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About MANTRA Labs


MANTRA Labs sells powder supplements that mix easily with your beverage or smoothie of choice. It is dedicated to giving you the energy and nutrients that fuel your body throughout the day so that you can get more done in less time.

Co-founded by famous actor Jared Padalecki, this relatively new brand has already amassed 14.8k followers on Instagram. It continues to turn heads for its clean and natural formulas that support waking up, working out, and going to sleep.

Feel like you need a boost? Stay tuned as this MANTRA Labs review covers the brand, its product catalog, customer feedback, ingredients, and more so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Overview of MANTRA Labs


What happens when a famous actor and a serial entrepreneur, who are both passionate about living each day to the fullest, get together? Well, it seems like that’s how great ideas are born.

Gilmore Girls and Supernatural fans will be delighted to learn that the company was founded by Jared Padalecki. Jared teamed up with Paul Janowitz to launch MANTRA Labs in 2019 with the goal of supporting people’s daily energy levels.

Every lifestyle, at every time of day, has intense demands. The workplace, home life, and of course at the gym, can be either a pleasure or a drain.

MANTRA Labs’s mission is to ensure you are operating at 100% efficiency with all the nutrients and hydration you need to excel in a super-charged life.

The brand’s products are backed by science and filled with clean ingredients like electrolytes, Vitamin C and B12, biotin, and whole coffee fruit extract.

With the promise that its products won’t contain gluten, sugar, soy, or GMOs, you can be certain that your body is getting what it needs without unnecessary fillers.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about energy crashes. Now, the company also offers a line of sports apparel to support its activity-boosting products.

MANTRA Labs’s healthy obsession with human achievement goes beyond its products. The brand donates 1% of all of its sales to fund mental health initiatives and helps people get back in action. It now operates from its headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Now that you know a bit more about the brand and where it came from, this MANTRA Labs review will go over the pros and cons:


  • Offers three supplements that are specially designed to support your body in the morning, at night, or before activity
  • Uses clean, healthy, and vegan ingredients
  • No calories, sugars, or carbs
  • Individually-wrapped powder packets that can easily be taken on the go
  • Multiple bundles and discounts available
  • Save 25% on every order by signing up for a monthly subscription
  • Clean and healthy ingredients
  • Available throughout the US (Alaska and Hawaii included)
  • Solid 30-day return policy


  • Not available for customers outside the US

Whether you need a boost of energy to get you out of bed in the morning, a kick in the butt to get to the gym, or help to fall asleep at night, this brand has a formulation to do it.

Each powder is vegan, gluten-free, calorie-free, and GMO-free, and is instead infused with good-for-you ingredients that support your body naturally.

In addition to its supplements, the company also offers a collection of apparel that moves with you from the gym to wherever life takes you. Up next in this MANTRA Labs review, we’ll take you through some of its bestsellers.

MANTRA Drink Powders Review

The brand’s clean formulas are backed by science to support your body as you move through your busy day. With a monthly subscription, you’ll save 25% on every order.

This MANTRA Labs review will now take a look at the company’s best-selling supplements, shirts, and accessories.

MANTRA Labs Rise Review


If you consider coffee to be a rookie’s energizer, then perhaps it’s time to try something new. RISE kicks things up a notch, offering a boost of natural energy so that you can start the day at full speed.

This supplement incorporates vitamins, special MANTRA rise nootropics, and antioxidants to fuel your body. Unlike its competitors, this company makes sure its supplements contain zero calories and zero sugar.

You don’t have to worry about taste—this mix just opts for natural ingredients that provide a delicious coconut flavor instead of harmful artificial sweeteners.

The brand recommends mixing the MANTRA RISE supplements with 12-24 ounces of water or with a smoothie. To incorporate this natural energy booster into your morning routine, grab a 10 pack for $23, 30 pack for $60, or a single pack for $3.

MANTRA Labs Rest Review


Our bodies need different things depending on the time of day. The company knows this, so it offers three core supplements that perform unique functions. Take REST in the evening to end a long and stressful day with a nourishing blend of MANTRA chrono sleep aids.

This MANTRA for sleep supplement is formulated with ingredients like GABA, melatonin, magnesium, L-Theanine, and an assortment of herbs.

Together, these natural remedies support your immune system and calm your body. The goal is a long and deep sleep that prepares your body and mind for the following day.

Kick-start your renewing nighttime routine with the MANTRA calming mantra supplements for $23 (10 pouches), $60 (30 pouches), or $3 (1 pouch).

MANTRA Labs Go Review


The final supplement in MANTRA’s core trio, GO, fulfills the brand’s own mantra: “go strong all day with smooth energy.”

It works best when taken before any intense activity, whether that’s a boardroom presentation, deadlift session, or taking your insane puppy for a neighborhood walk.

GO blends natural ingredients to provide energy without burnout. Its formulation features MANTRA aquamin hydration, vitamins, tea leaves (caffeinated), plus mysterious “recovery herbs” that sound like something we’d read about in Lord of the Rings.

Besides boosting your energy levels for an afternoon pump, GO also nourishes your body with integral vitamins. We often eat whatever we can find for lunch, so this product balances out what might otherwise be an unhealthy meal.

Add a pep to your step with GO for $60 (30 packs), $23 (10 packs), or $3 (1 pack).

MANTRA Labs 10-Day Chrono Bundle Review


For those that want to take supplements morning, noon, and night, the 10-Day Chrono Bundle is the perfect way to test out MANTRA Labs’s bestsellers.

This 10-day challenge supercharges your body with over 70 minerals and nootropics, a load of vitamins and herbs, antioxidants, and hydrating electrolytes.

But wait, don’t take them all at once! This pack includes 10 of each of the RISE, GO, and REST supplements that are each designed to work with the natural rhythms of your body.

RISE is an energizing elixir to help get you out of bed, GO is an exercise booster to prepare your body for activity, and REST is a calming concoction that gets your body and mind ready for a peaceful night of sleep.

These supplements support a healthy lifestyle and have no calories. The 10-Day Chrono Bundle is available for $60.

MANTRA Labs 30-Day Chrono Bundle Review


The 30-day Chrono Bundle provides a month’s worth of supplements to optimize your energy levels all day, every day. With a cupboard full of GO, RISE, and REST, you’ll be set for whatever life throws at you.

The three different supplements in this bundle synergize with your natural bodily rhythm to give it exactly what it needs throughout the day.

With no calories, carbs, or sugar, these packs can be easily incorporated into your wellness routine—simply mix with 12-24 oz of water or your favorite smoothie.

MANTRA Labs stands by this pack and is certain you’ll feel the powerful results of its chrono-nutrition. If for whatever reason you don’t, the company will give you your money back. This bundle is available for $160.

MANTRA Labs Running Trucker Hat Review


The Running Trucker Hat is designed to keep you cool during any outdoor activity. It’s breathable, thanks to its mesh detailing, and sweat-proof, thanks to a thoughtful inner band.

Plus, its adjustable strap ensures a tight fit—you won’t have to worry about it flying away on windy days.

Though it’s an incredibly sleek black cap, we question the claim that the MANTRA running trucker hat is appropriate for trail running and date night.

We think your Tinder date or long-term partner would appreciate you reserving it for outdoor activities. The only way it might work is with a try-hard hacker Matrix look… a black leather jacket, military boots, and a handcuffed briefcase—but you do you.

For those of you with super-sized skulls, MANTRA Labs offers this hat in an XL-XXL size. Add it to your wardrobe for $35 and hand wash it only. With a MANTRA Labs supplement subscription, the brand will cover the cost of a lost or ruined hat.

MANTRA Labs Men’s Gym Class T-Shirt Review


The Men’s Gym Class T-Shirt takes you from running errands to the gym, and then to the work, in style.

Its 50% polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon blend is meant to be comfortable, cooling, and durable. This MANTRA shirt also has extra length to keep you covered during dynamic workouts.

Its sleek grey design ensures a versatile wardrobe staple. Available in sizes S-XL, grab this tee for $35. If you subscribe to a monthly subscription, MANTRA Labs will send you a new Gym Class T-Shirt whenever yours gets worn out.

MANTRA Labs Running Visor Teal Review


Let the Running Visor Teal take you back in time. This vibrant blue running visor features four pink strips of different shades and a strong MANTRA Labs logo front and center. The fabric is light, moisture-wicking, and sized to fit everyone.

Channel your DGAF attitude and embrace the retro aesthetic—it’s so uncool that it’s cool again. Though this visor is usually available for $25, it’s currently out of stock.

Follow the brand’s social media accounts. If you do, you’ll find out when it’s available ahead of everyone else and probably pick up a discount or two along the way.

MANTRA Labs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?


This MANTRA Labs review set out to see what customers really thought about the brand. It is a pretty new e-commerce company that is still trying to establish itself, so testimonials are still pretty scarce.

Nonetheless, we found informative comments on Popdust, the company’s website, and Amazon that all gave us a glimpse into what its products are about.

First up, Popdust’s Meg Hanson tried all 3 of the brand’s products after hearing about the hype and needing an alternative to Soylent products. In the review, Meg spoke the most about RISE for the “quiver of energy” it provided:

“I got up from my desk and started a load of laundry. I wrote this article. I messaged a friend about Doctor Who. Would I have accomplished any of those amazing feats without MANTRA Lab’s RISE dietary supplement? Perhaps not.”

On the brand’s website, each of its bestsellers has earned an impressive 4.9/5 stars or higher. Overall, customers are happy with how tasty each supplement is, as well as how effective they are at performing their different functions. Here’s an overview:

  • REST: 4.9/5 stars from 134 ratings
  • GO: 4.9/5 stars from 111 ratings
  • RISE: 4.9/5 stars from 108 ratings
  • Men’s Gym Class T-Shirt: 5/5 stars from 30 ratings
  • Women’s Gym Class T-Shirt: 4.9/5 stars from 39 ratings
  • Specialized Purist Water Bottle: 5/5 stars from 30 ratings

The RISE supplement is particularly well-received by shoppers. Most customers report that it gives them a healthy, much-needed energy boost in the morning. One user has incorporated both GO and RISE into her daily routine, and is impressed by the results:

“It has a great citrus flavor and truly does help me with my morning energy and focus. I am very impressed!… I began with Rise in the morning and Go after lunch. In addition to their great taste, they have helped me feel better and more energetic… I feel great! I have more energy and feel less stressed.”

Meanwhile, another customer, who has incorporated all three supplements into their routine, loves the products but finds them too pricey:

“This is truly changing the game for me. I sleep more soundly, and I have an extra burst of energy in the morning… This has been excellent. The ONLY issue is that it is very expensive, and I won’t be able to make this a regular part of my lifestyle.“

Amazon offers three of the brand’s products, which have collectively been rated 131 times for an overall average of 4.2/5 stars. One user, who found REST to be pricey, reported that this Mantra sleep aid successfully made him drowsy:

“Definitely works great. Fell fast asleep. No grogginess in the morning. Little on the pricey side though.”

In terms of GO, customers agreed that the Mantra energy mantra powder tastes good, provides a quick boost in energy, and doesn’t cause a crash a few hours later. One reviewer also notes that it is easy to prepare:

“I needed an afternoon pick-me-up so I drank some of this Go Energy Drink. It’s easy to prepare. Just mix a pouch in some water and drink. It tasked fairly ok… I felt more energized afterwards. I was feeling tired and was close to being in a food coma but this drink brought me right out.”

All in all, we did find a few negative MANTRA Labs reviews. These customers did not like the taste of the brand’s products or found them to be ineffective.

Going back to the Popdust review, Meg did state that the RISE supplement didn’t quite live up to what she hoped for and didn’t work as effectively as her daily dose of java:

“As an intense coffee addict who’s only recently weaned myself off my two cups a day minimum, RISE didn’t greatly affect me. Of course, dietary supplements don’t do much of anything the first time …With that being said, I definitely felt something.”

Other negative comments were rare, and the majority of users were delighted with how the supplements worked, even if they did think they were pricey. As the company grows, we hope more customers share their honest experiences.

Is MANTRA Labs Worth It?


For a clean boost of energy or a natural sleep remedy, this MANTRA Labs review thinks that the brand might be for you. The company’s goal is to help you live each day more efficiently.

It pays attention to the natural rhythms of our bodies and provides formulas that are specially designed to give it what it needs at the right time.

We found hundreds of testimonials that attest to how effective the company’s products are, as well as how good they taste. The biggest complaint that we discovered was the cost.

Thankfully, the company offers a 25% discount if you sign up for a subscription, which definitely makes the price a bit better to swallow.

Supporting this brand also means that you are supporting important mental health initiatives, which is always a perk in our books. It donates 1% of all profits to such organizations, including Bring Change To Mind.

To sum up, MANTRA Labs is worth it if you want clean energy and are willing to make a long-term investment in your everyday health. The brand’s supplements have real, tangible effects.

To make your decision easier, you can buy one single pouch of each formulation to see how they work for you.

MANTRA Labs Promotions & Discounts


This MANTRA Labs review came across a number of promotions to save you money. We suggest following the brand’s Instagram posts for future exclusive discount codes.

It is a young brand and wants to prove its worth, so you can expect regular discounts as a way to entice people to try its products. Here are your current savings options:

  • Sign up for their mailing list for 20% off your first order
  • Refer a friend for $15 off your order (for both of you!)
  • Join the monthly membership program to get auto-renewing deliveries to your door each month for 25% less than the regular pricing

Where to Buy MANTRA Labs


For the best selection of products, you can shop directly from The brand also has an official Amazon business page where all its best-sellers are easily available to purchase.



What is MANTRA Labs’ Shipping Policy?

Great news! MANTRA Labs ships for free if your order totals $40 or more. Additionally, your order should ship on the same day you order it, as long as the order occurs before 2 pm CT.

But, the company goes on to say that larger orders could take 2 business days to process and ship due to COVID-19. We interpret this message as the company will do its best to ship your order ASAP.

Once shipping is taken care of, your order will go wherever you are in the US (yes, MANTRA Labs ships to Alaska and Hawaii). You should have the order in your hands in about 7 days. Unfortunately, international customers are out of luck.

What is MANTRA Labs’ Return Policy?

MANTRA Labs has a standard 30-day return deadline from the date of the delivery. In some situations, the company might not require you to return your item.

It’s greatly concerned about keeping you happy, and so, if the brand does require a physical return, it will pay for the shipping costs and provide you with a shipping label.

This MANTRA Labs review also found that your refund will be processed in about 5 business days, at which time the refund will be credited to the account used for the purchase.

How to Contact MANTRA Labs

If you have any questions after reading this MANTRA Labs review, the brand wants to hear from you… but at a distance. Here are your options:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Message Form: Available on its website
  • Mail: 9600 Escarpment Boulevard, Suite 745-260, Austin, Texas 78749

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