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About Old Navy

Old Navy

Men everywhere, we’re calling to you to class-up with Old Navy. This lifestyle brand is all about those preppy Midwest styles combined with a west coast vibe. Sounds confusing? That’s fine. Once you see the extensive range of menswear available with this brand, all questions will be answered.

Old Navy is still working hard to bring its brand to the people. Currently, this business has 34.6k followers on Instagram, but they’re looking to expand knowledge of the company through their fun and interactive blog that’s constantly being updated with new posts.

We’re all about honesty in this Old Navy review, and that’s why we’re determined to look at each aspect of the business to break down the products, service, customer ratings, and more to determine whether this brand is worth buying from.

Overview of Old Navy

Old Navy

This brand is all about combining the founder, Old Navy, history into one style. Born in the midwest with prep schools running rampant, he later moved to Los Angeles. He switched between them twice more, ultimately settling out west to dig into his career.

Old Navy’s fashion is the perfect combination of these styles. Forging the midwest academies with west coast living, the brand has created what they call “West Coast Prep.” Pairing up blazers with board shorts, khakis with graphic tees, Old Navy has mastered this mixture and patented their popular mash-up of fashions.

In addition to their look, Old Navy’s largest focus remains around the quality of their pieces. High quality is the name of the game, from the material to their final touches of the best buttons and cuffs, this company knows how to piece together an item to be proud of.

With their headquarters located in Los Angeles and further offices both in the midwest and the east coast, Old Navy is proud to offer that prep coast range to the country, selling styles to suit men no matter where in the country they live.

While this brand is known for mashing up styles, there’s more to a business than just clothes. Let’s pause this Old Navy review to take in some of the company’s highlights:

Old Navy


  • Offers a range of Prep West Coast attire for men
  • Lightweight and breathable fabrics
  • Moisture-wicking materials used
  • Mid-range prices
  • Free return shipping

This brand has the monopoly on their prep and coastal styles, making those the main focus in this Old Navy review. We’re taking a quick glance at some of their most popular pieces across the board.

While most items are categorized by the type of clothing, this company also lists via “Big & Tall” as well as “SoCal” collections for men in addition to their “Prep-formance” line for boys. Shop by collection or category for an easy time of finding what you need.

Most sizes go from S to XXL, but sizing ranges depending on the item. Be sure to check as some go from XS to 3XL. Don’t be discouraged if one item doesn’t have the size needed, just keep looking at other selections and it’s sure to pop up somewhere.

Old Navy Shirts Review

Suit any coast style with Old Navy Shirts on the market. Looking cool and casual, these popular shirts can easily be paired with a blazer to mix up that business-casual look in a moment’s notice.

Old Navy Indie Tee Review

Old Navy

Start the line-up of any day with the subtly striped Old Navy Indie Tee.

The stunning shade of indigo is only the first element of this shirt we adore. Soft in its color while set against thin white stripes, this casual long-sleeve shirt suits any day.

Light cotton makes this one an easy layered look, keeping things cool enough to avoid overheating in the beating sun.

Soft and smooth in texture, this shirt keeps things simple with its basic design. An added button to the chest pocket completes the slight prep look of this west coast vibe.

At the time of writing this Old Navy review, this shirt is on for a cool $98.

Old Navy Brennan Long Sleeve Tee Review

Old Navy

Those in need of color options can stop desperately searching as the Old Navy Brennan Long Sleeve Tee has got you covered.

Over 10 colors make up the market for this long sleeve tee, meaning those who love the style can stock up in different colors for every day of the week. Available from XS to 3XL, this comfortable shirt is all about looking and feeling great, no matter the size or shade needed.

With a simple logo sitting over the chest pocket, this tee keeps things nice and simple with its style. Focused on the soft feel of the 100% combed cotton, this crewneck is all about feeling great with every wear.

Look confident every day with the Brennan Long Sleeve for $48.

Old Navy Shoes Review

We’ve provided the shirt, all we need is shoes to fill the age-old coastal requirement of “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.” Good thing Old Navy shoes are a style we’d all love to wear. Classing up casual, these bestselling selections are all about appearance and build.

Old Navy The Chill Chukka Review

Old Navy

Fashion is everything when it comes to the Old Navy The Chill Chukka.

These stylish suede shoes are everything needed when it comes to a statement piece that fits every outfit. Available in taupe, twilight, and gray shades, these shoes offer a lightweight option that promises both water and stain resistance on the soft suede material that makes this piece.

The best part of this boot is its performance – it was designed to fit and feel as comfortable as any favorite pair of sneakers. With a foam footbed to mold into the perfect support for all parts of the foot, these boots complete their beauty with the heel and tread.

Sitting high enough to avoid pants getting dragged through the dirt, the traction on these boots will regain footing in any icy conditions.

Grab a pair of these bad boys for $148.

Old Navy Range Runner Sneaker Review

Old Navy

We had to include some sneakers in this Old Navy review – if not for the readers, then definitely for ourselves. The classic style doesn’t get lost amid all other fashions from this brand, but instead is celebrated through the Range Runner Sneakers.

Available in five options that each mix and match colors into fun and unique designs, the real star of these shoes is the traction.

Inspired by the spiked golf shoes we’ve all seen before, these shoes mimic the use of triangular treads to lay out a comfortable fit that clings to the ground you walk on to avoid any slips and spills.

In addition to their incredible grip, these shoes keep the support standing with their cushioned insole. With gel pads built into the heel, these sneakers are designed to absorb impact with ease while maintaining a comfortable stance for long periods of time.

Doesn’t matter where you’re headed when wearing these, with the supportive insole and gripping treads, they’ll fit in just about any environment.

Add a pair to the closet for $148.

Old Navy Dresses Review

I swear, nothing feels more feminine and freeing than a dress. Luckily for you, Old Navy is home to dozens of stylish skirts and gowns. They even have wedding dresses for future brides in the making.

From work-appropriate minis to date night gowns, this Old Navy review will spotlight a few of our favs within the brand’s dresses section.

Old Navy Cocktail Love Pleat Dress Review

Old Navy

I’m getting some serious mother of the bride vibes from the Cocktail Love Pleat Dress from Old Navy. That’s not to say that it’s tacky in any way—instead, it’s harboring major Eleanor Young energy from Crazy Rich Asians.

This jade-green gown features an accordian skirt, a crew neckline, and puffed long sleeves for added drama. Best paired with extravagant jewelry and a cinched in belt, you can definitely look like a high-balling socialite fit for any occasion.

This Old Navy cocktail dress is made out of sheer mesh overlay. Don’t worry; it also comes with lining to help keep things decent. Initially priced at $139, the Cocktail Love Pleat Dress is currently at a bargain for $57.

Old Navy Casual Sweet Fling Dress Review

Old Navy

The Casual Sweet Fling Dress practically screams “getting off tennis practice at 8 and having brunch with besties at 2.” This laid-back number comes with a zip up enclosure, a ribbon for waist cinching, and short sleeves. Offered in 5 alternating colors, this off-day beauty can make for a great errand dress. It’s also simple enough to be styled extravagantly as well.

If you’re looking for styling tips, this Old Navy review suggests heeled ankle booties and a leather jacket for a late August ensemble. Best of all, the $89 Casual Sweet Fling Dress is priced at a reasonable $36.

Old Navy Date Night Desire Maxi Dress Review

Old Navy

The best type of gown embodies a certain fantasy. For instance, the Date Night Desire Maxi Dress entails images of late autumn, Victorian-style mansions, lots of books, and afternoon tea. In short, it’s quite a romantic look.

This stunning gown features a v-neckline, a shirred waistband and a dainty button enclosure from top to bottom. It also comes with a sultry side slit as a ‘wink wink, nudge nudge.’

While it’s offered in toffee brown, this Old Navy review suggests that you opt for navy instead. It’s subtle, blackish hue can easily match with dozens of things in your closet, including a warmly knit cardigan and a pair of oxford heels. Estimated to originally retail $119, the Date Night Desire Maxi Dress is on sale for just $48.

Old Navy Luxe Glimmer Nights Maxi Dress Review

Old Navy

If black isn’t your thing, the Luxe Glimmer Nights Maxi Dress comes in stunning ruby red. Honestly, it reminds me of a dressed-up version of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. This elegant gown is made entirely out of satin lining and sequins. For added drama, it features a gathered side skirt that’s definitely red-carpet appropriate.

Cut in a high-low hem, we suggest pairing the $249 Luxe Glimmer Nights Maxi Dress with gold-toned heels and blown-out hair for that classic, old-Hollywood kind of look. Fortunately for customers, this evening ensemble only retails for $100.

Who Is Old Navy For?

As the company mainly caters to men, this Old Navy review has to reflect that the market is quite targeted. Focused on the male coastal prep appearance, there’s not a lot of space here for the female form (but don’t let that stop any ladies who think one of the shirts looks too comfortable to pass up).

Men and boys are the main demographic in mind, with pieces to include an age range from young child to elderly golfer.

Whether buying a present for a man in your life (or woman – no judgment here when it comes to comfortable clothing), or something for yourself, this brand markets towards a preppy vibe that doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone.

Working with that business casual front, these clothes are best suited to those who love to combine coastal living with Midwest vibes.

Old Navy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Old Navy

While this Old Navy review wanted to include top reviews from the brand site itself, this business chooses not to list ratings and reviews internally, meaning we had to search elsewhere.

Despite this, we were able to find a good listing of Old Navy products and comments online from highly satisfied customers.

The big thing that this brand comes down to is the quality of their pieces. With spring and summer key in their mind, Old Navy focuses on lightweight materials that are incredibly easy to care for at all times.

Highlighting proper airflow, moisture-wicking, and often wrinkle resistance as well, these clothes are all about emphasizing a good time out no matter the season.

While the numbers aren’t in the hundreds for ratings online, Old Navy holds up well on Amazon. Their products are all listed above 4 stars with customers more than satisfied by the purchases they’ve made.

The Old Navy Dale T-Shirt currently has 4.6/5 stars based on over 60 ratings on Amazon, making it the most well-rated piece from this brand on the platform. Customers are in love with the fit and feel of this shirt, as its quality is apparent in the light material.

One Old Navy review stated, “Best shirt ever. Very light weight, breathable material. Fits exactly as described. First of many for me.” Sizing is a bit one with this brand as they attempt to offer a wide range of options for customers, covering from XS to 3XL on some items.

Others love that this shirt “Fits great! Soft fabric!” making it comfortable to wear on any day, whether on the golfing course or enjoying the sun during a walk with friends.

Other customers agree with this brand’s quality as other Old Navy pieces on Amazon come in with high ratings. Check out some of the other top contenders:

Old Navy

  • Old Navy Mulligan: 4.5/5 stars based on over 55 ratings
  • Old Navy The Original 4-Button Polo – Heathered: 4.7/5 stars based on over 30 ratings
  • Old Navy Brennan Long Sleeve T-Shirt: 4.5/5 stars based on over 30 ratings
  • Old Navy Sully 1/4 Zip Pullover: 4.8/5 stars based on over 15 ratings

Amazon isn’t the only place in love with this brand. The Breaking Eighty Old Navy review put the brand at 7.9/10 for their style, material, quality, and fit.

With soft materials making up the majority of their attire, this business is all about making pieces that customers want to wear no matter the weather.

At one point, this Old Navy review commented, “Overall, I dig their polos (even if the surfer throws me off the fact they make golf shirts). They’re very high quality for a cotton golf shirt, and you’ll be a fan if you like cotton polos with a casual west coast vibe.”

The mixed style of the west coast and Midwest makes some customers a little unsure as to what they’re buying, but very few show buyer’s remorse once the product is in their hands.

The thing that wins everyone over is their “Versatile fabrics and wonderful athletic fit make the Fall 2020 collection from Old Navy great for golfers seeking comfort and performance without sacrificing style.”

Comfort, performance, and pleasurable styles are the three defining features of this brand. Even Three Golf Guys make a point of noting how “Old Navy is a blend of surfer, preppie and west coast cool.” An odd combination, sure, but this brand knows how to sell their personal style.

Is Old Navy Worth It?

Old Navy

In our opinion, Old Navy is a brand that won’t disappoint buyers. For men who want to mix up classy and casual into an elevated preppy look, this brand is the perfect place to start mashing up styles.

Focusing on high-quality materials and designs in every piece, Old Navy knows how to market their style as one to watch.

While the brand may not have hundreds or thousands of reviews online, those posted are incredibly positive and rave about the purchases made.

Old Navy Promotions & Discounts

Old Navy

At the time of writing this Old Navy review, Cyber Monday sales are running. This brand joins the crowd when it comes to holiday and seasonal sales, but other than that, promotions aren’t popping up too often.

A good place to look while saving money is their Last Call section that showcases pieces being pulled from the collection.

Where to Buy Old Navy

Old Navy tends to keep to themselves on Old Navy.com, but there are a few other places available to buy if for some reason purchases are unavailable from the official site. Customers can check out:

  • Old Navy
  • Amazon


Old Navy

Who owns Old Navy?

Old Navy is owned by founder Old Navy. O’Donnell founded the company in 2005.

Does Old Navy ship internationally?

Unfortunately, Old Navy doesn’t ship internationally.

What is Old Navy’s Shipping Policy?

When it comes to shipping, Old Navy keeps things close with their domestic shipping. They don’t currently offer international options, so this company stays focused on their home court when it comes to customers.

All shipping costs come down to location, so entering in any address will provide a rough estimate for prices.

When it comes to timelines, Ground Shipping generally takes 3 to 7 business days with East Coast packages arriving earlier than the West Coast orders.

Embroidered items are available for purchase, but they take longer for arrival times. Anything personalized with embroidery can take up to 3 weeks to be completed and shipped to customers.

Deliveries are only made on weekdays (holidays excluded), so keep an eye out during business hours for that upcoming arrival.

What is Old Navy’s Return Policy?

Old Navy wants all returns to be nice and easy, putting the whole process online. Customers have 30 days from purchase to return or exchange any products.

In order for items to be returned, they must:

  • Be unworn
  • Not a Final Sale purchase
  • Unwashed
  • Returned in original packaging

The one beautiful part to acknowledge here is that no return shipping is charged. Whether exchanging or returning, no additional fees will be applied to the process, leaving it just up to customers to fill in the info and ship the box back.

The process itself is simple:

  • Head over to the Return Portal
  • Verify order number, zip code, name, and address
  • Print out the supplied shipping label
  • Box it up (with original order form included) and ship it out

That’s all it takes. Returns can take up to two weeks to be registered and refunded, so be patient before reaching out to customer service to inquire about the money.

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