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Eight Sleep is one of the most decorated online smart mattress brands. The company is well known for its expertise in bringing the products that engulfs sleep-tracking functionality and smart technology. In this article, we have reviewed Eight Sleep’s latest new age mattress model, which is the Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress.

The Pod 3 is indeed a foam mattress that is precisely constructed with some comfort layers of denser polyfoam. What new Pod 3 has to offer is a medium condensed feel.

Eight Sleep

It can be gauged at 6 on the 1-10 condensed scale. After sleeping on it, a noticeable outline for the body will be witnessed. It doesn’t sink much and therefore provides a decent enough support. However, it is suited only for people who are weighing up to 230 pounds.

The Pod 3 mattress has an Active Grid layer with multiple sensors rows that and thereby increases the surface area of the mattress. The sensors in the mattress help one track their sleeping patterns.

Eight Sleep

Besides that, it also tracks heart and breathe rates. You will have access to data about your sleeping pattern on the Eight Sleep smart app. In a few day’s time, the app will help you with the Pod’s temperature settings.

The mattress is ideally suited for the people who are back or side sleepers. It can work wonders for people who are looking for adjustable settings in temperature. It is best suited for couples. Lastly, those who fall asleep to any white noise can keep a track of their sleeping data.

There are few considerations to look for:

Eight Sleep

  • The Pod 3 mattress is not available in a twin normal or XL size.
  • The technological components have made the mattress price go higher by some margins.
  • Free shipping is available but in contiguous 48 states.
  • The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and even the cover of the mattress has 2-year warranty.

The price range of Pod 3 mattress is from $3,095 – $3,795. There are a few features that makes Pod 3 mattress better than the rest and they are as follows:

Pressure Relief

Eight Sleep

It’s a new normal that people feeling pressure in hips, lower back, or the shoulders. This is purely because people sleep on mattress that hardly provides support on these areas.

Thus, spinal alignment is disturbed and one feel pressure building up in the mentioned areas. The Pod 3 mattress has a medium firm feel that results in body-contouring, pressure-relieving balance of body, and giving great support.

Ease of Movement

Eight Sleep

Due to polyfoam design, the Pod 3 mattress is quite easy to move around. The top layer is semi-responsive and therefore it hardly sinks. Thus, one can easily move around on the Eight Sleep Pod 3 mattress without any fuss.

There are other benefits too like Off-Gassing, comfortable sex, edge support, and motion isolation to name a few.


Eight Sleep

With state-of-the-art biometric sensors, one can have a sound sleep. The defining features among the discussed features are temperature control, and sleep tracking features.

The Eight Sleep app is compatible almost all the smart devices, Android Phones, and the iOS as one can download them at free of cost. There are four sizes, in which the Pod 3 mattress is available and they are Full, Queen, King, and California King sizes.

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