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About Love Bonito

Love Bonito

Love Bonito makes fashion essentials for the real woman—the one who deals with everyday situations like being late for work, juggling a toddler while making lunch, or kicking back on the sofa before heading out for a date.

The collection is practical and smart but doesn’t skimp on your favorite trendy details like peplum, ruffles, and long lines of alluring buttons. Overflowing with well-made essentials, each design has a look of quality and versatility, fitting within all kinds of wardrobes.

Take one look at its collection and you’ll understand why Love Bonito has a following of over 640K on both Instagram and Facebook, but it’s the founder’s story and smart choices that have landed the brand features in notable publications like Forbes and The Business of Fashion.

We’ll tell you all about the founder in the next section of this Love Bonito review, and after that, get into some exciting details about its popular designs before revealing customer feedback, and answering significant FAQs. Let’s jump in.

Overview of Love Bonito

Love Bonito

The first thing we learned about Love Bonito is that the brand is all about the power that fashion can have. Stating that “fashion is a tool” to increase confidence and promote joy, its pieces are created with the intent to give you the freedom to be yourself.

The brand’s name translates to mean ‘Love, Beautiful,’ which it uses to end its ‘About Us’ page like a signature. Its name used to be Bonito Chica, translating to ‘Beautiful Girl,’ but we think its newest version holds more power and really drives home its intent that beauty is for everyone.

With affordable prices for well-made items, the brand only further accentuates this with clothing to fit size 0 mannequins, and even testing them out in real-life situations, like: What will this shirt do when she raises her arms? How does it hold up in rushed situations?

Making its clothing in sizes XXS–2XL, Love Bonito truly aims to be inclusive. The brand was officially founded in 2010 by Rachel Lim and her two friends, sisters Velda and Viola Tan.

Today, Rachel has grown the business into a multi-million dollar venture with 5 boutiques across Singapore, where its headquarters are also located.

Ready to find out what the brand’s versatile essentials are really like? It’s all coming up in this Love Bonito review—but first, a quick sum up of its highlights:

Love Bonito


  • Wide selection of women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories
  • Offers gorgeous apparel for kids
  • Rewards program
  • Free shipping promotion & other discounts available
  • Ships internationally
  • Long return window (90 days)

After browsing through Love Bonito’s website, we found that there’s definitely an artistic air about its collections—elegant twists, keyhole cutouts, and long rows of delicate buttons fill its versatile line of tops, bottoms, and dresses.

We also appreciated the way its website was set out, designating sections for its bestsellers, wardrobe staples, and seasonal apparel, making it extremely easy to find what you’re looking for—whether that’s a sunny yellow puff-sleeved dress for your little one or polished metallic Oxford shoes for you.

The next section of this Love Bonito review will feature a selection of its women’s clothing only, with simple, modern basics that integrate well into any wardrobe.

Love Bonito Review

We’ll be getting into a variety of the brand’s popular clothing below, and while browsing through these items, we noticed that the site offers categories to shop a specific country’s bestsellers if desired.

We thought this was a fun feature but also appreciated that it gave us a heads-up as to the different styles that may suit our preferences.

The styles below are just general, not specific to a country, and come in sizes XXS-XXL, aside from the dresses which are offered in XS-L sizes only. And speaking of the details, another reason we loved making our way through Love Bonito’s collections was the information it provides about each item.

Showing the level or sheerness, benefits from the fabric and style, and clearly stating materials, we felt like we were able to make a more informed choice about what we wanted to select. But enough about the logistics, let’s get into its collection.

Love Bonito Norah Square Neck Bodysuit Review

Love Bonito

The modern closet calls for at least one bodysuit. Allowing for a wrinkle-free, polished look, they take everyday tucked-in styles to the next level.

The Norah Square Neck Bodysuit is made from a stretchy blend of rayon, nylon, and elastane. Along with a squarish neckline and thicker straps, it creates a chic, stylish look—perfect for any fashionista’s closet.

The bodysuit is thong-cut with a double snap closure at the crotch for easy ins and outs. You can get it in white, black, blush, and Kelly green colors, all of which would look stellar with all kinds of bottoms—jean shorts, chiffon skirts, or tweed pants.

Add this XXS to XXL wardrobe staple to your closet for $28.

Love Bonito Ashleigh Relaxed Asymmetrical Top Review

Love Bonito

There’s nothing more sophisticated and sexy than a shoulder-baring top. The Ashleigh Relaxed Asymmetrical Top comes in neutral colors like navy blue, brown, and cream.

You can easily tuck it into high-waisted blue jeans for a casual weekend look or dolled up with a skirt, heels, and the right amount of jewelry for a special date night. Undeniably classy, we love the way the fabric drapes when tucked in for an artistic edge.

It’s made from a durable polyester and elastane blend that gives this top a quality look and feel. Add this top (available in XXS to XXL) to your wardrobe for $34.

Love Bonito Jaelia Cropped Camisole Top Review

Love Bonito

Cropped camis, though skin-baring, seem to have this luxurious class about them when outfitted correctly. We love the Jaelia Cropped Camisole Top for its thick look with its supportive boning — and not just something that looks like a sports bra.

With a square neckline, this top puts a modern, youthful twist on elegance, pairing well with high-waisted trousers or long, flowing skirts. To pump up the sophistication, pair with a structured blazer and a sleek, glossy hairstyle.

Made from a mix of rayon, nylon, and elastane, the Jaelia Cropped Camisole Top comes in 5 colors and is available in XXS to XXL for $23.

Love Bonito Tegan Fitted Square Neck Top Review

Love Bonito

A lot of Love Bonito’s tops have a square neck, a flattering style for those with wide or narrow shoulders who want a little more of a polished look to their everyday tee.

Available in XXS to XXL, the Tegan Fitted Square Neck Top is a mix of rayon, nylon, and spandex, creating a stretchy and body-skimming style that gives a bit of room between your skin and the fabric. Its sleeves hit you right above the elbow, allowing for an elevated look that goes well with long skirts or dress pants.

Modest and modern, get this versatile top in white, black, or nude for $31.

Love Bonito Morie High Waisted Straight Leg Pants Review

Love Bonito

Streamlined and sophisticated, the Morie High Waisted Straight Leg Pants have the magic quality of lengthening your legs. Made from polyester, these professional-looking pants are ideal for the office or as part of a color-blocked ensemble accompanied by a smooth tucked-in tee and shoulder-draped cardigan.

Choose from lilac, coral, white, or black to create a classy, easy look. Available in XXS to XXL, you can pick up these trousers for $44.

Love Bonito Neesa Padded Panelled Tie Back Dress Review

Love Bonito

An easy spring or summer dress, the Neesa Padded Panelled Tie Back Dress mixes the casual flair of 100% cotton with an exciting cutout bow-tie back.

Padded in the bust for support and coverage, this A-line dress starts with a squarish neckline and form-fitting torso, gliding out into a feminine skirt. It hits just under the knee, an appropriate length for all kinds of occasions—formal and casual, though two hidden side pockets give it a playful vibe.

Available in XS to XL, the dress comes in jade green and neutral oat colors. You can amp up the elegance of this flowing number with heels for a graduation or pair with flats for a weekend picnic. Get it for $47.

Who is Love Bonito For?

Love Bonito

Love Bonito doesn’t outright say it on its website since it caters to bodies of all kinds, but we discovered its designs are made with the Asian body type in mind.

That doesn’t mean it excludes all others, it simply means the clothing may fit a little differently than what you’re used to if you normally shop western brands. If you do, be sure to keep an eye out for sizing, as you may want to size up in certain styles.

In general though, Love Bonito makes clothing for women and kids that ranges from everyday basics to more upscale numbers. What we’ve found is that its designs are incredibly versatile, and a piece that you wear to the park can easily translate into one you can dress up with a blazer for dinner.

Is Love Bonito Sustainable?

Love Bonito

After reading about Love Bonito online and finding certain comments that mention its sustainability, we combed through the brand’s website to find out if it was indeed taking manufacturing measures that help the earth.

Coming up empty-handed, we decided to look at its labels to see what kinds of materials make up its collection. We found a polyester and nylon-heavy selection but did see traces of naturally-sourced materials like rayon and cotton too.

We also saw that the brand provides clear details on each item. Things like sheerness, benefits, and materials make it ultra clear for the customer what they’ll be getting. This may help to reduce CO2 emissions generated by returns since shoppers will be more informed about their products.

While browsing the web, we also found that Love Bonito comes from sustainable roots. The brand was born out of a clothing resale business the three friends created in college.

Finding high-value picks from thrift stores and re-selling them, the business encouraged the reuse of unwanted clothing instead of buying brand new.

Though today Love Bonito doesn’t operate the same way, we do admire the way the brand got started and hope that it can return to its roots sometime soon.

Love Bonito Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Love Bonito

Online shopping can be tricky, so this section of our Love Bonito review exists to make your life a little easier. We went out in search of helpful feedback to find out what the brand’s apparel is really like, and below, you’ll see exactly what we discovered.

Our first stop for feedback was on Reddit, where we encountered a lot of positivity about the brand. Users wrote about how much they love the brand’s designs and that the items are indeed good quality.

One Love Bonito review read, “Highly recommend…we really like their designs. Whatever I’ve owned hasn’t fallen apart and is made better than that bottle chiffon from China.”

We assume here this user is talking about a specific article of clothing they bought from Love Bonito, but from it, we can learn that the quality is higher than other items normally made in the same region. We skipped over to another Reddit thread that held a conversation about the brand’s quality.

One comment read, “quality is good, but a lot of their clothes are mostly polyester. Not the cheap polyester variety, but the variety that makes clothes last longer. This can be great for office wear, esp. with added properties such as wrinkle resistance.”

Again, it looks like Love Bonito uses high-quality fabrics that help you get years of wear out of their pieces. From what we’ve found, it seems like a lot of people buy the brand to wear to the office or for more professional settings thanks to its wrinkle-resistant quality.

These Love Bonito reviews make us believe that the brand isn’t your typical fast-fashion brand pumping out thin, cheap garments for the sake of quick, easy sales.

Our next stop was a website called The Smart Local which gave the brand an overall score of 4/5 stars from 18 buyers and ratings in the following categories:

  • Value: 4/5 stars
  • Service: 3.7/5 stars
  • Quality: 4.1/5 stars
  • Satisfaction: 4/5 stars

There were no written comments on The Smart Local, so we swapped over to a Love Bonito review on Panel Place that awarded the brand a “Superb Rating.”

Among the handful of feedback left on this site (all positive), we found one Love Bonito review that included details on one shopper’s experience with the brand. It read:

“The clothes are well designed and good quality. The price is worth the clothes. The website is organized and easy to access. Definitely one of my favorite shopping websites. Their clothing is affordable yet stylish and their sizes tend to fit Asian women very well.”

So, a few things here: During our research for this Love Bonito review, we caught word that the brand’s collections are designed with the Asian woman’s body in mind. That may mean smaller hips and shoulders than your typical American apparel. When in doubt, look at the size guide for each item you’re interested in.

Another thing we learned in this last comment is that this particular shopper believes the clothing is affordable and priced well for the quality.

The brand’s pricing is something that caught our eye as soon as we landed on its website, so it’s been valuable for us to learn that even though the prices are affordable, the quality is still up there, and that’s something we also noticed when looking at each product’s images.

The majority of Love Bonito’s collection is fully lined, meaning it doesn’t skimp on material for the sake of price. Overall, we learned some really helpful details from customers that simply reinforce our initial assumptions about the brand — though its apparel is made in China, its quality is higher than typical fast-fashion brands.

Is Love Bonito Worth It?

Love Bonito

When we first came across Love Bonito, we were immediately excited about its selection. After a quick glance at its prices, we breathed a sigh of relief as it’s not often for clothing that truly looks high-quality in terms of design, cut, and fabric comes along with an affordable price tag.

We’re always on the lookout for new clothing brands, but often get stumped when we see the total at checkout. With this company, adding a few quality and versatile pieces to your wardrobe now and again doesn’t mean spending a month’s wage.

Our belief that Love Bonito is worth checking out also hinges on the fact that we think it’s a decent company to buy from. We appreciate that it came from small beginnings and was created with the intent to provide outstanding quality attire for a good price.

Love Bonito Promotions & Discounts

Love Bonito

While browsing the brand’s website throughout this Love Bonito review, we came across a few ways that the brand helps you save. The most valuable one, perhaps, is joining its LB Community. Once a member, you can continuously earn points to redeem for discounts, as well as receive special gifts and perks.

Along with that, we also discovered that Love Bonito is offering a free shipping promotion right now for all customers, and if you’re a student, you can also download a 10% off coupon.

Where to Buy Love Bonito

Love Bonito

Love Bonito has five gorgeous boutiques in Singapore, if you should ever find yourself in the Lion City. Not planning a trip anytime soon? You can still shop the entire collection right at


Love Bonito

Who owns Love Bonito?

Rachel Lim created the brand with her two friends back in 2010, but the sisters left to pursue other interests. She now solely owns the company.

Does Love Bonito ship internationally?

Love Bonito is located in Singapore, so thankfully, it does offer international shipping. It delivers to quite a few countries around the world, from the US to Australia to Vietnam.

What is Love Bonito’s Shipping Policy?

Love Bonito’s shipping costs and times vary by destination. Delivery costs are all in the reasonable realm of $5-$30, and we’ll outline estimates for the US and Canada below:

  • United States: $25 (9-12 business days) or free for orders over $110
  • Canada: $25 (9-12 business days) or free for orders over $150

Aramex handles all of the brand’s international orders, so to check where your package is, you’ll need to use the service’s tracking platform. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Head to Aramex’s tracking platform
  2. Click ‘By Reference’
  3. Choose ‘Shipper Reference’ and enter your reference number and origin country (Singapore)
  4. Select your ‘Between Dates’ — a two-week window

What is Love Bonito’s Return Policy?

Since Love Bonito ships from Singapore, it has extended its return policy from 30 days to 90 days due to slower shipping times surrounding Covid-19. If you ever need to return any of the items in your order, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • They accept returns on clothing, bags, and shoes only
  • To make a return request, email [email protected] with your order number
  • You will need to fill out the Returns Form and include it in your package
  • Return costs are your responsibility ($8 flat fee)

If you live in the US and need to make a return, you will need to use the Return Helper platform. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a ReturnHelper profile.
  2. On the platform, enter all the necessary info like your order number, parcel weight, item code, description, and address.
  3. Press ‘Calculate shipping cost’ & make your payment.
  4. Access your confirmation email and download your return label.
  5. Tape the return label to your package.
  6. Drop it off at USPS or UPS.

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