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About Eberjey


Whether you’re working from home and living for loungewear or just need something to relax in at the end of a long day, Eberjey has you covered for soft, casual, and comfy.

This company originally began focused on lingerie but has since branched outward to now cover everything from bikinis to rompers.

The brand and their sustainable comfort have been the talk of the town in the likes of Vogue, The New York Times, The Oprah Magazine, Forbes, and Brides.

With their 126k Instagram follower count continuing to grow daily, this company doesn’t seem to be slowing in sales and popularity.

This article will offer an honest Eberjey pajamas review that covers more than just products but also considers customer testimonials, prices, materials, competitors, and more.

Overview of Eberjey


Founded as a result of their exhaustion at lingerie having to be uncomfortable to be sexy, friends Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito took to finding a comfortable and sustainable solution.

Their goal was to help women find sensuality in their natural bodies and comfort, rather than depending on the harsh materials and designs society dictated were necessary to be seductive.

The brand name stems from the Nigerian word meaning “joy”, and that is what they hope to bring to all customers. The real joy comes from their choice of fabric. Known for the incredibly soft touch of their TENCEL Modal fibers, this brand steps ahead in sustainably soft sleepwear.

“We never sacrifice pretty for comfort. You shouldn’t have to choose!” – Co-founder Ali Mejia

Beginning with bralettes, the brand moved on to include sleepwear, robes, and more recently the iconic Eberjey bikinis have joined the inventory.

The most attractive person is one comfortable in what they’re wearing and who they are – the brand’s entire inventory is dedicated to helping their customers become that person. Relax, refresh, and renew with the comfortable caress of Eberjey’s clothing.

Based on that alone, they sound like a solid brand to give a try, but this wouldn’t be a complete Eberjey pajamas review without looking at both the pros and cons of the company:



  • Incredible range of products from sleepwear to swimming, with men’s, women’s, and children’s lines continuing to grow
  • Price matching with retailers offering their products
  • Made with soft TENCEL Modal fibers, reportedly unlike any other material on the market
  • Financing options available via Klarna
  • Sustainable materials and manufacturing


  • Can be considered expensive
  • No plus-size options

Eberyjey Product Review


If you’re looking to add a comfy Eberjey cover up to your collection or you want to stick with a simple nightgown, this brand has what you need.

Most items run between small and large sizes, with some pieces only available in one or two options. Remember to check sizing before you get too attached to a piece as it’s always changing!

With most items made from their TENCEL Modal fibers, this material comes from sustainable sources to cut down on waste management during production. All dyes used are non-toxic and retain their color for years.

Eberjey Pajamas Review

Easily one of their most popular categories, the Eberjey pj sets offer comfort, cover-up, and a collection of colors to choose from. Available in short and long sets, you’ll be ready for quality sleep and lounging any time of the year with these bestsellers.

Eberjey Gisele Long PJ Set Review


One of our favorites for the cooler months, the Gisele Long PJ Set keeps you warm in a cocoon of comfort. Available in over 15 colors, this set is both effortlessly soft and cool, keeping you from getting overheated once you’re cuddled under those cozy blankets.

The Eberjey Gisele pajamas just scream luxury, with an option to monogram them for an additional fee and really make yourself feel elegant.

Made from their TENCEL Modal blend, these incredibly soft pjs will hang over your form perfectly and keep your sleep and lounging as comfortable as ever.

This popular set is available for $120.

If pants aren’t your thing, take a look at the Eberjey nightgowns available for a more freeing sleep option.

Eberjey Gisele Shortie Short PJ Set Review


Tired of the same old t-shirt and boxers combo when it comes to bed? It’s time to mix up your wardrobe with something a little more stylish and sustainable, like the Gisele Shortie Short PJ Set.

Composed of a button-down short-sleeve shirt and elastic waistband shorts, this set is comfortable and cool for those hot spring and summer nights.

Smooth on the skin and dispersing heat like a champ, you’ll be wanting to make these an addition to your summer wear for more than just sleep.

A Gisele Relaxed Short PJ Set is available for those who want a slightly longer fit for their look. No matter the length of the bottoms, you’ll be making these a new work-from-home favorite.

The Gisele Shortie Short Set is currently available for $98 in over 15 colors.

Eberjey Robes Review

We’ve all been guilty of wandering the house in pajamas, but sometimes that gets a bit chilly in those colder months. Why not add an Eberjey robe to your outfit to complete the look and keep you comfortable? Check out this stunner below.

Eberjey Gisele Robe Review


Ready to face the cold while looking great, the Gisele Robe has a sleek and desirable look that is perfect for summer nights when the chill of September starts to set in early. Wrap yourself up and enjoy your night no matter where you are.

Available in a light pink, this comforting classic will suit anyone by blocking out that penetrating chill. Easy to throw on and tie with a simple bow, you’ll be glad you added this one to your closet.

To no one’s surprise, this product is currently sold out, but you can add yourself to the list online to be the first to know when it’s back in stock.

Eberjey Chemise Review

Bring back the elegance of the 1920s with simple nightwear styles. The Eberjey chemise collection offers simple styles that, while stunning, will keep you comfy and covered every night. Check out these customer favorites to get an idea of what this brand has in stock.

Eberjey Colette Mademoiselle Chemise Review


Two color choices are all that’s needed when it comes to the Eberjey Colette Mademoiselle Chemise. This strikingly simple design comes in white and water blue, keeping the atmosphere light for your summer sleep.

The material falls gracefully around you, highlighting those key spots you love to showcase. Sleep can definitely be sensual when you’re dressed in this piece. Forget the innocence of white and bring back sexy with this honeycomb lace design.

Look and feel your best every day with the Eberjey Colette Chemise for $86.

Eberjey Cecilia Chemise Review


Falling just above the knees, the richly patterned Cecilia Chemise makes sexy into a casual effort in one stunning piece.

No need to prepare yourself to look your best, just walk out in this number and you’ll have the attention you want. Flirty enough for those nights, and comfy enough when you just want to crash, this piece does it all.

Made from a stretchy material, you won’t be getting twisted up every night as you do with some nighties. This piece provides support up top and a graceful flow below the bust. There’s no more need to separate your lingerie and sleepwear when you buy this beauty.

While currently out of stock, add yourself to the email list to be notified when this product is back in stock.

Eberjey Iona Love Me Chemise Review


There’s something so sensual and sexy about the black lace of the Iona Love Me Chemise that has us adding it to our list of favorites.

We needed this in our Eberjey pajamas review to remind everyone that pjs don’t have to hide your body away. You can be covered and comfy while looking ready for your wedding night.

Soft against your skin, this piece just gives off a romantic aura that fits any date night. Made with lace insets, you won’t be struggling against tight or restrictive material.

We can definitely tell that this one is a bestseller because it’s currently unavailable. Here’s hoping it’s back in stock soon!

Eberjey Teddy Review

Eberjey’s rompers and jumpsuits section has you covered for sleepsuits you’ll want to live in. Comfy classics, we’ve pulled some highlighted teddy’s from this section to give you a glimpse into the world you could be living in.

Eberjey Colette Dreamer Teddy Review


Flatter your figure with the Colette Dreamer Teddy. This Eberjey teddy comes from the same collection as its matching chemise, offering another option for that honeycomb lace design.

Available in white and light blue, you’ll be a dreamlike figure when you slip into bed at night. Looking classy and sensual, this teddy is comfortable enough for any night’s sleep, no matter the occasion.

Stay effortlessly dreamy for $97.

Eberjey Noor The Dreamer Teddy Review


Eberjey draws out your dramatic side with the Noor The Dreamer Teddy. Designed with a lace door running down the center of the piece, you’ll be looking luxurious and offering a sneak peek while you do so.

Made to appear as though it’s falling away at the waist, this piece flows down your midriff and comfortably clings to your torso, offering a great fit for your best assets. Whether you’re sleeping or just cozy and ready for bed, this item adds a touch of flirty and drama to your nightly routine.

This piece is currently out of stock, but if this is your style, make sure to keep checking back to be the first to grab it when it’s available again.

Eberjey Bralette Review

Considering these were among their first products available, this review wouldn’t be complete without the addition of an Eberjey bra. Pulling a customer favorite for this list, we’ve found a design that supports style and comfort for you to brag about.

Eberjey Colette Lace Racerback Bralette Review


Show off a little with the Colette Lace Racerback Bralette. Available in white and pebble colors, this Eberjey bralette lace design adds a bit of sensuality to your daily wear.

Whether you’re showing off to your partner or just wearing it for the confidence boost that comes with knowing how good you look, this piece is one to add to your collection.

Made of 45% Nylon, 37% Rayon, and 18% Spandex Lace, this bralette is designed to flatter your curves with its honeycomb lace pattern. Offering support and sexy style, it’s currently available for $60.

What Are Eberjey Pajamas Made Of?


Eberjey pjs are famously made with TENCEL Modal, a renewable fiber made from sustainably sourced wood pulp. The pulp is spun into yarn for the fabrics, creating the soft textures that this brand is known for.

Who Is Eberjey For?


Eberjey is a brand made by women, for women. The company began as a reaction to the uncomfortable lingerie designs of the ‘70s and ‘80s, with the founding duo wanting to create comfortable and stylish sleepwear for women.

Since their launch, Eberjey has expanded their inventory slightly, now offering a select line for men as well as a collection for children.

They may not have as wide a range to choose from, but age and gender don’t matter to this brand, with anyone able to fit this wear and enjoy the benefits of the soft material as they sleep.

The brand’s items do run a little more on the higher price range, so they are not recommended for those trying to operate on a budget.

Eberjey Reviews: What Do Customers Think?


No Eberjey pajamas review would be complete without looking to verified customers for their tell-all testimonials. We’ve searched high and low to get you the best info on this brand.

Eberjey reviews from typical rating sources seem a bit scarce, but the Better Business Bureau did give them an A rating. Of the four complaints over the past three years, two of them were closed within the past year.

For a better picture from a wider audience, we took to product reviews from their retail partner sites to see just how products have been rated.

Coming from Amazon’s wide selection of Eberjey products, sentiments are pretty positive. Their Gisele Long Set was rated 4.6/5 stars based on over 370 ratings. Out of that, over 80% of those Eberjey pajamas reviews were Excellent.

After rating 5-stars, one woman commented on how pleasantly surprised she was with the brand’s pieces:

“Haven’t worn sleepwear in decades and decades, but had no choice in this co-ed vacation cabin on the lake. Expected to toss and turn and get all twisted up the first night. Not for a second! Slept like a baby. And looked great crawling out of bed, too.”

Alongside Amazon, the high reviews continue at Bloomingdales. While not all products have a large number of ratings, some of the more popular Gisele styles come in with over 80 reviews per piece.

One 5-star reviewer wrote, “I got these as a gift and they are the most comfortable pajamas. They are so soft and are warm enough to sleep in in the winter, but not too hot to sleep in any other time. I would wear these all the time if I could!”

Some of the most-rated Eberjey products on Bloomingdale are:


  • Gisele PJ Set: 4.7/5 stars based on 110+ ratings
  • Gisele Short PJ Set: 4.7/5 stars based on 80+ ratings
  • Gisele Short Sleeve Long Pant Set: 4.8/5 stars based on 20+ ratings

Due to the underwhelming number of reviews, this Eberjey pajamas review also took to Reddit to see what could be found in a different crowd.

One post about the most comfortable women’s pajamas brought forth a number of comments about this brand’s soft material and subtly sexy styles.

“I am a huuuuuuuge fan of Eberjey for cute, classic pajamas. I have two pairs of shorts sets and one of long pants. They are incredibly soft – I actually air-dry them most of the time because I get paranoid that I will kill the softness with too much dryer time.”

At the end of the day, make sure to properly check the sizing guide for best results because this brand is not one to be missed according to many satisfied customers.

Is Eberjey Worth It?


Considering the pros and cons found throughout this Eberjey pajamas review, we can easily give this brand two thumbs up for purchasing.

No complaints were issued against the material or quality of the products, with multiple comments on how satisfactory the texture really was. While there are some issues with sizing, this can easily be remedied through a bit of shrinking and forethought.

The overall resounding comments spoke to how comfortable, stylish, and sexy people felt while wearing this product. They do tend to run a bit more expensive than normal pjs, but by catching sales or using Klarna, they become far more affordable.

If you’re really watching your budget, maybe take the time to save before splurging on these, but they’ll be worth the money you spend.

Eberjey Promotions & Discounts


Eberjey sales are common throughout the year. At the time of publication, this review found that the summer sale is in full swing with prices listed up to 50% off regular price.

In addition to the summer sale and general sales section, the company does offer a newsletter with new promotions sent to subscribers. Signing up with your email gets you an additional 10% off and an annual birthday discount.

Where to Buy Eberjey


Eberjey products are available to US residents on their website at eberjey.com. International shipping is no longer offered, so those hoping to buy their products can look at listings on their retail partners’ websites:

  • Shopbop
  • Revolve
  • Net-a-Porter
  • Hudson Bay
  • Selfridges



Who owns Eberjey?

Eberjey is owned and operated by co-founders Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito. The duo were close friends prior to launching the business in 1996.

Where is Eberjey located?

Eberjey is owned and operated in the US. Currently, the company only ships within the US but their retail partners offer more options.

Where is Eberjey made?

This brand is truly an international company when it comes to production. Most items are manufactured in Peru and China, with the Eberjey swim collection coming from the Dominican Republic.

Their fabrics come from Europe, with Austria providing Lenzing Modal, one of their top fibers used in production.

Does Eberjey fit true to size?

Good sizing is a must when it comes to comfort, so it’s important to know that Eberjey generally runs true to size.

A few Eberjey pajamas reviews have stated that tops can run a little low cut and baggy. It may be wise to stock up on a robe or something while purchasing to keep things covered.

What is Eberjey’s Shipping Policy?

Eberjey is excited to share their products, yet as of January 2021, they no longer offer international shipping. Products are available for order through retail partners for international shipping.

What is Eberjey’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Eberjey Romper? You’ll be happy to hear that the offers returns within 30 days of the invoice. The only request the brand has regarding returns is that the items in question are unworn, unwashed, and retain original hygiene strips and tags.

Ineligible return items are customized items that were ordered with monograms as well as those that pose a hygiene issue, such as worn panties, swim bottoms, and beauty products.

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