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About Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter is a USA-based personal grooming brand that aims to give men effective, safe, and affordable products to enhance their manscaping experience. Created by a former barber, Scotch Porter offers products for beard, hair, and skin.

This Scotch Porter review will look at all three lines, their prices, and what customers are saying, to help you determine if Scotch Porter would be a good buy for you.

Overview of Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter launched in 2015 under the leadership of Calvin Quallis. Earlier, Quallis left a corporate job to open a barbershop, following in his mother’s footsteps. Naturally, Quallis heard a lot from customers about their issues with their hair, beards, and notorious and razor burn.

Scotch Porter

In an effort to alleviate these problems, Quallis began experimenting in his kitchen with homemade solutions. He made sure to only use safe, non-toxic ingredients, and from these experiments, Scotch Porter was born. As far as origin stories go, this is about as wholesome as it gets.

The Scotch Porter grooming collection has evolved to include lines dedicated to hair, beard, and skin care that deliver worldwide. Scotch Porter grooming products and can be found in leading department stores including Target and Walmart. Scotch Porter hasn’t strayed far from their origins, continuing to manufacture their products in the United States.

Scotch Porter is proud of their 100% black employee workforce and team of executives, 45% of whom are women. We give the brand major points for being progressive, encouraging black representation in the workforce, and taking a stand against sexism. Black Lives Matter and feminism game STRONG.

Scotch Porter also expanded their grooming scope to focus on men’s health. Their blog (or journal as they call it) and Instagram both encourage men to take care of their mental health alongside their physical appearance. Scotch Porter has also lent awareness to the #DaretoCare campaign confronting the problems of toxic masculinity. Hats off to Scotch Porter on being progressive, yet again.

Scotch Porter

Will Scotch Porter give you the confidence you’re looking for in your appearance? Let’s take a look at the highlights:


  • Customers generally rate the hair, skin, and especially the beard products favourably
  • Committed to giving chances to under-represented demographics
  • Uses safe, non-toxic ingredients
  • Skin care collection is very reasonably priced
  • Available for delivery and in stores
  • Ships worldwide
  • 60-day full refund policy with a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • There have been some issues with deliveries, especially through Amazon
  • The criticisms in a Scotch Porter review often cite ineffectiveness for people with dry hair
  • Scotch Porter never specifies whether women can use the products (the line is geared entirely towards men)
  • Beard and hair products have above average pricing, though they’re not expensive
  • No international returns

Scotch Porter Sets

Scotch Porter

Within Scotch Porter’s beard, hair, and skin collections, you have the option of purchasing items individually or buying them in a variety of sets, each with a discount. This Scotch Porter review will focus on their three most popular sets:

  1. Beard Collection: $62, savings of $11 over buying each product individually
  2. Superior Hair Collection: $60, savings of $19
  3. Face Care Collection: $29, savings of $6

Scotch Porter Beard Review

Each of Scotch Porter’s collections has its own unique scent profile that really would be hard to describe without using Scotch Porter’s words. The Beard Collection has a masculine but floral blend of carnation, with subtle notes of sandalwood, powdery musk and spicy undertones.

In this Scotch Porter review, we’re imagining a garden outside a chalet somewhere European in the valley between two mountains, or at least large hills. But we’re willing to listen to other interpretations.

The Beard Collection has the aim of moisturizing and softening the beard while encouraging healthy hair and thicker growth. To accomplish this, it relies on the key ingredients of Biotin Liposomes, Burdock Root, White Willow Bark, and Nettle Leaf.

Scotch Porter

If you’re wondering what all these do, don’t worry, this Scotch Porter review has you covered: In short, Biotin makes hair stronger, Burdock strengths the roots and reduces itching, White Willow reduces flaking and dry skin, while Nettle Leaf is full of vitamins to make hair shinier and healthier.

The Beard Collection contains four products:

  1. Beard Wash: individually $19 for 8 oz.
  2. Beard Conditioner: $19 for 7.1 oz.
  3. Beard Balm: $15
  4. Beard Serum: $20

The Wash goes in first, followed by the Conditioner. If you’re wondering how often should I use the Scotch Porter Beard Conditioner? They suggest conditioning up to 3x a week. The Balm and Serum are a little less rigid, a little more as-needed, but Scotch Porter does suggest using them after the washing and conditioning.

Each product in the Scotch Porter beard kit contains, with the exception of serum, at least one of the four key ingredients we looked at earlier and others including Shea Butter and Aloe Vera. The Beard Serum relies on Avocado Seed Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil for moisture and nourishment.

The brand has a consistent look going in their products, and this Scotch Porter review wants to say it’s quiet, simple, yet stylish with its navy bottles, white caps, and labels that remain a consistent colour throughout each set. The gold writing gives it a little bit of an elegant pop. Intricate and stylish. It works.

Scotch Porter Hair Review

Scotch Porter


Scotch Porter’s Hair Collection has a scent profile with the cooling sophistication of natural herbaceous notes like Lavender and Bergamot coupled with Cardamom and soft Amber Woods. This one sounds like one of those fantasy forests in animated movies, the ones where everything glitters in the sunlight. Maybe Scotch Porter found it in real life.

The Hair Collection is advertised as working with all hair types to keep the scalp and hair healthy, moisturized, and non-oily. Scotch Porter returns to the White Willow Bark for its flake reduction and overall protection. Alongside it comes the frequent inclusion of Kale Protein keeping hair moisturized and looking healthy.

Scotch Porter’s Hair Collection includes five products:

  • Hydrating Hair Wash: $12
  • Nourish & Repair Hair Conditioner: $12
  • Moisture Rich Leave-In Hair Conditioner: $12
  • Smoothing Hair Balm: $15
  • Smooth & Shine Hair Serum: $20

Scotch Porter

As with the Beard Collection, there’s a loose order to the use of the Hair Collection, though the products can be used individually. The Serum is again an ingredient outlier: the Avocado Seed Oil returns but this time it’s paired with Argan Oil for its hydration, softness, and shine.

The bottles are almost identical to the Beard Collection, with grey labels to differentiate them in your bathroom cabinet.

Scotch Porter Skin Care Review

Scotch Porter

The scent of Scotch Porter’s Face Care Collection is described as natural West Coast citrus notes flow into a sultry spice infusion of Vetiver (Bourbon) on a rich blend of exotic wood-resins, like Palo Santo Wood and Alaskan Cedar. Upscale cottage weekend? This Scotch Porter review thinks so.

Scotch Porter advertises the Face Care Collection as an all encompassing line that makes skin smoother and clearer. White Willow Bark confirms its status as the Jack-of-all-trades with another appearance in the Face Care Collection’s key ingredients. It teams up with Pomegranate Enzymes and Turmeric Root for exfoliation and blemish resistance.

Three products make up Scotch Porter’s Face Care Collection:

  • Restoring Face Wash: $11
  • Exfoliating Face Scrub: $12
  • Moisture Defend Face Lotion: $12

Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter doesn’t specify the same production as the Beard and Hair Collections. They do say the Moisture Defend Face Lotion is the one that locks in the moisture from the first two, and should therefore be used following the use of one of the others. Which one you use depends on whether you need your skin exfoliated or restored.

Scotch Porter Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Reviews on the Scotch Porter site as well as Target and Walmart are generally quite positive. Customers find that Scotch Porter’s beard, hair, and skin products are confidence boosters and produce aesthetically pleasing results. They do what they’re advertised as doing.

If you’re asking the big question, does Scotch Porter make your beard grow? Some reviewers have said they’ve experienced significantly fuller beard growth while using Scotch Porter’s beard products. Scotch Porter’s scents also tend to come in for specific praise.

Reviews citing ineffectiveness are scarce but when they arise, they tend to be from people with dry hair. There are still many who say Scotch Porter has helped with dry hair, but maybe a word of caution is needed, especially since the brand is priced a little above average in the grooming market.

Scotch Porter

This Scotch Porter review gives a word of warning for Amazon deliveries. Scotch Porter doesn’t advertise that they sell through Amazon, but there are some products available there. These carry proportionally more negative reviews than elsewhere (though still positive overall) and the negatives tend to be more recent. They have questioned whether or not the Amazon products are actually Scotch Porter products.

Some reviewers, who have used Scotch Porter previously, say the products they receive from Amazon are nothing like the ones they used before, and it appears as if the seal has been broken. If this is scaring you, you’re not alone! This Scotch Porter review would recommend just buying from the brand, or verified sellers.

Is Scotch Porter Worth It?

Scotch Porter

On the whole, Scotch Porter looks like a good investment if you want a little more from your beard, hair, or skincare routines. It’s a little pricier than other grooming products out there, but it’s cheaper than the high-end options and seems to have upper end effects.

Scotch Porter has a 60-day full refund policy, so buying is relatively low risk, and we’ll get into this in the FAQ section of the Scotch Porter review.

Scotch Porter Promotions & Discounts

Scotch Porter

This Scotch Porter review searched the website for active deals. Sadly, no Scotch Porter promo code turned up. Keep checking back on their site regularly for a Scotch Porter discount code.

Scotch Porter prefers the rewards route where, once you’ve become an insider, you earn money by spending it and doing other things like sharing the brand on social media. You also get a little boost as a birthday gift as well. This reward money can then be redeemed for products.

Where to Buy Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter can be found at, at Target, and Walmart. Amazon also sells the brand, but buyer beware… There are a few other in-person options that you can find through the handy store locator on Scotch Porter’s site.


Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter Shipping Policy

Scotch Porter offers free standard shipping (1-7 business days) on US orders over $35. For domestic orders under $35, shipping costs $6. Costs for expedited shipping (1-3 business days) vary.

Scotch Porter ships to over 200 countries, so chances are they can ship to you but if you want to be sure, just input your address and the site will let you know. International shipping costs also vary as do shipping times but, as an idea, shipping to Canada is $15 and Scotch Porter say it usually comes out around $18. However, that does not include customs fees and duties, which can increase the price. Scotch Porter say to give international orders 30 days as customs can hold packages for a while.

You can track the status of your shipment through your Scotch Porter account or, if you do not have one, through the tracking number sent to you in an email with your purchase details.

Scotch Porter Return Policy

Scotch Porter offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 60-day full refund policy. Return shipping is free too! You just have to send a message to their customer service team and they will send you a return label.

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