Drip Review 2022: The Best Email Marketing Automation Platform?

What is Drip?

Drip review

Drip offers email marketing software that’s aimed toward e-commerce marketers. You can use it to generate new leads through engaging forms that appear at the right place and time.

It also allows you to automatically send emails and SMS messages with tempting promotional content, support email, or send follow-ups to users who abandoned their shopping carts.

You don’t need to have an e-commerce store to take full advantage of Drip. It’ll work even for a marketing automation geek who’d just like to make sending emails a little bit easier.

If you want, you can send an email if a recipient opens an email or not. Or you can email someone who subscribes to your mailing list. If you’re running an event and a user signs up for it, you can automatically send a confirmation email with all of the event’s details.

You can even send a marketing email on the anniversary of an event like on the anniversary of your customer’s first purchase.

Drip features

Drip review

After reading Drip’s features, I’m sure you’ll agree that this email marketing solution is great value for money. Let’s see how using Drip can help your business.

Customizable forms

With Drip, you can create your own forms for lead capture without writing a single line of code. There is a drag-and-drop functionality built right into Drip so you can come up with professional-looking forms minus the hassle.

You’ll have the ability to customize the buttons, fonts, and overall style of your forms. Plus, you’ll have control over who sees these forms as well as when they pop up on your page.

Say you have users who recently abandoned their carts. You could trigger the form to appear to those people. You could show discounts to encourage them to push through with the transaction. You can also use these forms to get potential leads to leave their phone number and other contact information.

Email and SMS automation

Drip review

Drip offers SMS and email marketing automation that you can use to promote your products and services. You can send notifications to several subscribers — as to how many will depend on the plan you select.

Email marketing is important because it will help you build lasting relationships. Marketing emails also facilitate the customer journey which leads to more sales.

And it’s also a tool for your sales team or customer service representatives to reach out to everyone on your email list to answer concerns that your leads could have about your business.

As with the customizable forms, you can customize emails without coding. Drip uses a visual email builder that lets you drag elements and drop them in the email composer. Not only does this make your emails easy to build, but it also makes your emails look like they were made by professionals, helping you to stand out.

And you can just as easily create SMS messages that look just as beautiful as your emails (SMS messages available as an add-on).

Other capabilities include being able to customize the emails based on customer behavior. Just tell Drip who you’d like to receive your emails or SMS and it will find the appropriate recipients.

A/B testing

Drip review

It doesn’t matter how proficient you are at designing emails. You won’t know what elements work until you test them out. Fortunately, Drip comes with an A/B testing feature that will allow a marketer to launch two versions of the same page at the same time and compare both.

You’ll be able to see which version gets more views, clicks, and revenue. This way, you’re able to make the necessary changes you’ll need to optimize your emails for conversion.

Automation Workflows

Automation Workflows is what allows you to set and forget your email campaigns. Once you set it up, Automation Workflows will trigger responses based on what a customer does.

Those who are new to Drip can try one of the recommended workflows. When you get the hang of it, you can customize a workflow to send emails based on customer behavior. For example, you can send an email right after a customer makes a purchase.

Another use case is for welcome emails. Once a user signs up to your website, you can send emails that highlight your products, display your social proofs, show your social media accounts, stature your mission, promote limited-time offers, and other marketing materials.

Some of the available workflow templates work with third-party tools like Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce.

Social media Drip segments

Drip review

You can sync Facebook and Instagram with Drip to create marketing campaigns across these social media channels.


The built-in reporting capabilities will let you track people and group them to better understand their progress. This gives you the option to make adjustments as you go along with your Drip campaigns.


Drip works with over 100 companies to introduce more functionality to your workflows. Not only can you connect it to Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, but you also have the option to use tools like Facebook Custom Audiences, ClickFunnels, Instapage, Kajabi, Leadpages, OptinMonster, PayPal, Stripe, Sumo, Unbounce, Typeform, and Zapier.

Drip automation builder explained

Drip review

Drip is a great value for money but you’ll need to understand its automation features to make the most out of it. To use Drip’s marketing automation tools, you’ll need to set up rules. Click “New Rule”. Drip provides a list of rules to choose from.

Once the rules are set up, you can designate the trigger that will make Drip take action. Of course, you’ll need to state what that action is so Drip knows what to do.

The trigger can be an event that comes from Drip or one of the integrations available. If you want the trigger to come from Drip, select Drip from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, you’ll have to select a different source. You can also set who the trigger applies to. You can narrow down the list by applying filters.

As for the action itself, you’ll need to select one from the drop-down menu. If Drip is selected, you’ll only see actions that are available for Drip. If you select another source, only actions available for that provider are shown.

Drip pricing

Drip review

So how much does Drip cost? Drip pricing is pretty straightforward. We’ve mentioned before that Drip is a great value for money. The reason why is that the amount you pay will depend on how many people there are on your email list.

That means there’s only one plan available. You get all of the features. There are no tiers that limit your experience. The starting price is $19 per month. This lets you handle up to 500 contacts.

For $29 a month, you can increase your contacts to 2,000. $39 per month will allow you to raise the contact limit to 2,500. For $49, the contact limit goes to 3,000 and so on.

Regardless of how many contacts you enter, you’ll still receive the same benefits like unlimited email sends and account users, email support, access to the email builder tool and forms, A/B testing, automation, and reporting.

You can also create sub accounts for other websites you run. These help you keep costs down for multiple sites and keep projects separate. With Drip, you can simply create a new sub account and those subscribers would be counted towards the limit on your main account.

There is a 14-day free trial offering that should give you a better idea of what Drip can do and if it’s right for you. Just note that the free trial does not include the SMS and MMS capabilities. You don’t have to enter your credit card information for the free trial.

Drip pros and cons

Drip review


Easy to useDrip’s clean interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it a great option for anyone who’s never used an automation tool before.
Visual email builder — Create eye-catching emails that convert.
Advanced automation – Most email marketing providers offer stripped back automation but that isn’t the case with Drip.
Advanced reportingWith Drip’s reporting you will know exactly what is going on with your email marketing.
Plenty of integrations — With over 100 integrations, you can perform a lot of actions.
Flexible pricing — You only pay for what you need. You only need to upgrade when you grow your contacts.


Automation requires practice — Getting the automation feature to work perfectly will require some practice.
Expensive — Despite the flexible pricing, Drip is still relatively more expensive than other alternatives.

Is Drip a software product worth investing in?

Drip review

Drip is still worth every penny because it’s one of the best email automation platforms out there.

While it is more expensive than other products, it’s still far easier to use than something like ActiveCampaign. And when you compare it to ConvertKit, you’ll find that its feature set is way stronger. Another reason to like Drip is its sub-account feature.

If you use ConvertKit, for example, you’ll need different accounts for every website you own. That’s $29 a pop. It doesn’t matter if each website only has a low number of contacts. You’d still have to pay full price.

But with Drip, you only have to create sub-accounts for every website. So long as the collective number of contacts doesn’t exceed your plan, you wouldn’t have to pay extra. The only time you’d have to pay more is when your number of contacts outgrow your current plan.

Drip review: Our verdict

Drip review

We have tested a large number of email marketing and automation platforms but Drip stands out as one of the best.

While they are pitched more towards ecommerce sites, they offer one of the best email automation feature sets on the market. And the platform is far easier to use than other automation platforms.

So, if you’re looking for serious email automation that can grow your business while you sleep – Drip is one of the best out there.

But ultimately it is your opinion that matters most, so I highly recommend that you check out their free trial to make sure this platform is a good fit for the needs of your business.

Drip frequently asked questions

Drip review

How much does Drip cost?

Drip pricing changes depending on how many contacts you have on your list. Price starts at $19 for a maximum of 500 contacts.

Is Drip a CRM?

Yes. Drip can be used for customer relationship management but it is primarily an email marketing automation platform.

What is Drip software?

Drip is a cloud-based e-commerce tool that helps businesses automate their email marketing campaign among other tasks.

How do you do Drip email marketing?

Drip works by allowing its users to create triggers and actions. For example, a marketer can send emails when a customer abandons a shopping cart.

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