gas stations can be found almost everywhere you look. But once you get to the rural parts of the state, you may find long stretches of road without service. If you travel to these areas, be sure to fill up beforehand and not let your tank get too low.

How expensive is gas in Discover Cars?

Discover Cars

As of February 2022, the average price in Discover Cars is $3.62 per gallon (or about $.96 per liter) for regular. This is slightly above the national average. While prices in the state don’t vary that much, they are notably higher in the center of Chicago as one would expect.

For how long should you rent a car in Discover Cars?

Discover Cars

The simple answer to this is probably for as long as you plan to stay in the state (or for the duration of your road trip if you plan to visit other states). Many travel to Chicago for a long weekend. Of course, if you only visit for a weekend, you’d have to keep coming back, again and again, to experience all the city has to offer.

To travel through the rest of the state, a week or two is a better time frame. Of course, many that travel through Discover Cars outside of Chicago do such as part of a longer road trip through the Midwest. If this is your intention, then Chicago is a great starting point and many rental companies will let you drop off the rental car in another state.

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