Sanebox Review

What Is Sanebox?

SaneBox is a cloud-based email management service that helps users organize and prioritize their email messages. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze your email history and behavior to automatically sort incoming emails into different folders based on their importance.

SaneBox works with various email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and others. It creates folders like “Inbox,” “SaneLater,” “SaneNews,” and “SaneBulk” to categorize your emails. The “Inbox” folder contains the most important messages that require your immediate attention, while the other folders store less urgent or promotional emails.

One of the key features of SaneBox is its ability to learn from your actions. As you interact with your emails and move them between folders, SaneBox learns your preferences and adapts its sorting rules accordingly. It can also automatically unsubscribe you from unwanted newsletters or mailing lists.

SaneBox offers additional features like reminders for follow-up emails, email snoozing, and the ability to create custom folders for specific types of emails. It aims to help users declutter their inboxes, save time, and focus on the most important messages.

SaneBox can be a helpful email management tool, it requires granting access to your email account for its functionality. Before using any third-party service with your email, it’s recommended to review their privacy policy and terms of service to ensure your data is handled securely.

Sanebox Features

SaneBox offers a range of features designed to help users better manage and organize their email. Here are some key features of SaneBox:

  1. Email Filtering: SaneBox uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze your email history and behavior, automatically filtering incoming emails into different folders based on their importance. The main folders include “Inbox” for important emails, “SaneLater” for less important but still relevant emails, “SaneNews” for newsletters and subscriptions, and “SaneBulk” for promotional emails.
  2. Learning and Adaptation: SaneBox learns from your actions and email behavior. As you move emails between folders or mark them as important or unimportant, SaneBox adapts its filtering rules to better suit your preferences. This personalized learning helps improve the accuracy of email sorting over time.
  3. Unsubscribe and Blackhole: SaneBox provides a convenient way to unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and mailing lists. You can simply move an email to the “SaneBlackHole” folder, and SaneBox will automatically unsubscribe you from that sender’s emails in the future.
  4. Custom Folders: You can create custom folders in SaneBox to further organize your emails. These folders can be tailored to specific types of emails or contacts, allowing you to have a more personalized and organized email management system.
  5. Reminders and Follow-up: SaneBox offers reminders for follow-up emails. If you send an email but don’t receive a response within a specific timeframe, SaneBox can remind you to follow up on that email.
  6. Email Snoozing: With email snoozing, you can temporarily hide selected emails from your inbox and have them reappear at a later time or date. This feature is useful for prioritizing and dealing with emails at the most appropriate times.
  7. SaneAttachments: SaneBox can save large email attachments to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Evernote. This helps free up space in your email account and provides easier access to important files.
  8. SaneForward: SaneBox allows you to forward emails to specific addresses to automate tasks or integrate with other services. This feature can be handy for automating workflows or sending specific types of emails to other systems.

These are just a few of the features offered by SaneBox. The service aims to simplify email management, reduce inbox clutter, and help users focus on the most important messages while providing customization options to fit individual preferences.

How Sanebox Works

SaneBox works by integrating with your existing email account and using artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze and organize your incoming emails. Here’s a general overview of how SaneBox works:

  1. Account Integration: To use SaneBox, you need to grant it access to your email account. SaneBox supports popular email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and others. During the setup process, you’ll be prompted to authorize SaneBox to access your email account securely.
  2. Email Analysis: Once integrated, SaneBox begins analyzing your email history, including your incoming and outgoing messages, as well as your interactions with them. It looks at factors such as sender, recipient, email content, and your behavior with each message.
  3. Folder Categorization: SaneBox creates different folders within your email account to categorize and organize your emails. The main folders include “Inbox,” “SaneLater,” “SaneNews,” and “SaneBulk.” The “Inbox” folder contains important emails that require immediate attention, while the other folders store less urgent or promotional emails.
  4. Email Sorting: SaneBox uses its artificial intelligence algorithms to sort incoming emails into the appropriate folders based on their importance. It learns from your actions and behavior, such as moving emails between folders, marking emails as important or unimportant, and other interactions you have with your messages. This learning process helps SaneBox improve its accuracy in sorting emails over time.
  5. Unsubscribe and Blackhole: If you receive unwanted newsletters or emails from senders you wish to unsubscribe from, you can move those emails to the “SaneBlackHole” folder. SaneBox will automatically unsubscribe you from those sender’s emails in the future, helping to reduce unwanted email clutter.
  6. Customization: SaneBox allows you to create custom folders based on your specific needs. You can create folders for specific types of emails or contacts, further tailoring the organization of your inbox to suit your preferences.
  7. Additional Features: SaneBox offers additional features such as reminders for follow-up emails, email snoozing to temporarily hide and resurface emails at a later time, and integration with cloud storage services to save large email attachments.

SaneBox works in the background, analyzing and organizing your emails without altering the original email structure or content. You can still access and manage your emails directly through your email provider’s interface or app, and SaneBox’s sorting and organization will be reflected in those interfaces as well.

SaneBox aims to simplify email management, reduce clutter, and help you focus on the most important emails while providing customization options to suit your individual needs.

Sanebox Pricing

SaneBox offers several pricing plans to suit different needs. Please note that pricing may have changed since then, so it’s always recommended to visit the SaneBox website for the most up-to-date information. Here is an overview of the pricing options that were available:

  1. Snack ($7/month): This plan is designed for individuals who want to experience the basic features of SaneBox. It includes features like email filtering, SaneLater folder, and one-click unsubscribe.
  2. Lunch ($12/month): The Lunch plan offers a more comprehensive set of features. It includes everything in the Snack plan, along with additional features like SaneNews folder, custom folder creation, and reminders for follow-up emails.
  3. Dinner ($36/month): The Dinner plan is ideal for power email users and professionals. It includes all the features of the Lunch plan, plus advanced features such as SaneBlackHole for unsubscribing and blocking senders, email snoozing, and priority support.
  4. Executive ($59/month): The Executive plan is designed for business professionals and teams. It includes all the features of the Dinner plan, with added benefits like priority access to new features, centralized billing for multiple users, and enhanced security.

SaneBox also offers additional options for business plans, including options for larger teams and enterprise-grade features. These plans are customizable based on the specific needs of the organization.

Pricing plans and features may have been updated or expanded since my knowledge cutoff, so I recommend visiting the SaneBox website to get the most accurate and up-to-date information on their pricing structure and plans.

Ease Of Use Sanebox

SaneBox is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. Here are some factors that contribute to its ease of use:

  1. Simple Setup: Setting up SaneBox is straightforward and typically involves a few simple steps. The process generally includes authorizing SaneBox to access your email account and granting necessary permissions. The SaneBox website provides clear instructions and guidance throughout the setup process.
  2. Seamless Integration: SaneBox integrates seamlessly with popular email providers like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and others. Once you’ve completed the setup, SaneBox works in the background, automatically sorting and organizing your emails without requiring any additional effort from you.
  3. Minimal Learning Curve: SaneBox is designed to be intuitive, requiring minimal learning curve for users. Once your emails are being sorted into different folders, the concept of managing your inbox becomes familiar and easy to grasp. You can continue to use your email provider’s interface or app as usual, with SaneBox’s organization and sorting reflected in those interfaces.
  4. Customization Options: SaneBox provides customization options to suit individual preferences. You can create custom folders, adjust filtering rules, and personalize settings to align with your specific needs. This flexibility allows you to tailor SaneBox’s functionality to your preferred email management style.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: SaneBox offers a user-friendly interface where you can manage your folders, access settings, and fine-tune preferences. The interface is designed to be intuitive and visually appealing, making it easy to navigate and understand the available features.
  6. Help and Support: SaneBox provides comprehensive documentation, guides, and FAQs on its website to assist users with any questions or issues. They also offer customer support through email or chat, ensuring that users can seek assistance whenever needed.

SaneBox prioritizes simplicity and user-friendliness to make email management as easy as possible. The setup process is straightforward, the integration is seamless, and the interface is designed with usability in mind. With customizable options and support available, SaneBox aims to provide a hassle-free experience for users looking to organize and streamline their email workflows.

Sanebox Customer Service

SaneBox offers customer service and support to assist users with any questions, concerns, or technical issues they may encounter. Here’s an overview of their customer service options:

  1. Email Support: SaneBox provides email support where you can reach out to their support team via email. You can send your inquiries or issues to their designated support email address, and their team will respond to assist you. Response times may vary based on the volume of support requests.
  2. Chat Support: SaneBox also offers chat support through their website. You can initiate a chat session with a support representative to get real-time assistance with your questions or concerns. Chat support can be beneficial for immediate and direct communication.
  3. Help Center: SaneBox maintains a comprehensive Help Center on their website. It includes a wide range of documentation, guides, FAQs, and troubleshooting resources to address common queries and issues. The Help Center is designed to provide self-help options for users to find answers to their questions independently.
  4. Social Media: SaneBox is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. While social media channels may not be the primary support channels, they can be used to reach out to SaneBox or stay updated with their latest announcements and news.

SaneBox’s customer service may have changed since my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. Therefore, I recommend visiting the SaneBox website or contacting their support directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding their customer service options.

SaneBox strives to provide timely and helpful support to their users, ensuring that any issues or questions are addressed effectively.

Is Sanebox Worth It?

Determining whether SaneBox is worth it depends on your personal email management needs and preferences. Here are some factors to consider when deciding if SaneBox is a worthwhile investment:

  1. Email Overload: If you find yourself overwhelmed by a high volume of incoming emails and struggle to stay organized, SaneBox can be a valuable tool. Its intelligent filtering and sorting capabilities help prioritize important emails and reduce inbox clutter, saving you time and allowing you to focus on essential messages.
  2. Efficiency and Productivity: SaneBox can improve your email management efficiency. By automatically categorizing emails and reducing distractions, you can streamline your workflow and spend less time sorting through your inbox. The ability to snooze emails, set reminders, and customize folders can further enhance your productivity.
  3. Personalization: SaneBox offers customization options, allowing you to tailor the email sorting rules and create custom folders. If you prefer a personalized approach to email management, SaneBox provides the flexibility to adapt its functionality to your specific preferences.
  4. Unsubscribe and Blackhole Features: The ability to easily unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters and block unwanted senders using SaneBox’s “SaneBlackHole” feature can be a valuable time-saver and help reduce email clutter.
  5. Cost Consideration: SaneBox is a paid service, and the pricing plans vary depending on the features and level of service you choose. It’s essential to evaluate whether the benefits provided by SaneBox align with the cost and value it offers to you in terms of time saved, improved organization, and reduced email stress.
  6. Integration and Compatibility: SaneBox integrates with various popular email providers, making it accessible for users across different platforms. Ensure that your specific email provider is supported by SaneBox before considering its use.

Ultimately, the decision of whether SaneBox is worth it depends on your individual email management needs, the extent to which you struggle with inbox overload, and your willingness to invest in a service to streamline and optimize your email workflow. Consider the benefits and features provided by SaneBox and weigh them against the cost to determine if it aligns with your priorities and requirements.


What email providers does SaneBox work with?

SaneBox is compatible with popular email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, iCloud, and many others.

Is my email content stored on SaneBox’s servers?

SaneBox does not store the content of your emails on its servers. It works by analyzing email metadata and using that information to sort and organize your messages. Your emails remain stored on your email provider’s servers.

Can I access SaneBox on multiple devices?

Yes, SaneBox is accessible on multiple devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablets. It synchronizes with your email provider, allowing you to access your sorted and organized email folders across different devices.

Can I use SaneBox with multiple email accounts?

Yes, you can use SaneBox with multiple email accounts. SaneBox offers options for personal and business plans that accommodate multiple accounts.

Is SaneBox secure?

SaneBox takes security seriously and uses industry-standard security measures to protect your data. It requires authorization to access your email account, and all data transfers are encrypted to ensure privacy and security.

Can I cancel my SaneBox subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your SaneBox subscription at any time. The cancellation process typically involves accessing your account settings on the SaneBox website or contacting their customer support.

Will SaneBox affect my existing email filters and rules?

SaneBox works alongside your existing email filters and rules. It doesn’t interfere with or modify your existing filters. You can continue to use your email provider’s filtering and rules in conjunction with SaneBox.

Does SaneBox work with team or business email accounts?

Yes, SaneBox offers plans specifically designed for business and team email accounts. These plans provide additional features and options to support collaboration and productivity within a team or organization.

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