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If your love for spicy foods is anywhere on the spectrum between having a favorite Ghost Pepper sauce and tattooing flames on your tongue, Pizza Hut’s Spicy Lover’s Pizza might disappoint you.

The latest from the pizza chain gets its heat from spicy marinara, sliced red chilis, and fiery flakes. It’s advertised with three varieties — Spicy Double Pepperoni, Spicy Hawaiian Chicken, and Spicy Veggie.

As you can see in the photos, I went with the first one that comes with standard pepperoni slices and the newer crispy cupped pepperoni that made their debut with the chain’s Detroit-style pizza.

Even before trying it, I thought this would taste like a s tandard Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza, but, you know, spicy. For the most part, it does. However, there’s a nuance or two.

The red chili slices give some bites a slight red bell pepper-like flavor, and it almost tricks my brain into thinking I’m biting into a supreme pizza. And then there’s the added flavor of those crispy cupped pepperoni that have a meatier and less greasy taste than the standard stuff.

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Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s Spicy Lover’s Double Pepperoni was a nice deviation from the standard pepperoni. Like most Pizza Hut offerings I’ve had, I found it enjoyable and filling. However, if you love spicy foods and are looking for something that pops a bunch of capsaicin into your mouth, you’ll probably be disappointed that this packs less heat than Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

The fiery flakes are a combination of herbs and crushed red pepper flakes. When I learned that, I was surprised because when I sprinkle the crushed red pepper flakes from the packets Pizza Hut provides, they give the slice a noticeable kick that I didn’t get with this pizza. It makes me wonder if I even got the seasoning.

Oh, if you’re wondering what those white-ish pieces are in the chili slices that look like they could be the fiery flakes, they appear to be pepper seeds because they show up only within the peppers. Even with those seeds, the chilis aren’t as spicy as the sauce.

Overall, the pizza I purchased had what I’d consider a low-medium heat. I’m typing this sentence 10 minutes since my last bite, and while there’s some spiciness lingering in my mouth, there hasn’t been any sweating, nose running, mad dashes to my fridge’s beverage shelf, or saying, “I can take it” as an internal mantra.

Pizza Hut Pizza Review

Pizza Hut

This week it was announced that Pizza Hut — which has recently mostly trafficked in revivals of old-schoolfan favorites — had revamped its iconic Original Pan Pizza for the first time in 40 years, effective immediately.

The announcement was pretty vague. New crispier crust! New cheese blend! New sauce! New lack of actual descriptions of what’s changing! That last part caused a little concern among Hut loyalists who have been down with OPP for decades.

Pizza Hut Margherita Pizza Review

Pizza Hut

This is, after all, a pizza that very much defined pizza is for generations upon generations of Americans, especially in pizza deserts where Pizza Hut is a beacon. Consider the untold masses of people whose very picture of a pizza party involved cashing in on the Book It!

Program, trading boring literacy for a taste of that buttery, crunchy, greasy personal pan pizza. Did nobody think of the Ninja Turtles when they were tinkering with this carryout icon?

The announcement came in under the radar. Some outlets blurbbed it, regurgitating the details from that mystery release. Pizza Hut isn’t even advertising it on its site as of this writing, instead just offering a delivery deal on the Original Pan. A call to a local store to ask whether it was available was met with a “what crust?,” followed by a long pause, then a “um, yes.”

Pizza Hut Tandoori Paneer Pizza Review

Pizza Hut

So I ordered one, since I was already on the phone. Now, I’m no Hut Lover. I’m a Hut shrugger. I’ve had my share of bottom-shelf pizzas, and consider Pizza Hut’s a decent delivery choice, but not my first.

Still I ordered an Original Pan only a few weeks ago, consuming it in its natural habitat of a nondescript hotel room in the middle of nowhere. So it was fresh in my memory when I got the new version delivered for lunch.

The pizza was remarkably similar to what I had eaten a few weeks ago. There were some subtle differences though. The sauce seemed just a little more acidic, and was dolloped on with a little lighter hand.

The cheese was a bit stretchier, and had solid coverage. More importantly, the cheese just seemed better: Generally, I find Pizza Hut’s cheese to be a bit on the grainy side, as if it got some sawdust in the mix (I have the same issue with Domino’s). Here, the cheese was much firmer, saltier, and more texturally pleasing.

Pizza Hut Chicken Tikka Supreme Pizza Review

Pizza Hut

The crust is where I detected the biggest difference. According to the Hut, much of this redesign is attributed to some sort of innovation in the pan they’re using. And, yeah, I suppose there was something a little different about the resultant pie.

The trademark dense, buttery bottom remained, practically dripping oil and offering up a solid base. But there’s a lighter crunch than before, giving way to a very pillowy center. It was fluffier, but a little raw-tasting.

The crisp exterior struck a nice balance with the hard, buttery bottom, coming a little closer to the ideal middle ground between pizza and breadstick.


Pizza Hut

What is Contactless Delivery?

Contactless Delivery means that there will be no direct contact between customer and delivery rider. Meal will be placed in a pre-agreed location and avoid touching or close face to face contact.

How to do I avail contactless delivery?

Please opt for ‘Contactless delivery’ while placing your order online (web/m-site/app). Sometimes, our rider will also get in touch with you to understand where the pizza needs to be placed.

Can I do Cash-on-delivery for contactless delivery?

No, you cannot opt for cash-on-delivery. Since we are trying to make this entire process contactless, cash-on-delivery in this case will not be possible.

Do I have to pay extra to avail the contactless delivery service?

No, you don’t have to pay extra to avail the contactless delivery service.

How do I know where my pizzas will be kept?

This will be specified by you while placing order. In case, the rider calls you up for help & you are not reachable, the order will be placed on a clean surface at the door.

Where can I avail contactless delivery?

You can avail this service only when you place your order on Pizza Hut’s website/app/m-site. You cannot avail this service while placing your order through phone.

How can I find a restaurant near me?

The Pizza Hut Store Locator on the app/website/m-site will help you find the nearest restaurant. It will also show you which locations offer delivery and takeaway.

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