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About EverlyWell


EverlyWell aims to make medical testing easy and accessible. They provide a wide range of tests available for purchase and delivery to your home. Having earned an investment on a November 2017 episode of Shark Tank and with half a million people in counting that have taken EverlyWell tests, they’re doing something right. They’re clearly a popular online testing resources, with over 100k Instagram followers to back this up.

This EverlyWell test review will take a look at the science, prices, and products available on EverlyWell, as well as what people are saying, so you can decide if EverlyWell could be beneficial for you.

Overview of EverlyWell


EverlyWell began in 2016 under Julia Cheeks, who had the idea after waiting weeks to receive results for expensive out-of-pockets tests. What sets EverlyWell apart is the comprehensiveness of their range of tests, while their competitors tend to specialize.

What does EverlyWell test for? The company offers 24 tests covering everything from vitamin levels to sexual health and hormones. We’ll get into their most sought-after tests later on in this EverlyWell test review. On top of testing, EverlyWell is committed to privacy and only shares personal information with doctors when needed.

In 2017, Cheeks took the company to Shark Tank and created quite a stir, eventually receiving and accepting an offer of $1 million for 5% from Lori Greiner. The Austin, Texas-based company went on to raise $50 million in funding in 2019 from various venture capital firms and have grown in popularity among customers with half a million people having taken EverlyWell tests.

The ease is a major selling point, with results advertised to take under 5 days to return once the test reaches the lab. However, the COVID-19 crisis has extended this to 8 days, which is still impressive, given the unprecedented circumstances. EverlyWell was among the first companies to roll out a commercial COVID-19 test but delays with FDA approval meant the release had to be pushed back.

With all the health concern going on in these times, the at-home nature of EverlyWell’s tests is a big benefit. It’s safe to say Greiner has been happy with her investment. In a 2020 Shark Tank update, she praised the company, calling them one of Shark Tank’s most successful to date.

The Science


EverlyWell maintains a dedication to meeting scientific standards in their testing. There are two levels to this: the tests and the labs. EverlyWell’s tests are Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs), which the FDA defines as a test designed and developed within a single laboratory meant for clinical usage.

Going through the exact oversight of LDTs is beyond the scope of this EverlyWell test review, but the key point is that LDTs do not need to receive FDA approval. Some see this as a loophole, however the FDA recognizes the importance of LDTs and they are frequently used across the United States.

Laboratory testing is regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and EverlyWell takes care to match these standards. They employ esteemed medical professionals to lead their research. Further, if you have any concerns, customers can always request a third party review of the lab tests by a member of a network of board-certified physicians. This third party can also be contacted prior to purchasing a test.

Let’s take a look at the highlights of this EverlyWell test review:


  • Many customers note in their EverlyWell reviews that they love the convenience of the testing process
  • Tests come with explicit instructions
  • EverlyWell laboratories are CLIA-certified, backed up by a Medical Advisory Board
  • The majority of the 24 tests available are backed by science
  • Very discreet service that prioritizes privacy
  • Free shipping


  • There are legitimacy concerns with the food allergy tests
  • Tests can be expensive, more so than getting a test at a clinic depending on location
  • Only ships to the United States and not New York, New Jersey, or Rhode Island


EverlyWell Sample Collection & Curated Results

As at-home tests, EverlyWell requires self-collection methods. Fortunately, these are generally less invasive than collection methods used in clinics while still being supported by scientific research. This EverlyWell test review isn’t really able to go into all the science but any new method that deviates from traditional clinic practices must pass EverlyWell’s validation process and they assure that many have been in use for years.

EverlyWell’s blood tests are done using the dried blood spot method. They note that only a little bit of blood is needed for testing and the traditional drawing blood from veins leads to wasted blood. In addition, EverlyWell uses self-collection methods like saliva, urine, vaginal swabs, and stool samples. EverlyWell tests are checked to make sure they can reliably test for biomarkers and all come with instructions on how to correctly administer the tests.

Each EverlyWell test is designed to check for certain biomarkers. These can be testosterone levels in a saliva test or cholesterol in a dried blood test. Once you have your results, you can print off a doctor friendly version to be sent to your doctor. EverlyWell encourages this as their tests (with the exception of the STD test) can’t actually diagnose issues but can only be used by doctors to diagnose diseases.

EverlyWell Test Reviews


EverlyWell has 24 available tests, so too many to look at every one. Instead, this EverlyWell test review will look at a selection of their popular ones.

  1. Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test
  2. Cholesterol & Lipids Test
  3. Women’s Health Test
  4. STD Test – Female
  5. Men’s Health Test
  6. STD Test – Male

EverlyWell Allergy Test Review


This EverlyWell test review knows too well the annoyance of constant sneezing or itching in your eyes and throat. If it’s going unexplained, the EverlyWell Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test wants to solve that. It checks for allergic reactions to 14 different trees, 9 weeds, 7 grasses, 4 molds, 2 dust mites, 2 pet allergens, and 2 pests.

EverlyWell tests the Immunoglobulin E reactivity in your blood sample to each of the allergens. It cannot say for sure that the exact symptom is a result of one allergen, but it can tell you if you’re reacting to it. Your doctor can confirm this, and avoiding these allergens could go a long way.

The Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test is performed using a finger prick blood sample that is done at home with included single-use lancets. That sounds a little painful but in EverlyWell’s esteemed medical opinion, it’s far less queasy than drawing a vial of your own blood. Plus, a surprising number of people faint from those. The test kit contains all you need including detailed directions, a biohazard bag to return your sample with prepaid shipping, and alcohol pads, gauze, and bandages to clean your finger.

The Indoor & Outdoor Allergy Test costs $199. It’s more expensive than if insurance covers a regular test, but cheaper than it can be without insurance (especially for one covering so many potential allergens). The convenience is also a nice factor and if you hate having your blood drawn, the finger prick offers an easier alternative.

EverlyWell Cholesterol & Lipids Test Review


Another using the finger prick method, the Cholesterol & Lipids Test checks three levels within the cholesterol umbrella as well as total cholesterol. HDL is the good cholesterol, while LDL is the bad kind. Both are bad in excess though as are triglycerides, the primary fat in blood so EverlyWell tests for all three.

It may seem obvious to you why the Cholesterol & Lipids Test is such a useful test. Obesity and diabetes are linked to high cholesterol, and these health conditions are on the rise throughout North America. It’s important to be aware of your cholesterol and lipid levels to take preventative measures and to prioritize your health!

The Cholesterol & Lipids Test Kit comes with lancets, instructions, return shipping and bags, and cleaning products. It costs $49, which is more expensive than a regular home testing kit, however you do get the benefit of having your test conducted by a lab, which generally costs more than the $49. For an important measure of heart health, the lab testing might give you an added feeling of security.

EverlyWell Women’s Health Test Review


EveryWell’s Women’s Health Test looks at the levels of 11 important hormones:

  • Estradiol
  • Progesterone
  • Luteinizing Hormone
  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
  • Cortisol
  • Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone
  • Free T3
  • Free T4
  • Free Testosterone
  • Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies

Hormone imbalances can lead to a number of problems ranging from a general malaise to various pains, weight fluctuation, and symptoms of depression. The Women’s Health Test requires finger prick blood collection and saliva collection to determine whether these hormone levels could be an issue for test participants.

Coming with all the necessary supplies, it costs $399, which is steep for sure but tests for just one of these hormones can cost over $50 and sometimes over $100 so you’re saving by bundling. Of course, if you only need the one it might not be the best option, but this convenient, all-encompassing EverlyWell test certainly has its benefits.

EverlyWell Women’s STD Test Review


While EverlyWell do offer tests for individual STDs, the Female STD Test tests for each one EverlyWell has. A finger prick collection and a vaginal swab are needed to test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Hepatitis C, HIV (1&2), Herpes Type 2, and Trichomoniasis.

The privacy of EverlyWell could bring added comfort for what can be an awkward process. Although STDs are very common and nothing to be ashamed of. The STD test is also the only one that can definitively diagnose a disease and EverlyWell does give you the option of connecting with their network of independent physicians to receive treatment in the case of a positive.

The price for the Female STD Test is $199. Easy access to STD tests and the cost depends on the state, so it’s possible the at-home, send-in route is the easiest way to go. On the other hand, it’s also possible that there are more cost-effective options. For discretion, though, EverlyWell presents a good option.

EverlyWell Men’s Health Test Review


The EverlyWell’s Men’s Health Test also requires a finger prick collection and a saliva collection, and it tests four hormone levels: Cortisol, DHEA-S, Estradiol, and Free Testosterone. The male test got a little short-changed but it prides itself on the difference these hormones make.

Like the women’s version, the Men’s Health Test comes with everything you need and tests the levels of hormones that, if imbalances occur, can lead to physical pain, irritation, or mental health issues. Only testing for four hormones, it’s less expensive at $199 but still provides the discreet insight into your overall hormonal health.

EverlyWell Men’s STD Test Review


The Men’s STD Test is identical to the female in that it tests for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, Hepatitis C, HIV (1&2), Herpes Type 2, and Trichomoniasis but the method changes in that the male test requires a finger prick collection and a urine test.

Like the female test, the Men’s STD Test costs $199. It offers the same advantage of privacy and the option to consult with medical professionals in the case of a positive diagnosis.

EverlyWell Test Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Let’s get one thing out of the way first. This EverlyWell test review did not look at the Food Sensitivity Test but it is the one you will find the most on if you do a search and pick a random EverlyWell test review. The method used (Immunoglobulin G reactivity) seems dubious at best.

There are a number of anecdotes on Reddit, Amazon, and in longer form reviews of people asking their doctors about this test and hearing basically, no, that doesn’t test food allergies. Food allergy testing can be tricky and doctors tend to favour trial and error elimination strategies but it’s hard to recommend the Food Sensitivity Test.


The good news is this seems to be an outlier. Generally, everyone who leaves an EverlyWell test review is very positive about the process. Customers enjoy the privacy and ease of the at-home tests and report that results are quick and easy to understand.

There are also few issues with EverlyWell’s shipping. The big question must be, is EverlyWell accurate? This shouldn’t be an area of concern as they take care to meet scientific standards. If you’re still concerned, you can always request an EverlyWell testing review conducted by a third party group of experts.

Are EverlyWell Tests Worth It?


Unrelated, but this hairless cat is weird and cute as hell. Anyway. As it’s not a small investment and tests for medical issues, EverlyWell’s worth is going to be highly related to its need. If you’ve had a headache for a couple days, it’s probably not worth buying a $399 hormone test. However, if you have long standing problems or something worrying you, EverlyWell presents a strong option for testing.

The worth is also determined by the other options in your state, your insurance coverage, and your privacy preferences, but, for this EverlyWell test review, they certainly deserve to be in the running. Most customers are satisfied with the process and the insight they’ve gained, so EverlyWell’s testing is definitely worth the try.

EverlyWell Promotions & Discounts


A big bonus is it’s easy to find an EverlyWell promo code. Currently, their site offers the code WH100 for $100 off the Women’s Health Test, and you can also create an account to receive an EverlyWell discount code.

EverlyWell also offers discounts if you need to regularly take tests. You save 25% for monthly subscriptions, 20% for quarterly, and 15% for semi-annually.

Where to Order EverlyWell Tests

All the tests can be purchased from EverlyWell.com. In addition, you can purchase the Food Sensitivity Test on Amazon and that along with a few others from CVS online.


How Long Do Results from EverlyWell Take?

Test results typically take up to 5 business days once the sample reaches the lab. However, COVID-19 has increased the volume and they now say to give it up to 8. You can always send them an email at [email protected] if you have questions.

EverlyWell Shipping Policy

Shipping is free with EverlyWell and the return shipping and the containers are included in your original order. Shipping takes 3-5 business days, and is available everywhere in the United States except New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island because of state regulations.

For questions regarding the shipping status of your order, they recommend you call the USPS at 1-800-275-8777 or UPS at 1-888-742-5877 depending on who is shipping your order.

EverlyWell Return Policy

For obvious reasons, if an order has shipped, it cannot be returned. EverlyWell asks that you dispose of it yourself. However, there are refund options. If your order has not shipped, you can receive a 100% refund.

If it has shipped but has been under 30 days since you placed your order and you have not received results, you can receive a full refund minus $15 to cost shipping and processing costs. If the order is over 30 days old or results have been made available, you are not eligible for a refund.

Whatever the case, you send an email to [email protected] and provide your order number to initiate a request.

Contact EverlyWell

You can contact EverlyWell at [email protected]. Their business hours are Monday-Friday 9-5 (CST) and they say to give any requests up to 5 business days due to high volume. To make things easier, they ask that you include your order number, first & last name of the buyer, and shipping or billing address.

If you have questions about a sample or results, you need to include the first & last name of the test taker and their date of birth.


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