Snapfish In-Depth Review, How-To Use Features and Pros n Cons

When it comes to finding the best gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s day, New year, etc. we find ourselves unable to find that perfect gift for our loved ones. To make any occasion memorable, an outstanding gift can help a lot. You don’t need to give expensive or branded gifts to show your loved ones how much they matter to you but a unique and creative gift could just do the magic.

And what can be better than a personalized gift which a person can cherish forever? Yes, the personalized gifts are in trend nowadays and they look so cool and unique. You can create personalized mugs, photo books, canvas print, collage, personalized greeting cards, pillow covers, bags, apparels, etc.

But where can you get such gifts from? Well, you can get them just right on your doorstep. Yes, you can order personalized gifts on several websites. Snapfish also a popular service among the best photo gifts websites. You can create a lot of things on Snapfish and then order them. It contains a large variety of photo gifts including, photo books, mugs, mats, rugs, bags, apparel, pillows, greeting cards, wall decor, etc. which you can not only give as a gift but also use them for your home decoration.

Features Of Snapfish

Snapfish is one of the best photo services to go for whenever you need to get personalized gifts for someone, creating your family photo book, greeting personalized greeting cards, new years calendars and so on. It has a large variety of digital photo print services. Snapfish offers an easy to use and modern web interface. You can easily find the service you need from its menu options. Now let’s get to know what else it has to offer and the quality of its photobook and other things.

Home Decor

What I liked most about Snapfish is that it not only offers you the photo book options but some other great services too. And one of the thing which you can get from Snapfish is the creative home decors. It enables you to create a personalized wall decor, tabletop, decor, and collage decors. You can choose your own photo and select whether you want glass print, acrylic photo blocks, photo panels etc. for your tabletop. Or what kind of wall decor you would like to create for giving a personal touch to your walls and make them stand out. College decor is also a great option. Whether you want a large collage for your wall or a small tabletop, you can get them all from Snapfish.

Photo Gifts

What else can be a better gift option than a personalized photo gift? Now you would never have to complaint about not finding a perfect gift for your BFF, parents, siblings or anyone else. Snapfish offers you a wide range of photo gifts option. If you want to get a personalized coffee mug then go directly to Snapfish, choose the photo you want to print on it and order the mug. Other photo gifts provided by Snapfish are blankets, pillows, office gifts, bags, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, personalized floor mat, glass cutting board, notebooks, journals, valentine’s day card gift etc.


Need to create invitation cards for some occasion? Well, don’t worry, Snapfish has got you covered. Snapfish offers you to create invitation cards, holiday cards, thank you cards, occasion/special cards. It provides a variety of themes and templates for creating the cards as per your need. Along with the card templates, you can even change their color and also add your own photos to them.


For the new year, we all need a new calendar. And what can be even better than your own personalized calendars? Sounds great, isn’t it? Yea, Snapfish lets you create customized calendars. You can add different photos to every month. So, don’t wait and create your own calendar using Snapfish.

Photo Books

Photobooks are the main reason for the popularity of Snapfish. Snapfish lets you create photo books. Create photo books for any occasion. Whether it is an annual family photo books, anniversary photobook, birthday party photobook or travel photo book, you can create them all using Snapfish. You get a large number of templates for creating the photo books. So, choose the one that suits your theme and start creating the photo book.

Along with the templates, there are several options for the cover of the photo book you can choose. It lets you choose from hardcover, softcover, lay flat hardcover, premium lay flat cover, linen hardcover, and leather hardcover. Snapfish provides 20 pages included in the every photo book but if you want to add more additional pages then you need to pay extra charges for the same.

Edit Photos

Here is another one of the best features of Snapfish. It lets you edit your photos and for the same, it has included built-in photo editor. If you haven’t edited your photos, then don’t worry as you can do it while adding photos to your photo book or card etc. Manually edit your photos or apply the automatic editing feature which automatically removes the red-eye, color correct, rotates images, etc.

Uploading photos to Snapfish is pretty simple. You can upload the images from your device, Facebook, Instagram etc. So, even if you don’t have the required photo on your device then you can simply upload it from your social account. That’s very helpful feature.

Variety Of Sizes

Snapfish helps its users create cards, photo books, wall decor, etc. as per their wish, it lets them choose the sizes too. The users get to choose from a variety of sizes for different products. Create a photo book as small as 5″ x 7″ or as big as 11″x 14″. For the canvas prints, it offers up to 20 x 40 size. In short, you are getting a variety of sizes for the products on Snapfish.

Print Quality

Here comes the most important factor that will help you to decide whether you should use Snapfish or not. Quality of the prints matters the most. No doubt that everyone will want their cards, canvas print, photo books pages with a great quality.

Fortunately, the quality of Snapfish prints is quite good. You get crisp and clear images with great colors. The colors of the print look original in both glossy and matte prints. But in glossy prints, the colors look more vibrant. So, you don’t need to worry about the print quality of Snapfish photo books, cards etc.


Snapfish print cost is quite affordable. It offers you to print cards and photo books at cheaper prices than the other similar services. It costs $1.75 per card of size 5 x 7. But you can’t order a single card as it sells them at stock. You need to get minimum 20 cards. The photobook prices start from $12.99 for the softcover photo book with 20 pages. If you want to add more pages then it costs you $1.799 for 2 pages.

How To Use Snapfish

Using Snapfish for creating cards, photo books, calendars etc. you need to only follow few steps. To get started, you need to create an account on Snapfish which is totally free of cost. After that, simply choose the product that you are interested in. If you want to create a photo book, select the theme for the photobook, and them from the variety of templates, choose the one that best suits you. You need to select the size and the cover type of the photobook. After that simply upload your photos, edit them if needed and finally order your photobooks. As simple as that.

You can also choose whether you want the home delivery or pick up the product from its store. But before that, you need to check the availability of Snapfish store in your area.

Pros Of Snapfish

  • A wide range of photo gifts products available.
  • Variety of sizes available.
  • Thousands of templates, backgrounds, cliparts etc.
  • Fully editable photos and text placeholders.
  • Attractive designs for optional pages.

Cons Of Snapfish

  • Creating an account is necessary.

Final Words

No doubt Snapfish is among the best photobooks printing services. It has a modern and beautiful web interface. Not only this, but Snapfish also provides beautiful and high-quality print photo prints at lower prices. Using Snapfish is very easy. You also get a lot of templates, themes, sizes, cover options, backgrounds, clip arts etc. It’s a great choice when you want some beautiful things for the decoration of your home, giving personalized gifts, etc.

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