SearsPartsDirect Review

Sears Parts Direct is a worldwide known provider of not just the typical department store products, but also is a hub for product parts replacement.

Why would I do an affiliate review on this company and specifically their parts replacement program? Well, lets just say that I typically gear my affiliate reviews towards the standard bloggers, but I felt the Sears PartsDirect program was an amazing way that either home DIY or professional mechanics and electricians can learn how to make money as well even without blogging!

SearsPartsDirect Review

Before we get too much into what Sears PartsDirect is as a company and what their affiliate program offers, lets start with a quick run down of what affiliate programs do.

“When you succeed, we succeed.” -Sears PartsDirect

Affiliate programs in general are systems and tools setup by companies to allow you to advertise and sell their products and in return they will offer you a % commission on any sales that are generated from you. In the case of Sears PartsDirect, if you advertise for any of their products and those people make an online purchase because of that, you earn a portion of that sale.

I’ll go more in depth into what the actual Sears PartsDirect program will offer you below.

What Type Of Products Are Featured?



Sears offers quite a few different products, but I do want to differentiate between the Sears Online Catalog which offers many of the items you would see at a department store and the Sears Parts Direct. Sears as a department store sells all sorts of home appliances including TVs, Refrigerators, Stoves, Air Conditioning, and much more. Sears PartsDirect offers parts replacement and pieces needed to maintain and repair those items that Sears stores sell.

I’ll dig a little deeper into the specifics about what Sears PartsDirect offers below:

  • Water Filters and Air Filters
  • Cabinets and Doors
  • Kitchen Appliance Parts
  • Dishwashers and Stoves
  • Water Heaters
  • Washers and Dryers
  • Generators
  • Furnaces
  • Lawn and Garden Machines
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Small Motors
  • Outdoor Lamps and Grills
  • Popcorn and Ice CreamMakers
  • Power Drills/Hammers/Sanders, etc
  • Tanning and Sauna Equipment
  • Video and Audio Systems

While these are a few high-level groupings that I made, there is a long list of products replacement parts available from every major brand regardless of where you purchased it. Everything from electronics to lawn equipment. You can see the high level categories here:


One of the great things about the program is that not only do they provide parts, but they have an endless supply of user manuals for almost any major product on the market. You can also find repair services for your refrigerators, washers, dryers, dishwashers, etc using their Sears Home Service center.

I always knew Sears was a great company, but until I stumbled upon the Parts Direct division I didn’t realized how truly large it is.

What Is The Commission Rate?



When you join the Sears PartsDirect program you gain the ability to earn commission when customers make purchases using your affiliate URL. That means whenever you make a purchase using your affiliate link or another user makes a purchase, you will gain a commission form that purchase.

The commission using the Sears PartsDirect affiliate program is a flat 4% on all products sold within 30 days. This means if $100 of parts were purchased, you get $4 of that purchase. It is important to note that when a customer uses your affiliate links, a cookie is stored in their browser which means that not only will you get credit for any sales they use at that time, but within 30 days of that too.

In comparison to other product sale affiliate programs, the 4% commission through Sears PartsDirect is quite comparable. Other affiliate companies offering product sales has between a 3-6% commission.

While there are many other companies that have similar setups, the great thing about working with Sears PartsDirect is that there are no other companies offering similar products with affiliate programs attached making it a less competitive market.

Alternative Affiliate Programs

SearsPartsDirect Review

While there are no similar companies offering the same offerings and service that Sears PartsDirect does, there are other companies which have product sales which I will make as a comparison to give you a feel for how other companies are also setup and their commission rates.

Lets review two different department stores as a good comparison as they also specialize in product sales online.

Target: We all know Target for having really high quality products but still at a decent department store price. It’s no surprise that their affiliate program offers one of the highest commission rates on the market as well. Affiliates get a base commission of 5% and as sales increases you can go up to 8% total commission on sales.

Walmart: We all know Walmart for having some of the lowest cost products for a department store while still having decent quality. With their low prices of products, it’s no surprise that their affiliate commission percentage isn’t as high as some of the others. Their commission ranges by product from between 1-4% of the total sale.
You can also check out our other home and garden affiliate programs or power tool affiliate programs for more ideas for your affiliate blog/site.

Website Ideas and Real-World Use


When I started thinking of the ideas for how you can use this affiliate program, my mind switched directions and though of it more as a full-time business idea rather than just a side hustle. Let me explain a bit on why.

I really felt this affiliate program would be a perfect fit for mechanics and electricians who work everyday fixing different appliances both big and small. Many professional mechanics and electricians have come to specialize in working with these appliances and they already use the Sears PartsDirect or other companies to get these parts.

I see no reason why you shouldn’t reap the rewards and get 4% back from all of those products you keep purchasing from Sears PartsDirect. You can also use it as your primary company to order everything from so you can always gain that 4% additional bonus. It also saves your customer money because you dont have to mark it up anymore.

One thought that came into my head was that you no longer have to hide the invoices from your customers. You can show them the exact price of the product that they will pay for without any mark up. Instead of mark ups, just take the 4% commission as your mark up and then just charge them for services.

For another idea, lets say you do repairs often on different appliances and other home repairs. Why dont you start recording it via photos or video, and then document all of those repairs in a simple “DIY Home and Appliance Repair” blog. These are simple to complete and you can link to all of the parts using the Sears PartsDirect affiliate program.

That way when someone wants to figure out how to fix something, they can simply utilize your guide and then click each product to purchase it. Over time you’ll get the riches from the commission that would come in.

There’s lot of other ideas, these are just two that came top of mind right away.

Can You Make Money With The Sears PartsDirect Affiliate Program?

There’s many ways to make money with the Sears PartsDirect affiliate program, but first you have to learn how. To get signed up with the affiliate program, you’ll need to go here.

Their affiliate program is managed by a well-known 3rd party affiliate portal company called ShareSale. You’ll first need to sign up for a ShareSale account. Once signed up you’ll be ready to apply for the Sears PartsDirect program by searching them under the “Merchants” list in ShareSale.

Once you have been approved under their affiliate program, you’ll see Sears PartsDirect in your merchants list. Clicking their name will bring up an overview of their affiliate program and some of the stats for the program overall like below:



To start using the Sears PartsDirect affiliate links on your website, social media site, or for personal orders, simply click the “Get Links” button to be taken to their tools. Here’s an overview of each of their tools below:

Text Links: If you’re not familiar with affiliate links, each company provides you with special URLs which include your affiliate partner ID. That way when you share that URL either by hyperlinking text, embedding it into an image, or by simply sharing it, you get credit for any sale that happens because it’s linked to your account. The text links tool gives you specific URLs to different areas of Sears PartsDirect website that you can use to

Banners: Sears has customized great banners for you to utilize on your website for easy advertisement of their products/services. They offer these in many different dimensions with text and photos already put together in a visually pleasing manner. Each of these banners has the HTML code to use on your site that includes your affiliate ID so you get credit for any sales which happen from customers. Here’s an example of their banners below:

Datafeed: Here is where you’ll find all of the products that Sears PartsDirect sells. You can use this to get the custom links to specific products. I find this is best used when you are talking about specific parts that you need to complete a job. Linking to the exact product makes it easy for your customer to get to checkout.

Pros/Cons of Working With Sears PartsDirect


The Sears PartsDirect program is great, but it has both it’s ups and downs.

Whats good: There is so much potential for professionals who do appliance repairs today to make money both from the business that they do already and by sharing with others how they can repair things easily using the parts program. I also think that both the 4% commission and the fact that they use the well respected ShareSale program that they have all the makings for a success.

Whats not so good: Since this is specifically a parts replacement affiliate program, you can only really use it if you have experience and knowledge of the products and equipment that these parts are for. If you dont repair these products personally, you probably will not be able to use this program due to the lack of knowledge needed.

I know this isn’t my typical affiliate review type as this is tailor fit to a specific crowd, but I felt it had great potential in the right hands. Let me know if you know of any other one-off niche affiliate programs that you use which may not get in the spotlight today.

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