Walgreens Review: Deliveries, Medicine Refills, & More

About Walgreens


Walgreens is an American company that operates the second-largest pharmacy chain in the country. Founded by Charles Rudolph Walgreen, the store has a long history of providing prescription medications, convenience store items, photo printing, and on-site vaccinations. Recently, the chain started offering COVID-19 testing at select locations.

The Walgreens smartphone Walgreenslication for Android and iPhone allows you to manage your prescriptions on the fly. You can refill your orders by scanning your barcode, track medication status, and even get free prescription assistance through its 24/7 pharmacy expert live chat.

Outside of that, Walgreens cardholders can use the Walgreens to enjoy access to exclusive deals and coupons. You can make pick-up orders through the Walgreens, earn rewards for purchases, and use the Walgreens to find the nearest physical store in your vicinity.

You can also use the Walgreens to select photos for same-day printing and pick-up. It can also be used to make vaccine ointments as well as schedule a COVID-19 test at a nearby location. Here’s everything you need to know about the Walgreens for all of your pharmaceutical and convenience store needs.

Smartphones haven’t just made it much easier for us to communicate with friends and scroll through pictures of cute dogs – it’s also made it easier to manage your health with access to your prescriptions and medication refills on-demand.

Major pharmacies like Rite Aid and CVS have their own smartphone Walgreenss, and Walgreens is no different. But outside of the brick-and-mortar store, does the Walgreens function as it should? And is it better than similar alternatives?

Overview of Walgreens


Walgreens Boots Alliance (Nasdaq: WBA) is an integrated healthcare, pharmacy and retail leader serving millions of customers and patients every day, with a 170-year heritage of caring for communities.

A trusted, global innovator in retail pharmacy with approximately 13,000 locations across the U.S., Europe and Latin America, WBA plays a critical role in the healthcare ecosystem. The company is reimagining local healthcare and well-being for all as part of its purpose – to create more joyful lives through better health. Through dispensing medicines, improving access to a wide range of health services, providing high quality health and beauty products and offering anytime, anywhere convenience across its digital platforms, WBA is shaping the future of healthcare.

WBA has more than 315,000 team members and a presence in nine countries through its portfolio of consumer brands: Walgreens, Boots, Duane Reade, the No7 Beauty Company, Benavides in Mexico and Ahumada in Chile. Additionally, WBA has a portfolio of healthcare-focused investments located in several countries, including China and the U.S.

  • The app is well organized, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.
  • It’s very convenient, especially when it comes to managing prescriptions or checking coupons.
  • Walgreens rewards members can get extra coupons and deals you can’t find anywhere else.
  • Refilling prescriptions is a breeze thanks to the app’s barcode scanning feature.
  • The photos feature is glitchy and unreliable. It’s more of a hassle to use the app than it is to just go into a Walgreens and use one of the photo kiosks.
  • Prescription refills are sometimes undependable. Specifically, there seems to be a lot of miscommunication between pharmacists and primary care doctors.
  • Scheduling vaccinations is a time-consuming hassle that also doesn’t feel very user-friendly.

Those are some tough pills to swallow. But let’s dive in and break apart all of the good and bad so you can have a better idea as far as whether or not this app deserves to take up memory on your phone. The company is proud of its contributions to healthy communities, a healthy planet, an inclusive workplace and a sustainable marketplace. WBA has been recognized for its commitment to operating sustainably: it is an index component of the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and was named to the 100 Best Corporate Citizens 2021.

Walgreens Review

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Walgreens Review: Contact Lenses


Being able to see clearly greatly improves your quality of life. When your vision is properly corrected, you can see better to drive, watch a movie, participate in meetings and perform many other activities. Contact lenses allow you to enjoy the benefits of clear vision without having to wear prescription eyeglasses and can simplify vision correction. Walgreens makes purchasing and re-ordering contacts easier than ever with a wide selection of lenses that can be shipped to your home.

Contact lenses offer numerous benefits for those who are in need of vision correction. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses will not fog up due to changes in temperature, and they will not become smudged or smeared during the day. With contact lenses, you can wear sunglasses, protective eyewear and 3D movie glasses more comfortably, and your appearance won’t be changed by wearing the lenses. In addition, contact lenses fully cover the eye, so that your vision is enhanced no matter which direction you look – a benefit that eyeglasses cannot provide.

Contact lenses come in a wide variety of types, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Lenses come in two main varieties: daily wear or vial contacts that you continue to use day-in and day-out and disposable lenses that you wear for a specific period of time before throwing them away and using a new pair. There are a number of specialty types of contacts that are ideal for certain individuals. Color lenses change the color of the eyes while correcting vision, while toric lenses are made for people with an eye condition called astigmatism, which affects the way the eye focuses. Multifocal lenses improve both near and distant vision and are suitable for individuals who require bifocal eyeglasses.

Once you have a prescription from your optometrist, you can easily purchase your contacts from Walgreens and have them shipped to your home. Start by finding the brand and style of lens that your doctor recommended. You can use the links at the left-hand side to make your search easier.

Walgreens Review: Easter


Walgreens carries a variety of Easter baskets to suit your family’s preferences. Pick out a shimmery bamboo basket for added flair, choose a soft and bright felt basket, or select your little one’s favorite animal or character for a plush animal basket. We also sell plastic Easter baskets for a more classic touch.

Walgreens carries a variety of Easter baskets to suit your family’s preferences. Pick out a shimmery bamboo basket for added flair, choose a soft and bright felt basket, or select your little one’s favorite animal or character for a plush animal basket. We also sell plastic Easter baskets for a more classic touch. Yes, you can find all the Easter basket stuffers you need at Walgreens. From stuffed animals to games and coloring books, you’ll find something fun for everyone this Easter.

Otherwise, order will be ready the following business day. Customer will be notified via email when order is ready for pickup and will be provided instructions for a drive-up experience that complies with social distancing guidelines. Orders are not guaranteed to be ready within the 30-minute time window and may be subject to change or substitution depending on product availability at the time order is placed.

Walgreens sells a large assortment of all your favorite Easter candy and chocolate, including Peeps marshmallows, Cadbury eggs, jelly beans, Hershey’s chocolate, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and much more. Yes. You can find Easter baskets to fill with goodies for everyone in your family at your local Walgreens store. We also offer premade Easter gift baskets online and at select Walgreens stores.

Walgreens Review: Personal Care Products


Great hair days don’t happen on their own. To keep your hair looking its best, you need to care for it properly with the right hair care routine. At Walgreens, we have everything you need to cleanse, condition, style and treat your hair, so countless good hair days are ahead.

Even if you wash and condition on a regular basis, your hair may not be easy to style and hold in place. Fortunately, styling products can improve manageability, making it easier to create all types of hairstyles.

Add texture with pomade, wax and other texturizers or increase body and bounce with mousse and volumizing sprays.
Gels make it easier to sculpt and shape and you can count on serums to smooth away frizz in a flash.
Finish things off with hairspray to secure every strand.

If hair and scalp concerns are getting in the way of you feeling and looking your best, you can discover products to address your issues in our selection of hair care products. Hair regrowth and thickening treatments, shampoos, styling products and supplements are formulated to address hair loss and thinning, helping to encourage healthy growth with over-the-counter medicinal, cosmeceutical and natural ingredients. You’ll also find products for strengthening damaged hair, soothing itchy scalp, hydrating dry hair, and reducing breakage and split ends.

When it comes time to replace or upgrade the tools, accessories and appliances that you rely on to help you style, Walgreens is the place to shop. Choose from brushes and combs to help tame, detangle and style hair of all lengths, types and thicknesses and a wide range of elastics, clips, pins and bands for adding flair to hairstyles. You’ll also find hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons and hot rollers for all hair types and all types of styling.

You don’t have to head to the salon to cover gray or change your hair color. We have hair color kits that allow you to color at home. With everything from temporary spray-on color to permanent dye, we carry a range of options. You’ll even find natural kits that use plant extracts rather than synthetic ingredients to produce beautiful results.

Walgreens Review: Home Health Care Solutions


A caregiver is anyone who is actively engaged in providing care to another person in need, such as an aging parent or an ill spouse. While caregivers can be paid professionals, most are family members or friends who provide care to their loved one. Caregiving is a demanding job that most of us will face at some point in our lives. According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, each year approximately 44 million Americans provide 37 billion hours of unpaid “informal” care for adult loved ones with chronic illnesses or conditions that make it difficult to handle daily activities.

Taking care of a loved one at home involves assisting them with tasks that they can no longer handle on their own, such as bathing, dressing, mobility, preparing meals, managing medication and more. It also means making the home a less hazardous environment. You might make simple fixes for fall prevention, such as removing throw rugs, or install daily living aids such as grab bars and handrails. Depending on your loved one’s changing needs over time, you may need extra assistance and expertise. Consider reaching out to professionals, such as occupational therapists and geriatric care managers, to assess the home and make recommendations.

In addition to selling a wide range of home health care products, Walgreens offers a variety of convenient services that can help caregivers manage their loved one’s health and wellness. These include Find Care, a digital platform that can connect you to doctors, therapists, dermatologists and other health care providers within minutes; flu shots and immunizations; Pharmacy Chat; Save a Trip Refills and Family Prescriptions. On Walgreens.com, caregivers can find useful information about pain management, diabetes, oncology and more.

There are a wide variety of products that help you provide essential care for a loved one. These include walkers and rollators, bathroom safety products, canes and crutches, lift chairs, incontinence protection, daily living aids, pain relief and management and more.

Walgreens Review: Pet Products


You want to ensure that your furry family members have everything they need to lead a happy, healthy life, but that doesn’t mean that you can afford to spend time shopping all over for the essentials they require. Fortunately, Walgreens can help you stock up on essentials for your pet with our exclusive PetShoppe products.

All PetShoppe products are made to be safe and effective solutions for your pet care needs. There are two main lines of pet supplies offered in this product selection: PetShoppe and PetShoppe Premium. Our PetShoppe products are a cost-effective option that rivals the features of similarly priced cat supplies and dog supplies sold elsewhere. With our PetShoppe Premium products, your pet gets the benefits of carefully chosen premium ingredients. Plus, all PetShoppe Premium products are manufactured in the USA for unparalleled quality.

Get your pet’s mouth watering with tasty PetShoppe treats. The product selection includes a diverse assortment of bones, sticks, jerky, biscuits, tenders, twists and other treats that dogs crave. Rewarding your pooch with treats can help make training easier by providing positive reinforcement when they obey a command.

Your pets are as cute as can be, but the messes they make aren’t quite so adorable. PetShoppe waste management products can help you keep things clean and tidy with greater ease. Puppy pads lock away liquid and solid waste when your pet has an accident, protecting your floors. Pet waste bags let you gather solid waste in your yard, at the park and on the go. You can also find cat litter scoopers that make it easy to clean the litter box.

You don’t need to schedule an appointment with a groomer to ensure that your pet looks their best. PetShoppe grooming products allow you to perform many common grooming tasks at home. From solutions for removing mats and tangles from their coat to tools for trimming their nails, you can find a wide range of products to fit your needs. There are even products to help you remove dust, dander, mud and other debris from your dog or cat.

Walgreens Review: Grocery Products



Who says you have to brave the busy grocery store aisles to purchase the foods your family loves to eat? At Walgreens, you can purchase more than just health and beauty products. In our stores, you’ll find a large selection of groceries for stocking your fridge and pantry. We even stock our shelves and cold cases with fresh and ready to eat foods. You can stop into your local Walgreens to see what’s new. To find out what’s available at your nearest store right now, explore our online listing of popular fresh and ready to eat grocery items.

When you don’t have time to prepare a meal or snack, head to Walgreens for delicious foods that are ready to eat. We carry packaged snacks like dip packs that you can open and enjoy on the go. You’ll also find entrees and sides that you can pop in the microwave and eat right away. Our ready to eat food selection also includes cheese, hummus and other favorites. Even decadent desserts are available to pick up and serve.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that are vital to health and well-being, and Walgreens can help you stock up on these nutritious foods for your family. In our stores, you’ll find an assortment of fruits like apples, oranges and bananas that can be used in recipes or washed and enjoyed as a snack or side. Our selection of fresh foods also includes vegetables that are chopped, minced or sliced for easy meal prep or snacking. Salad mixes make it simple to prepare a healthy side for your family to share or a meal for one person.

You don’t have to head to your local bakery to purchase the baked goods your family craves. We offer a number of staples at Walgreens locations. Our assortment of fresh and ready to eat foods includes loaves of bread and buns for hamburgers, sandwiches and hot dogs.

Walgreens Review: Vaccinations and COVID-19 Testing


Select Walgreens stores serve as vaccination clinics, as well as COVID-19 testing sites. This means you can get your COVID-19 boosters, flu shots, or other required immunizations often at no cost with insurance.

The app allows you to schedule your appointments all in one place. While it’s convenient to be able to use the app for these features, be prepared for a time-consuming process that might not even work as intended. We tried to sign up for our COVID-19 booster through the app. You’ll be asked a large number of questions as far as your current health status, health history, and insurance information. While this is standard, the application was glitchy and hard to work with.

Text fields were often unresponsive, and when we tried to take a photo of our insurance card, it didn’t work the first time around. We needed to refresh the page, which forced us to restart the form from the beginning.

Once we finally submitted the form, we were met with a blank screen. We did eventually receive a confirmation email, but the blank screen was not very intuitive and made us feel like we hadn’t actually scheduled our vaccine. With all of that said, it wasn’t completely agonizing. You’re able to register for multiple vaccines at the same time, so we signed up for a flu shot simultaneously. This is a convenient way to feed two birds with one scone.

As far as COVID-19 testing, the app works a little bit better. This might be because there are fewer questions and required documents for receiving a test, but overall we were able to schedule a drive-up testing appointment with relative ease.

Who Is Walgreens For?


The Walgreens app is great for anyone who has a number of prescriptions that they have to manage or consistently refill. If you use Walgreens as your primary pharmacy, it’s also useful because it makes receiving new prescriptions a breeze.The Walgreens app gives you access to much of the physical store’s features all at your fingertips. Its main draw is that you can refill prescriptions and talk to pharmacists all within the app without ever needing to make a phone call or enter the store itself.

This app is also useful for anyone who is looking to save money through coupons or rewards whenever they shop at a Walgreens store. Even if you don’t frequently shop at Walgreens, the app is free and you might be able to save a few bucks if you need to stop in for some necessities.

Walgreens Reviews: What Do Customers Think?


I had been at Walgreens for months, recently had got sick and had to have surgery done, they told me it would be excused and for me to keep them up to date with everything! I did as they told me to and the day before I was supposed to return back to work I got a phone call saying I was fired, keep in mind I turned in doctor excuses and EVERYTHING, left several voicemails with my function lead that rarely returned my phone calls. Had I known I was going to get fired for having surgery I wouldn’t have just went ahead and quit!

Restrictions apply. Buy 1 get 1 offers valid on select items of equal or lesser price (must add 2 eligible items to cart to receive discount). Offers available at Walgreens.com with the purchase of eligible products. Void where prohibited by law. Orders must be placed by 11:59 PM Central Time on 04/02/2022 to qualify. Timing is determined by Walgreens server clock. Offers do not apply to bulk orders, back-ordered items, and out of stock items. Not redeemable for cash or transferable, and void where prohibited. Walgreens reserves the right to make changes to or discontinue any offer at any time.

Valid in store only. myWalgreens membership required for rewards. Rewards valid for two weeks from date of purchase. Rewards valid with spend on select Walgreens brand products. Purchase requirements must be met in a single transaction, before taxes and after discounts, store credit and redemption dollars have been applied. Excludes products with pseudoephedrine.

For Walgreens store locations that are not open 24 hours, orders must be placed at least one hour prior to store closing in order to be eligible. Otherwise, order will be ready the following business day. Customer will be notified via email when order is ready for pickup and will be provided instructions for a drive-up experience that complies with social distancing guidelines. Orders are not guaranteed to be ready within the 30–minute time window and may be subject to change or substitution depending on product availability at the time order is placed.

Is Walgreens Worth It?


One of the more helpful and convenient features of the app is that you can refill an empty prescription by just snapping a photo of the barcode on the side of your bottle or box. This feature worked well for us, and we were able to put in a refill to get shipped directly to our selected pharmacy within just two days.

With that said, many people have complained that the time between requesting a refill and actually getting one is a little frustrating. This is because pharmacists will call your primary care physician to ensure that you’re able to get a refill. It seems like there may be a delay in most cases where pharmacists take a while to accomplish this task.

While that’s less of a critique of the app itself, it is still something to note, as the software system within the application may be the reason that pharmacists have such difficulty being able to contact your physician.

Another nice feature as far as prescriptions go is that you can live chat with a pharmacist expert 24/7 to ask questions about your medications, or even just general health advice. We used it to ask if we could take two different medications at the same time. They were friendly and responsive while also getting straight to the point.

Finally, the Walgreens app lets you set medication reminders so that you don’t miss your medication doses. It will send you push notifications at given times of day so that you reduce the risk of forgetting to take your medication. While you can do this with the pre-installed calendar app on your phone, it’s nice to have the option here.

Walgreens Promotions & Discounts


Perhaps the saving grace of the Walgreens app is its access to exclusive deals and promo rewards. Before you shop at a store, you can use the app to see certain digital coupons that you can “clip” and then scan at checkout. The search feature lets you look up specific items that you need so you can see if there is a specific coupon related to that item.

One of our favorite features is that you can scan product barcodes while you’re shopping in-store to see if there are any current deals. We scanned a pack of deodorant and found that they were offering a buy one get one free with a coupon. It’s a super convenient feature that makes it a lot easier to save.

You also earn points for shopping at Walgreens that you can later use on your purchases. We’ve been using the Walgreens app for quite some time, and after a few months of regular spending for necessities and prescriptions, we had over $6 in cashback rewards that we were able to use on a new purchase. It might not seem like much, but it was a nice surprise when we basically got a few packs of gum for free.

Discount valid until 12/31/22. Some restrictions apply. Discount valid only for in-store purchases of eligible Walgreens branded health and wellness products by current members eligible for the discount program. Discount cannot be used online. Walgreens can discontinue program at their discretion. Walgreens branded health and wellness products include the following categories: acne, allergy, blood pressure and diagnostics, children’s medications, cough/cold relief, dental, diabetes, diet aids and supplements, digestive health and nausea, ear care, elastic wraps and braces, eye care, family planning, feminine hygiene, first aid, foot care, hair care, hand sanitizer, healthcare appliances, hearing aid batteries, home healthcare solutions, humidifiers, incontinence, ointments, pain relief, reader glasses, sanitary, sleep aids, smoking cessation, sun care, vaporizers and vitamins & supplements. Excludes photo orders, prescriptions, tobacco, dairy, alcohol, liquor departments, phone/prepaid/gift cards, money orders/transfers, transportation passes, lottery tickets, charitable donations, pseudoephedrine or ephedrine products, newspapers, magazines, stamps, home medical equipment and durable medical equipment products, pharmacy items and services, Prescriptions Savings Club membership fee, and items or services submitted to insurance for reimbursement or where otherwise limited by law.

Where to Buy Walgreens


Use the toolbar at the top of every Walgreens.com page to select and browse a product category. For prescription orders, click on the Pharmacy & Health tab at the top of any page under the Walgreens logo.

Walgreens reserves the right to set quantity-per-order limits on any and all items sold on Walgreens.com. Our current quantity limit for most Walgreens.com items is 30. This limit is to prevent excessively large orders that could deplete our inventory and inconvenience other customers wanting to order the same item. Walgreens may also limit the item quantity available to any single person or household over a given period of time. These restrictions may be applied to orders using the same credit card, billing address, or shipping address.

Yes. A Pre-Order button appears next to the products that qualify. Select Pre-Order and the item will be placed in your shopping cart. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the item to you. To pre-order multiple items, please place a separate order for each one. They will be shipped separately. The estimated release date (when the product will be available for sale) is listed below the Pre-Order button on the product page.

Pre-orders cannot be added to a regular online order due to the future release date of the pre-order product. As soon as your pre-order ships, we will send an email to let you know it’s on its way. Each pre-order will ship separately. Standard shipping charges apply to pre-orders. See Shipping for details.

Frequently Asked Questions Walgreens



What is Walgreens?

Walgreens is a one-of-a-kind personalized experience that makes saving, shopping and your well-being easier. Designed for the one and only you.

How do I sign up for myWalgreens?

You can join myWalgreens by signing up at myWalgreens.com, in the Walgreens App, or in our stores at checkout. It’s free, fast and easy!

Do I earn rewards on prescriptions?

You earn 1% Walgreens Cash rewards on the amount you spend out of pocket in our stores, including the amount you spend for a prescription. A prescription with a $0 copay won’t earn Walgreens Cash rewards because you didn’t pay anything out of pocket for the prescription.

What is Walgreens Shipping Policy?

Track your product order here or follow the link in the email you receive when your order ships. You can also call Customer Care toll-free at 1-877-250-5823.

  • Ordered: This means we’ve received your order, and we’re getting your product or products ready to ship.
  • Shipped or in transit: Your order is on its way.
  • Delivered: Your order has arrived at its destination.
  • Out of stock: The product or products you ordered are no longer available.

They won’t be backordered, but you can place a new order when the item is available again. Delivery confirmation is not available for APO/FPO/DPO orders that are delivered by the military mail service, and package tracking is not available once the package is handed off to the military mail service.

What is Walgreens Return Policy?

Most products purchased from Walgreens.com may be returned either to a store or by mail within 30 days of purchase date and must be accompanied by the original receipt included with the shipment. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed on all Walgreens brand products! If you are not completely satisfied, return the unused portion and we will refund the full price, including shipping. Store Pickup orders can only be returned to a store. Any store pickup orders returned by mail will not be refunded.

If you wish to return an item classified as Hazmat, contact customer care at (877)250-5823 for return shipping instructions. Do not ship an item classified as Shipping-Restricted using the return shipping label.

This policy does not apply to prescriptions or contact lenses see Returns: Pharmacy and Returns: Contact Lenses for more information.

Eligible Items purchased at Walgreens may be returned to any of our stores within 30 days of purchase for exchange or refund. With original receipt, eligible items will be returned for the full purchase price and refunds will be issued in the original method of payment. Without original receipt, eligible items will be returned at the lowest advertised price and refunds will be issued as store credit to a W card.5

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