Unbound Merino Clothing Review

About Unbound Merino

About Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino is a Canada-based clothing brand, selling garments for both men and women made primarily from Merino wool. This brand is targeted towards those who are looking to minimize their wardrobe with high-quality pieces–we’re talking pieces that will stand not only the test of time but are adaptable to any environment. The brand is mostly targeted towards men, selling everything from button down shirts to underwear. For now, they offer simple women’s V-necks in basic black.

The following Unbound Merino clothing review will take a look at the unique reasons behind the creation of the brand and their most popular products, so you can make an informed decision on whether Merino clothing is right for you.

Overview of Unbound Merino

Overview of Unbound Merino

Unbound Merino originates in Toronto, Canada, where it was created by three life-long friends with a mission: to create a high-quality clothing line that would easily allow them to travel for weeks at a time, while carrying as little luggage as possible. This meant being able to pack just a few quality pieces without having to worry about getting them wet or dirty, and being easily adaptable to the changing weather.

Unbound Merino’s products are ethically sourced in Australia, with most being made in Hangzhou and Jiaxing, China. One exception is their classic Merino All Season Socks, made in Toronto, Canada.

Unbound Merino is truly unique in terms of its purpose and marketing strategy. Merino wool is typically used in higher quality sweaters, known as a soft and warm material. The creators of Unbound Merino realized that Merino wool could easily be used for a wide variety of products–and that the material can actually regulate your body temperature, rather than just keep it warm on a cold day.

Unbound Merino’s products do seem to be the ideal choice when it comes to backpacking or extended travel. Besides the material being breathable, Unbound Merino claims that their products do not retain odor, meaning they can potentially be worn for weeks without having to be washed. They are also marketed as quick drying and wrinkle resistant, which is great for being able to throw in a backpack.


  • Unbound Merino’s apparel is made using a high percentage of merino wool, making their items both high quality and long lasting
  • Clothing is soft and warm, yet breathable
  • Stays clean and fresh longer than the average apparel
  • Fast drying material
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Available in bundles/packs for savings on multiple items
  • Ships worldwide


  • Definitely expensive–the single most expensive item Unbound Merino sells is the Compact Travel Hoodie at $165; their most expensive bundle, the Ultimate Unbound Kit, rings in at $629 and contains 11 of their classic products
  • Unbound Merino’s women’s line currently only consists of a one pack or a two pack of their Black Merino V-Neck T-shirts
  • Sizing is a little limited, with XL being the largest size for women and Small being the smallest size for men
  • No free shipping regardless of how much spent

What is Unbound Merino Apparel Made Of?

What is Unbound Merino Apparel Made Of

Unbound Merino apparel contains 100% Unbound Merino wool. Unbound Merino’s wool is ethically sourced and comes from independent wool farms located in Australia. The Merino wool is humanely sheared from Merino sheep, meaning none are harmed in the making of the brand’s apparel.

The Merino Wool Crew Neck or V-Neck T-Shirts and the Long Sleeve Merino Crew are their only items that are made of 100% ultra-fine 17.5 micron Merino wool. Items such as Unbound Merino’s Classic Button-Down are made from 54% premium Merino wool and 46% organic cotton, while their Merino All-Season Crew or Ankle Socks are made from a blend of 64% Merino Wool, 20% Nylon and 6% Lycra Spandex.

Unbound Merino Hoodie Review

Unbound Merino Hoodie

The Compact Travel Hoodie by Unbound Merino is designed to be the only hoodie you’ll ever need (and hopefully it will be at $165!). This hoodie is available in sizes Small to XXL and comes in a sleek and classic black that can easily be dressed up or down.

This Unbound Merino hoodie includes all of the features and benefits that come with a garment made primarily out of Unbound Merino wool (this hoodie is 97% ultra-fine Merino wool and 3% elastane). The Compact Travel Hoodie boasts these features:

  • Resistance to the natural odor that comes along with regular wear of clothing
  • Fast drying/moisture wicking
  • Incredibly soft material
  • Breathable and temperature regulating

This high-quality hoodie also includes a black inverted zipper with a black pull tab as well as seamless pockets, adding to its overall sleek appearance. This Unbound Merino hoodie pairs well with virtually anything, and can add a polished, slightly dressed up look to jeans.

Unbound Merino T-Shirts Review

Unbound Merino T-Shirts

Unbound Merino spends a large portion of its marketing space advertising their Merino Wool V-Neck T-Shirts. Unbound Merino t-shirts seem to be their most popular item, as well as the only item that comes in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Men’s Line

Men’s Line

The men’s Merino Wool V-Neck and Crew Neck T-Shirts ring in at $65 each and come in the same 7 colours: Light Forest Green, Black, Navy Blue, Heather Grey, Natural White, Heather Red and Charcoal. The men’s sizes range from Small to XXL.

Unbound Merino’s t-shirts are some of their only products that are 100% ultra-fine Merino wool, which makes them incredibly soft and ultra high-quality. Later on in this Unbound Merino clothing review, you’ll hear what customers have to say about them.

Unbound Merino t-shirts for men are marketed as being perfect for virtually any occasion – whether that be a dressed up night out, a casual day out in the sun, or to wear under a blazer at the office. At $65 a shirt, we think this is a fair expectation to make!

If you wish to score a deal on these t-shirts by buying them in bulk, there are a few options available. You can get a customized 3-pack of Merino Wool T-Shirts for $180, giving you the option of picking a V-Neck or Crew Neck for each three, plus the individual size and colours.

This customized t-shirt option is also available in the 1-Pack Bundle, the 2-Pack Bundle and the 3-Pack Bundle, as well as the Ultimate Unbound Kit and the Getaway Pack.

Women’s Line

Unfortunately, there is much less to say when it comes to the women’s line of the very same t-shirts. Unbound Merino’s women’s line only consists of the Women’s Black Merino V-Neck T. That’s right – for women, this t-shirt only comes in black and it only comes in V-neck. The sizes run from XS to XL (though all but XS is currently out of stock on the company’s website). Just like the men’s option, this t-shirt goes for $65.

When researching for this Unbound Merino clothing review, I discovered that Unbound Merino was intending to have their women’s line available for 2018. However, they continue to only offer the one product for purchase.

Having said this, if Unbound Merino was going to start with only one product in their women’s line, this was definitely the correct way to go. This go-to look and style can truly be worn with anything—it can easily be paired both with a pair of jeans, or not look out of place underneath a blazer.

The Women’s Black Merino V-Neck T also comes in a pack of two for $115. If you’re reading this Unbound Merino clothing review, thinking you’d like more than one of this timeless basic, this is a pretty good deal by Merino’s standards.

Unbound Merino Clothing Review: What Do Customers Think?

Unbound Merino Clothing Review: What Do Customers Think

Unbound Merino surprisingly does not have any customer reviews on their website. I was able to find a few reviews online that outlined what customers generally think of their products.

Overall, it is agreed that Unbound Merino’s products live up to their expectations–they do not retain odour, even on hot days where you’re sweating it out in the sun. They are also high quality, durable and moisture wicking – seriously, moisture just seems to roll up and fall right off of their t-shirts.

In writing this Unbound Merino clothing review, a couple of negatives associated with the t-shirts came up. These downsides are voiced by those who either do not wish to wear the same garment every day, or who do not wish to spend $65 on a single t-shirt. Other than that, if you don’t mind splurging, there seems to be no real issues with these products.

Unbound Merino Promotions & Discounts

Unbound Merino Promotions & Discounts

Looking for Unbound Merino discount codes? Unfortunately, so are we. When conducting this Unbound Merino clothing review, promotion and discount codes seemed incredibly sparse. This is the only Unbound Merino discount code we could find that’s currently available.



Where to Buy Unbound Merino

It should be noted in this Unbound Merino review, that the brand has no retail locations. Products can only be purchased off their website unboundmerino.com or through their Indiegogo In-demand campaign.

Shipping Policy

Unbound Merino does ship worldwide, but the exact cost varies.

Due to the fact that Unbound Merino’s headquarters are in Toronto, Canada, shipping to Canada will generally cost you $9 or less.

Shipping to the United States or beyond will run you a minimum of $18.

Return Policy

Unbound Merino’s apparel is able to be returned. We’ve summed up their return policy below:

  • Clothing must have been purchased directly from Unbound Merino’s website
  • Apparel must not have been worn and it must be unwashed and in its original condition – this means tags still attached, etc.
  • A full refund or exchange will be offered if these criteria are met, as long as it is received within 90 days from the shipping date
  • All socks and underwear are final sale
  • Return shipping must be paid for by the customer
  • A Return Slip must be completed and sent back with the order. The Return Slip will have been included with the order but can also be printed directly from Unbound Merino’s website

Contact Unbound Merino

Contact Unbound Merino

Looking to Contact Unbound Merino? Unfortunately, there aren’t a whole lot of options in order to do this. Unbound Merino has a contact forum that can be filled out on their website, as well as an option to contact them through their Facebook messenger. You can find these two options here:

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