Houzz is a redesign and renovation site that allows users to connect with home renovation professionals. It allows users to see room designs, products they can put in their home, and professionals that can help them complete their projects.

On this page, we’ll help you determine if Houzz is worth the investment and give you five tips for getting the most out of your Houzz profile. Keep reading to learn more, and call us today at 888-256-9448 to speak with a strategist about creating a social media marketing campaign with Houzz.

What is Houzz?


Houzz is a sales-driven platform that focuses on connecting people who are interested in remodeling or decorating their homes with industry professionals. This site offers design inspiration, product links, and the ability to connect with professionals for jobs you can’t do on your own.

Consumers can use this site to filter searches to reflect their specific design style. It allows them to find professionals who can help them implement that style. Users may also collect photos of styles they like and keep them for later.

This collection of photos is put into an ideabook. Ideabooks allow users to gather design ideas, stories, products, and professionals in one place. They can access their idea book when they’re ready to start remodeling or redesigning their home.

Users can look at ideas for various rooms in their home. This includes the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and more. Houzz offers solutions and design ideas for every part of the home, including outdoor spaces.

This site allows users to connect directly with professionals. They can find people who service different areas, such as design or home improvement. It’s a great opportunity for businesses to connect with valuable leads that are interested in their services.

Some people who use Houzz are looking more to redesign than remodel (especially people in apartments). Houzz allows these users to shop different products to find what works best for their taste. It allows your business to share your products with your audience and get them to buy them.


In addition, users can also read stories about renovations or obtain advice about a project. This is a crucial area for your business because it’s an opportunity for you to share your knowledge and connect with your audience.

Houzz is a great site for professionals that work in design or remodeling. Some examples include:

  • Architects
  • Building Firms
  • Contractors
  • Design Firms
  • Interior Designers
  • Kitchen Designers
  • Remodelers

If you want to reach valuable leads, Houzz is a great place to do it. You’ll connect with people who are looking for your business.

Another Houzz post? Yup, you better believe it. This one isn’t about how to use ideabooks or optimize projects (those topics can already be found on our blog) but about something that is important across all platforms: reviews.

Reviews are matter on any social platform, from Facebook to Google My Business. But Houzz is arguably one of the best places to have numerous positive reviews. Why? Good reviews and recommendations are the number one thing Houzz users think is most important when it comes to hiring a professional. Not lowest cost options, not beautiful photos, not number of completed projects—positive reviews. Plus, the more reviews you have, the more authoritative your profile is in Houzz’ eyes and the more exposure it can get.

With good reviews on Houzz, you’re more likely to:

Get found

  • Be seen as an authoritative and trustworthy source
  • Be contacted by homeowners who are planning to or ready to remodel

Sounds great, but how do you get the reviews?

Getting Reviews on Houzz

Getting Reviews on Houzz

The review process on Houzz is pretty straight-forward. All you have to do is click the “get reviews” button on your Houzz profile. Then:

Enter the email addresses of your clients or colleagues that you want a review from (you can even separate each email by commas if you wish to submit multiple invitations simultaneously). Add your personal message, then simply submit. Each recipient will get an email with instructions on how to submit a review.

Click here to see the Houzz support answer in full or submit a question to the Houzz team.

What About Clients Who Aren’t on Houzz?


What happens when you want to ask a client for a review but they don’t have a Houzz account? Good news! You can still get a review from said client. How? The Houzz support team does the work for you. Once you’ve asked the client and they are agree to give you a review, all you have to do is provide their contact information to Houzz. Houzz then calls your client and writes the review for them!

Don’t have a specific client in mind but proactively trying to get reviews? You’re on the right track. Let’s say you send out your monthly email newsletter where you ask happy clients to leave a Houzz review. If they don’t have a Houzz account, they’ll be prompted to create one. But it’s extremely easy and non-invasive. According to the Houzz rep I spoke to, they just need to provide a full name and email address—the process is hassle-free and they won’t get any annoying email notifications.

Whether the reviews are from a Houzz user or non-Houzz user, keep in mind that they are moderated before they are posted. The process can take up to 48 hours (depending on the volume of reviws).

What Are You Waiting For?



Start asking for reviews! Social media (including Houzz—especially for remodelers, home builders, and landscape designers) is becoming the new Google. More and more people are using social platforms to look for information and check out companies’ reviews. If your company has just one good review—or, worse, no reviews at all—you are way more likely to be passed by.

Of course, the Blue Corona team is always happy to help! We have helped manage our clients’ offsite profiles (including Houzz) to make sure they are as authoritative and beneficial as possible. Contact us today if you’re ready to step up your Houzz game—or enhance your offsite SEO in general!

How to Request Reviews on Houzz


Online reviews are essential – but why? Our Houzz & Home Study found that reviews are the top criteria when homeowners select which pro to hire for their renovation projects. Consumers are so used to reading reviews for businesses across all industries that it’s often the first thing they look for on a business listing.

Reviews give consumers insight into what other homeowners experienced when they hired you, in turn giving them confidence that they will be satisfied with their renovation project should they hire your company. And, reviews help put you in the running for our annual Best of Houzz award in customer service.

On Houzz, requesting reviews is easy. Here’s how:

Go to My Houzz by clicking the top right corner of the screen – or, just click here. Make sure you’re signed in.

So, is Houzz worth it?

If you are a remodeling or interior design business, Houzz is worth the investment. It’s a great way for your business to connect with valuable leads. This site makes it easy for your audience to see the work you do.

Houzz is a hub of valuable leads for your business. It gives you the opportunity to show these leads why your business is the best. It’s well worth the time and investment to create a profile where there are dozens of leads for your business.

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