Guide to the Best Calvin Klein Product for Her

About Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand that exemplifies bold, progressive ideals and a seductive aesthetic. We seek to thrill and inspire our audience while using provocative imagery and striking designs to ignite the senses.

Founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and his business partner Barry Schwartz, we have built our reputation as a leader in American fashion through our clean aesthetic and innovative designs. Global retail sales of Calvin Klein brand products exceeded $9 billion in 2019 and were distributed in over 110 countries. Calvin Klein employs over 11,500 associates globally. We were acquired by PVH Corp. in 2003.

Simplicity and a casual-chic style is the core of the Calvin Klein brand. In fact, designer jeans weren’t even a thing until he started putting his name on the back pocket in the 1970s. Today, the CK brand is known for celebrity endorsements and is a well-respected brand in clothes, underwear, and accessories.

Best Calvin Klein Perfumes for Women

Below are our top picks Calvin Klein perfume. This guide will take you through the best CK perfumes for greater ease in selecting the one that’s perfect for you.

Best for Flirty Fun: Euphoria

Calvin Klein

CK Launched Euphoria in 2005 and ever since it has made countless best-of lists. Think about the feeling of sheer happiness as you eat a fruit salad on a picnic in a beautiful summer garden. That’s Euphoria.

The bright fruit scents mingle gently with the different florals and settle nicely with the base note of mahogany.

The bottle is a shape to behold. It has a unique curved shape with rose shades on the sides. The lid contrasts the soft curves of the bottle with rectangular sharp edges.

When To Wear Euphoria: The fruity and floral scents all make this a fun fragrance to wear on special occasions. It’s an explosion of sweet meets flirty.

Fragrance Notes: Top notes of pomegranate, persimmon, “lush green accord.” Heart notes of lotus blossom, champaca flower, black orchid. Base notes of liquid amber, black violet, cream accord, mahogany wood.

Sexy Date Night: Obsession

Calvin Klein

Obsession is a classic Calvin Klein perfume, launched in 1985. It is a more sensual and dramatic fragrance. Calvin Klein himself described it by saying, “I didn’t want an old-fashioned recipe, I wanted something direct, sensuous and provocative, which represents the way I feel about women.”

The bottle exudes the woody overtones and sensual nature of the perfume. It has elegant curves and dark colors throughout.

When To Wear Obsession: This is a more mature fragrance. Wear it on girl’s night out, date nights, or the times you want to feel sexy and alluring.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Lemon, Mandarin, Bergamot, Peach, Jasmine, Rose, Orange blossom, Rosewood. Heart Notes: Coriander, Marigold, Armoise, Ylang ylang, Cedar, Sandalwood. Base notes: Amber, Oakmoss, Vanilla, Musk, Civet

Best Classic: Eternity

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein launched Eternity in 1988, making this another fragrance that lots of people remember growing up with. It is said that Klein released it after he married Kelly Rector. This is one of the most feminine of his fragrances.

The design of the bottle is just as classic as the name implies. A tall, slender shape with silver hardware on top. It reminds you of the promise of a wedding ring.

When To Wear Eternity: This is the perfect fragrance to wear to work. It’s an all-occasion perfume that can also go from day to night without any effort.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Freesia, Mandarin, Sage. Heart Notes: Muguet, White Lily, Marigold, Narcisse. Base notes: Patchouli, Sandalwood, Amber

Best for An Elegant Night Out: Beauty

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein launched Beauty in 2010 as an elegant and beautiful fragrance for women. It is perfect for women that want something to wear that makes them feel beautiful instead of sensual. It exudes elegant sophistication.

The bottle is timeless too. The round gold orb in the middle surrounded by elegant silver rings is pure elegance.

When To Wear Beauty: Wear this one when you want to feel dressed up. The jasmine makes it perfect for summer and spring time parties.

Fragrance Notes: Top notes: Ambrette Musk. Heart notes: Jasmine. Base notes: Virginia cedar.

Best Wear to Work: Women

Calvin Klein


The newest one on the list, Calvin Klein launched Women in 2018. It was launched by an all-star all-female team, making it for women, by women. It combines both the strength and tenderness of the female experience. It has a woody floral scent that communicates both confidence and sophistication.

The bottle has an off-center lid with a delicate pink liquid in clear glass.

When To Wear Women: This is a fragrance you can wear literally any time at all. It’s the best when you want to feel a burst of confidence, so wear it to work or when you have a presentation.

Fragrance Notes: Top Notes: Eucalyptus, Acorns. Middle Notes: Orange Flower. Bottom Notes: Alaskan Cedarwood

What are the different types of perfume?

Calvin Klein

This list will cover the Eau de Parfum versions of CK fragrances. But when you go shopping you’ll notice a range of choices – Eau de Toilette, and body mist among them. Here are the different types of perfumes you’ll find and what they mean:

  • Eau de Parfum – stronger, less diluted fragrance with a stronger scent
  • Eau de Toilette – the fragrance is diluted in more alcohol with a light scent
  • Body Mist – super diluted fragrance. Doesn’t last very long when you put it on, requires multiple applications.

This also means that while EDTs will be priced lower, you might have to apply more of it to obtain the same effect as EDPs. So for the purpose of this roundup, we are only going to describe the EDPs.

How to Choose a Calvin Klein Perfume

Calvin Klein produces eloquence and confidence in a bottle. Since so many of their fragrances are so likable, it might be intimidating to find on that is perfect for you.

First, try to pinpoint whether you prefer perfumes that are fruity, floral, sweet, or sensual. Once you narrow that down, you can begin picking out a few to try and then select your favorite.

It might take going to a perfume counter and testing them out. And that’s just fine. Sometimes perfume can be just as personal a choice as your shoes!

About Calvin Klein and His Beginnings

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein started out as a designer of jeans and underwear. He is now one of the fashion industry’s famous name and brand. As a boy he learned to sketch and sew all by himself and even won a place at New York’s High School of Art and Design.

He also managed to join the Fashion Institute of Technology and this is when he was inspired to create clothes.After having worked for some Seventh Avenue fashion houses for around five years, he decided to launch his own brand with the help of his childhood friend Barry Schwartz.

Schwartz invested $10,000 in Klein to start making his first designs which were coats. To this day, Schawrtz is still part of the house of Calvin Klein.

He is one of the most influential people in the fashion design industry up to now. He also changed the way advertising was conducted when he asked Richard Avedon to photograph a very young Brooke Shields for his 1979 jeans campaign. This ad ran with the now famous slogan, You know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing.

The press and most of the young people at that time went crazy for Calvin Klein jeans and underwear. Supermodel Kate Moss, who was then not so well known, also helped launch his Calvin Klein perfume, cK one.

In 1975, Vogue magazine described him as a definitive picture of the American look. In 1970, he also ventured into sportswear and introduced his designer jeans in the late 70’s. Boxer shorts followed and soon his first ever Calvin Klein perfume, named Obsession. His cosmetics department, including Calvin Klein perfume, is licensed to Unilever but Calvin Klein Inc still markets and carries the brand name.

Best Calvin Klein Cologne For Men

Calvin Klein

Can you really pick one best Calvin Klein cologne for men? After all, each scent from the well-regarded American fashion house has a signature feel to it that may or may not match your particular style.

So instead of convincing you of which CK cologne is our favorite, we’ve decided to bring you the best of all worlds: An ultimate guide to the 5 best, most popular Calvin Klein Colognes available today.

In these reviews, you’ll find history and interesting facts about the New York perfumery’s most popular scents, as well as full aromatic profiles — and a suggestion for who should wear each scent, and during what season.

Calvin Klein’s best cologne overall is also one of their most recent, debuting in September of 2019 as an updated version of their wildly popular 1989 “Eternity for Men”. Simultaneously robust and refined, masculine and sensual, it’s an exercise in balance and subtlety that wears well on just about anyone.

The pronounced green color of the cologne in its bottle gives a hint as to its aromatic profile: Woodsy, with a pleasant fresh spice of apple and sage. Mandarin and geranium soften a strong attack, while cypress rounds out the middle and a soft suede grounds it to match with any man’s natural skin odor.

In its special edition, Calvin Klein Eternity Summer, additional bergamot and sandalwood combine with coconut water to transport you to a scene of the waves at dawn. In fact, we’re of the opinion that it just might be the best Calvin Klein cologne for summer.


  • Top notes of mandarin, lavender, sage, and apple
  • Middle notes of cypress, geranium, nutmeg, and basil
  • Base notes of suede, sandalwood, rosewood, and amber

Best For:

  • Daytime wear
  • Warm weather
  • All summer long

Calvin Klein Euphoria

Calvin Klein

Inviting men to “reach beyond their limits” and “experience intense desires”, CK’s Euphoria has been well-reviewed since its launch in 2006. Designed to provide a fresh, exotic fragrance reminiscent of East Asian flavors, its understated packaging hides a powerful aromatic presence.

Any cologne that lasts the test of time is sure to have something special about it, and in the case of Euphoria, this is based around the use of an exotic Asian citrus known as Sudachi. Similar in appearance to a cross between lemon and lime, the sudachi is a native Japanese citrus with a much more pungent aroma than American or European citrus fruit.

Best Everyday Cologne: Eternity for Men

Calvin Klein

Released in 1989, Eternity for Men is the reflection of the classic man. The inspiration was the man is dedicated to traditional values such as health, family, work, and happiness.

The classic aesthetic of the bottle was designed by legendary perfume bottle designer, Pierre Dinand, the Eternity bottle is clear, polished and comes in a rectangular design. Rounded edges smooth off the design and give off a strong, sophisticated appeal.

The blend is a refreshing woodsy scent with a cool, crisp edge. It’s a classic scent that has inspired many variations such as Eternity Aqua, Eternity Summer and Eternity Intense. This fragrance is simple enough that it can go from work to a night out and has an ageless appeal ensures that it appeals to a diverse audience. While it’s not my favorite fragrance, it’s versatility is a major draw. It’s one I find myself packing for travel when I’m not quite sure what will come up and want a cologne that will fit into most occasions seamlessly.

Best for a Night Out: Euphoria for Men

Calvin Klein

I’ve seen some complaints about the longevity, but I think if you’re out dancing or at the clubs, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find something that will last the entire night without some touch-ups. If you’re just out for a romantic dinner and some dancing afterwards, you’ll probably be fine.

Euphoria: a feeling of intense excitement and happiness. Â A fresh oriental fragrance, contemporary appeal and aromatic spices come together to form a spicy, sexy appeal. This is a departure from the relatively clean-cut Eternity to a more addictive, masculine and sexy scent. This is definitely more romantic night out / clubbing than wear to work.

Their fragrances didn’t disappoint this time.


Popular fragrances from Calvin Klein which are around in the 21st Century include Obsession, Eternity and Escape.

Although suggestive advertisements were cancelled or banned for many of the Calvin Klein clothing, there were still a lot of them being used for the fragrances.

Although they received complaints about this, the images actually seemed to increase the sales of the perfumes, so no further action was taken to terminate the use of the provocative advertising methods.

Each year, fashion critics and fans look out for the new lines and collections which are coming from Calvin Klein.

With new items and designs being added to their ever-growing stores, Calvin Klein is certainly a business which knows how to keep its fans interested and how to get new customers.

Which Calvin Klein Cologne Smells Best?

Calvin Klein

Ah, if we could pick just one Calvin Klein cologne to wear all the time, our lives would certainly be simpler. But the truth of the matter is this: Just as there is no one food that is always best, there isn’t really any single cologne that will always be better than others.

If you do have to pick just one cologne to try, ck one is a fantastic standby that seems to work well for nearly everyone, year round. From there, you could consider branching out into two scents: A light and airy one for warm weather, and a warm and spicy one for the colder months.

In the end, though, you may just find that loving one cologne tends to lead to another, and another, and another — until you have a wonderful collection to choose from for any occasion.

Best Handbags by Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

If you are looking for a high quality handbag which is both spacious and having lots of pockets then your search should end on Calvin Klein Key Item Chain Patchwork Tote. Its good design and colors are compelling and will get you tons of complements.

Although the manufacturer calls it a tote but it’s more like a purse, with a solid and flat bottom which keeps the handbag upright when placed on a hard surface. It’s easy to hang from shoulder and being soft on its sides will not cause any discomfort. Calvin Klein Nylon Zipper Tote is stain resistant and easily cleanable.

If you are looking for a high quality handbag which is both spacious and having lots of pockets then your search should end on Calvin Klein Key Item Chain Patchwork Tote. Its good design and colors are compelling and will get you tons of complements.


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has been a leading pioneer of women’s fashion since its humble beginnings in the late 1960s. The sleek, fitted and monochromatic designs that the brand is known for portray an elegant and bold modern woman. Explore all of Calvin Klein’s clothing for women and shop dresses, swimsuits, skirts, pants, jackets, jeans, shorts and women’s suits. Join the progressive fashion movement with Calvin Klein.

Explore Calvin Klein’s full collection of women’s dresses for any occasion. Choose a classic white day dress for a garden party, a cocktail dress for a formal event or a black dress for a night out.

Whether you are planning your next beach outing or a trip to the pool, shop bikinis and swimsuits for women. Try out new bathing suit styles whether it’s a trendy one-piece swimsuit or a sexy high waisted bikini.

Search for a wide variety of women’s tops including off the shoulder tops, t shirts, blouses and tank tops. For bottoms, switch it up between maxi skirts, pencil skirts, joggers, sweatpants, culottes, boyfriend jeans and high waisted shorts. Pair perfect formal tops and bottoms to complete your women’s suiting look.

For women’s coats + jackets, choose an essential women’s leather jacket, women’s trench coat and women’s denim jacket. Try a versatile black leather biker jacket that can be worn with dresses or pants. In the winter, pick a warmer coat like a women’s parkas, anoraks and jackets.


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein men’s apparel exemplifies bold, progressive ideas with a seductive and minimal aesthetic. For more than nearly 50 years, Calvin Klein has been an American cultural catalyst embracing tension, sparking ideas and creating unforeseen realities. Ignite the senses with Calvin Klein’s strikingly designed dress shirts, t-shirts, dress pants, men’s suits, men’s jackets, jeans and more.

Shop different categories of clothing from men’s t-shirts, polos, men’s jeans, casual shirts, dress shirts, blazers, pants, men’s shorts, men’s swimwear, men’s outerwear and sweatshirts. Embody authenticity and embrace individuality with Calvin Klein’s unique styles.

Inspire passion with Calvin Klein men’s clothing. Keep up with the latest trends in men’s fashion bomber jackets and ripped jeans for men or wear timeless staples like the men’s polo or denim jean jacket. Shop now at Calvin Klein and find choices to complement every look in your wardrobe.

Complete your outfits with Calvin Klein accessories. Discover a versatile range of men’s belts, neck ties, men’s shoes, sunglasses, men’s hats, wallets and more for any occasion. Whether you have a casual weekend brunch or formal work meeting lined up for the day, you’ll find men’s accessories fit for the occasion.


Calvin Klein

Since the first release in 1982, Calvin Klein underwear for women has taken the world by storm as the ultimate symbol of sensuality, courage and progressive ideals. Worn by all who think bravely from cultural icons to your everyday dynamo, CALVIN KLEIN designer women’s underwear is the American embodiment of modern, body conscious and seductive style.

Explore chic, modern styles for her with Calvin Klein’s top-selling collection of women’s underwear. Search for bra and panty sets, lingerie sets, women’s bikinis, thongs for women and more bras. Browse for backless bras, bralettes, push up bras, sports bras, comfort bras, plus size styles and more. Pair these tops with bikinis, thongs, hipsters, brazillians, tangas, bike shorts, boyshorts and other other women’s panties.

From classic cotton to extra soft stretch blends and silky smooth microfiber with quick-dry moisture wicking material, Calvin Klein features innovative fabric technologies for an exceptional look and feel that stays put. Shop for our extra soft stretch cotton women’s underwear packs for comfortable, effortless wear. Slip into our lace lingerie and a lace bra set to embrace a mysterious, sensual aura or show your off your fiercely confident side with bold prints. For daring, youthful, seductive comfort for any skin tone, look no further.


Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein has given us some of the most classic fragrances of all time. They have a wide range of fragrances for men and women that have managed to endure the fickle test of time. When buying a product, it is a wise choice to buy a tried and tested product that you know won’t just go out of fashion in a week or two. There is no such danger with Calvin Klein’s timeless fragrances.

Frequently Asked Question Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein

Where Is My Order?

Type in the order number and email address used at the time of purchase and you will be directed to the history of that order. You may also find the shipment tracking number within the ship confirmation email you were sent.

Trying to find your package? Please check your front porch, side door, back porch, garage area, bushes, and mailbox to make sure it’s not hiding or jammed. Also ask your neighbors if they may have received it for you. If your package still hasn’t turned up in 3 days, please contact us.

How Can I Change Or Cancel My Order?

You may make select changes or cancel your order within 30 minutes of purchase. If you wish to modify your order or cancel please click here. To ensure we process and ship your order as quickly as possible, after 30 minutes you are unable to cancel or make changes to your order.

How Do I Make A Return?

Our return policy has been extended to 45 days. You are welcome to return your purchase from free of charge to any Calvin Klein Retail or Company Store. A return shipping fee of $4.95 USD will still be charged for orders returned by mail that use a Calvin Klein return shipping label.

To make a return easy, please click here. Have your order number and email address used at time of purchase ready and follow the prompts.

Where Is My Refund?

Refunds can take 7-14 days to process once your return has been delivered to our returns warehouse. You will receive a confirmation email once your return has been processed. Once processed please allow 72 hours for the credit to appear on your bank statement. For all returns you will be credited back the price of the merchandise paid less the $4.95 USD (effective 2/28/2022) handling fee.

We appreciate your patience at this time, and will notify via email you once your return has been processed.

Do I Need An Account To Place An Order?

No. While we highly encourage you to create an account for ease when purchasing online, an account is not needed to make a purchase.

What Does Final Sale Mean?

Final sale items purchased online will not be available to be returned, refunded, or exchanged.

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