EverlyWell Marketing Strategy: Testing The World

When it comes to marketing online, it is important to test out different strategies and figure out which one works best for your target market. EverlyWell, a home blood testing company, has applied the strategy very well online. While they are on a number of platforms, it seems that YouTube is giving them loads of traction.

EverlyWell is a company that provides at-home testing kits with beautifully redesigned results. The platform empowers customers to order, self-collect and understand their own physician-approved lab tests. The goal of these tests is to improve the health and reduce the risk of future disease. EverlyWell was founded in 2015 with the mission of empowering its customers with their own health information.

EverlyWell Marketing Strategy

  • Facebook
  • Blog Content
  • Twitter Marketing
  • YouTube Reviews
  • Referral Marketing
  • Affiliate Program

Facebook Strategy for EverlyWell

Social media is a great place to get the word out about your product, and Facebook is no exception. Facebook has more than 2 billion daily active users. As people like, and comment on posts, their friends and family see the posts. Facebook organically increases your reach as customers engage with posts online.

EverlyWell has built up a decent following of 33K likes for their Facebook business page. This enables them to reach lots of people. Most importantly, it allows them to update their customers on new products and tests. They don’t post daily, but are posting bi-weekly on a regular basis. EverlyWell keeps their posts informative and related to health topics. Therefore, those thirty-three thousand people are reminded of the EverlyWell brand about once or twice a week.

Instead of making Facebook their main marketing tool, they have created a Facebook community to support the individuals who have purchased their product. This enables them to communicate with their customers and answer questions faster and more directly. Facebook groups also enable other people who have similar questions and concerns to see other members questions. This can save time as many people may have the same questions.

EverlyWell Blog Content

EverlyWell has weekly content on their blog. They create blog posts that are focused on improving health and wellness. Some topics that they cover on their blog are ways to improve blood sugar levels, how to improve your health through food sensitivity testing, and how weight loss can boost testosterone levels. Each blog post emphasizes a health topic and explains how their products can help to determine where the individual may be in their own health journey with a test from the company.

The blog content is shared on Twitter and Facebook to get readers immediately. Most importantly, the blog posts are optimized for search engines and people who are searching for these popular topics can discover their blog and how the EverlyWell’s tests can help them in their health journey.

EverlyWell Twitter Marketing

EverlyWell is posting on twitter daily. They use this social media platform to share quick tips, tricks and contests. Therefore, their customers get frequent quick reminders of their brand.

Check out the fun Giveaway that EverlyWell created for back to school. They designed the giveaway to increase awareness of their brand by requesting that the individuals who enter the giveaway contest tag two friends and follow them to enter to win. This is a giveaway strategy is one that many companies use on social media. It will definitely increase the number of people who see your contest and learn about your brand.

YouTube Reviews

Reviews on YouTube are a great form of online marketing. Many people trust the recommendation of people on YouTube and will check YouTube reviews prior to making a purchase. The Collective Bias study shows that 22.8% of men are influenced in their buying decisions by YouTube. The study revealed that 13.9% of women were influenced in their purchases by YouTube. From these statistics, you can determine if YouTube marketing is right for your product or service.

Marketers are turning to YouTube more and more to reach their audience. They are becoming confident that YouTube will lead to sales. Seventy percent of marketers in the U.S. are confident they can create YouTube videos that lead to purchases. 81 percent are confident they can create online engagement with those YouTube videos. Therefore, video marketing is quickly becoming a great place to market your business.

YouTube is where EverlyWell is getting lots of traction. When you type in “EverlyWell” into the search feature on YouTube, there are lots of reviews of the EverlyWell home food testing kits. Each review gives EverlyWell a bit more publicity and helps to sell the product. The great thing about these review videos is that they stay up for years to come, so creating one now can help to market your brand in the future.

EverlyWell doesn’t have an aggressive strategy of putting out regular videos of their own. However, they have benefited from the reviews of influencers and other YouTubers who have created reviews of their popular testing kits. One influencer that they sponsored for a video is Kendra Atkins​. Her sponsored EverlyWell video has received over 18,000 views. This is great referral marketing and brand exposure.

During the video, Kendra Atkins reviews the process of unboxing the test, and reading through the directions. She explains why she thought a food sensitivity test was a great idea. In the comments, she encourages her viewers to “Use code KENDRA for 15% off your order!”

While EverlyWell partnered up with an influencer and paid for a review, there are lots of other reviewers that decided to purchase the product and create a review of their own without sponsorship. The What Savvy Said Channel did not get paid for their review, but EverlyWell received over 7,000 views from her video on testing​.

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Referral Marketing Strategy

Referral leads convert 30% better than leads generated from other marketing channels. Also, companies with formalized referral programs experience 86% more revenue growth over the past two years than compared to the rest. Therefore, creating an effective referral marketing strategy is worth you time when it comes to marketing your eCommerce business.

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.” – Shiv Singh, Senior Vice President of Global Brand and Marketing Transformation at Visa

EverlyWell does have a referral marketing program for their customers. Once you place your order, you’ll receive an email within the next few days that will inform you of their referral program. For each person referred, you’ll receive $20 and they will receive 10% off their order.

They don’t advertise their referral program on the website, which ensures that only people who are currently customers of the program will receive the $20 referral reward. However, they do notify their customers of their referral program through email marketing. Regular reminders of the referral program in email marketing can ensure that the program is at the top of your customers minds. Not every person remembers to refer their friends the first time that they learn about a referral program. Often with repeated reminders, customers will start to think of friends who may benefit from the product.

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Affiliate Marketing Partnerships

Affiliate marketing is one of the most successful online marketing strategies. Developed affiliate programs account for generating 15% to 30% of all advertiser’s online sales. Approximately 15% of digital media industry’s revenue results from affiliate marketing. Therefore, it is wise to have an affiliate marketing program for your eCommerce business.

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires. –Bo Bennet

EverlyWell also has an affiliate marketing program that is run through Commission Junction. It provides affiliates the opportunity to earn commissions from their website purchases. Affiliates who have been approved via Commission Junction will be able to earn up to 12% commission payouts for new customers, 3% for coupon sites, and 15% for content sites. The affiliate links have a 45-day cookie.

EverlyWell has quite a few affiliate bloggers that are promoting their program. FloLiving partnered with EverlyWell through their affiliate marketing program to inform their customers of the benefits of home testing. Because FloLiving is a virtual online health center that aims to help women solve their hormonal symptoms from anywhere in the world, they make a great partner for EverlyWell’s testing program. EverlyWell’s hormone testing is a great complementary partnership. Because they provide products to the same market that aren’t in competition with each other, they are a great partnership.

Popsugar is another one of EverlyWell’s affiliates. Popsugar reviewed the EverlyWell metabolism test in one of their blog posts. They also featured an interview with the founder, Julia Cheek, after winning a partnership on Shark Tank, which also provided lots of publicity for the testing company.


As you can see, EverlyWell didn’t just try out one marketing strategy. They implemented a number of different marketing strategies and tested them out. They discovered that YouTube was one of the most effective for their medical testing company. EverlyWell still keeps up their social media presence, but ensure that they partner with influencers that will provide the business. Finally, their referral program is having quite a bit of success sending them business as well. Therefore, their strategy of notifying the customers about a referral program immediately following the sale and reminding them via email of the program is really working for them.

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