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About Life Extension

Life Extension

Accomplish your objectives with the best wholesome items that science can offer. Turn into a specialist in your body’s exceptional necessities by getting to momentous data about the study of wellbeing, right readily available. Got questions? You can converse with our specialists — specialists, nutritionists, medical attendants — even find out precisely very thing your body needs with our blood testing administrations.

We vow to assist you with arriving at your health objectives. We’ll be with you constantly with recipes that do what we say they do, client assistance that tunes in, and specialists to direct you en route. Figure out more about our persevering through vow to you.

We are focused on tracking down better approaches to enable you to carry on with a better, more extravagant life. Figure out how a hunger for logical advancement drives all that we do. From multivitamins to high-power nutrient D3, our details accomplish more than only location least dietary prerequisites. For sure, they frequently surpass Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) in light of the fact that they’re founded on research that is uncovered what our bodies need for ideal wellbeing.

How would you characterize a quality wholesome enhancement? It must be viable — or, basically, the recipe simply needs to work. That is the reason we base our items off the most recent exploration, yet we likewise test them ourselves through clinical preliminaries.

Overview of Life Extension

Life Extension

Life Extension has always been on the cutting edge of science, breaking through boundaries of the expected to unveil longer and healthier lives for others. Many of the supplements we see on the market today were formulated by Life Extension’s scientific team. Finding new pieces of the puzzle for human health becomes even more essential when most Americans have a vitamin deficiency.

But cutting edge doesn’t always mean “best for you.” We tested Life Extension to see exactly what it is – and isn’t – good for, so you can decide if Life Extension is right for your vitamin and supplement needs.

For more than 40 years, we’ve been motivated by the belief that there’s a healthier life available to us all, if we seek it. This is what inspires us to keep pushing the limits of nutritional science. From introducing a new standard of protocols for blood screening to our industry-first recommendation of low-dose aspirin for heart health, working for a healthier tomorrow is hardwired into our DNA.


  • Always extremely scientific with minimal jargon.
  • Ranked number one in multivitamins, omega-3 EHAs, and overall catalogs for years.
  • Friendly customer support with long hours and a separate line for 24/7 calls to specialists.
  • Only sells their brand to guarantee uniformly high-quality products.
  • Sign up for Autoship and get free shipping
  • Save 10% or more on select sale supplements


  • History of grandiose, inaccurate claims of their supplements treating or curing diseases.
  • Lab testing experience is less gratifying than other providers.
  • Relatively limited catalog of supplements and accessories compared to competitors.
  • Can get expensive per pill and for some lab tests.

How we evaluated Life Extension

Life Extension

Why you can trust our review

Life Extension

Throughout recent many years, Innerbody Research has assisted huge number of perusers with preferring you pursue more educated choices to carry on with better lives. We broadly test every wellbeing administration we survey.

Our group has gone through more than 147 hours testing and investigating Life Extension and its nearby rivals to provide you with a fair investigation of your wellbeing supplement choices, liberated from promoting language or contrivances. Through an exhaustive and purposeful way to deal with each item we experience, we assess administrations in view of adherence to quality, the most recent clinical proof and wellbeing principles, and a basic inquiry: could we purchase the item or administration ourselves in the event that it weren’t an aspect of our responsibilities, and could we prescribe it to loved ones?

Furthermore, this audit of Life Extension, similar to all wellbeing related content on this site, was completely screened by at least one individuals from our Medical Review Board for precision.

What is Life Extension?

Life Extension

Initially established as the Florida Cryonics Association in 1977 by a science writer and an undertaker turned-finance manager, Life Extension (renamed in 1980) started as an association committed to expanding the human life expectancy. In any case, in later years, the association has parted into equal parts:

The Life Extension Foundation, which investigates enhancements and wellbeing advancements
The Life Extension Buyer’s Club, which sells nutrients, supplements, lab tests, and that’s just the beginning

All through this article, we’ll allude to the Life Extension Buyer’s Club as Life Extension, as that is the piece of the association open for us as customers.

Life Extension brags a ton firsts in item improvement, for example, presenting:

  • DHEA (1981)
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10, 1983)
  • Melatonin (1992)
  • PQQ (an enhancement that advances the development of new mitochondria, 2010)

They additionally have concentrated on numerous new utilizations of known supplements, including:

  • Day to day utilization of low-portion headache medicine for vascular sickness anticipation
  • Effective and orally-ingested cell reinforcements for maturing skin
  • Olive natural product polyphenols for expanding valuable HDL
  • Independent lithium for sound cerebrum maturing and life span

Obviously, with such a solid eye for item improvement, Life Extension offers lots of enhancements. They hold every one of their items to an elevated requirement, testing and retesting on various occasions. They are straightforward about their logical cycles and wellbeing and security conventions, to the point that you can call their client care line to get data on the Certificate of Analysis for any item you need. While their fixings are obtained worldwide, practically their items are all produced in the United States.

They likewise are a favored brand of the outsider testing association has evaluated Life Extension number one with their first class grant in three separate classes (omega-3 EPA items, web index, and multivitamins) for five, six, and eight years separately.

Who could benefit from using Life Extension?

Life Extension

Anybody presently taking an enhancement or searching for another brand with magnificent client care areas of strength for and may find that Life Extension fills their enhancement needs. With their vigorously logical concentration, the individuals who are generally doubtful of enhancements (in light of fixings or absence of required testing) could likewise find their concerns calmed by Life Extension’s direct strategies and detail-weighty pages. It’s not difficult to go down lengthy, winding streets perusing Life Extension’s different pages.

Regardless of being so logical, Life Extension sets aside some margin to separate their science completely and with insignificant language. Obviously this association was established to some degree by a science writer.

Likewise with all enhancements, in the event that you’re taking any prescriptions or have any ailments, talk with your PCP prior to starting another enhancement. There are heaps of communications among enhancements and drugs, some of which can be deadly. Vitamin K can diminish the viability of blood thinners, for instance, and kava can cause liver harm. Supplements are not substitutes for regular prescriptions, as they can’t fix, analyze, forestall, or in any case treat sicknesses.

Lab tests are just accessible in the mainland United States (with the exception of Maryland) and Anchorage, Alaska. Assuming you live in New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts, you should go through your favored clinical supplier’s blood-trying lab as opposed to LabCorp.

Life Extension’s catalog

Life Extension



Beside supplemental nutrients and minerals, Life Extension offers a restricted index of consumable items. These are explicitly from the Life Extension brand and spotlight substantially more on potential medical advantages than other enhancement organizations that additionally sell diet items. These include:

  • Espresso (ground, entire bean, and entire bean decaf)
  • Spearmint home grown tea
  • Health bars (chocolate brownie and treat batter flavors)
  • California Estate natural additional virgin olive oil
  • Protein disconnect (vanilla and cocoa flavors)
  • Protein concentrate (vanilla and cocoa flavors)
  • High level whey protein (vanilla flavor)

In the event that you’re searching for enhancements to add to your weight reduction or athletic routine, Life Extension likewise has nine different eating regimen and weight reduction supplements. Generally, these are supplements that advance satiety, decline hunger, and empower the breakdown of put away fat with for the most part experimentally demonstrated fixings. There are no items with well known except for doubtful fixings.

Personal care

Life Extension


Life Extension

Life Extension Magazine

Life Extension offers a month to month magazine that you can buy into through their site. This magazine is intended to stay up with the latest like a blog, giving data about natural food and wellness close by their standard science-weighty data. They list logical review results pertinent to their administrations from the previous month and inventive therapy conventions and clinical discoveries. Every magazine is around 100 pages in length and is open both in printed copy and PDF.

In the event that it’s your most memorable time looking at the LE Magazine, you can get the most recent issue free of charge without a membership. You can either arrange this to your home as an actual duplicate or download it as a PDF. Thusly, there will never be any expense to peruse the magazine. Simply make certain to save it consistently so you can keep awake to date.

Disease Prevention and Treatment

Life Extension

Life Extension in a real sense composed the book on utilizing nutrients and enhancements to work on your wellbeing. First sent off in 1997, Disease Prevention and Treatment is currently in its 6th release and is made online available for purchase. It is one of the most extensive reading material that anyone could hope to find for illness treatment and the board. A printed version of the latest release costs $59.95 through Life Extension’s site yet can be found for considerably less somewhere else.

This course book is enormous, with north of 1,600 pages on exceptional techniques and imaginative ways to deal with further developing wellbeing and illness results. The book guarantees that methods utilizing their enhancements can fix infections like malignant growth, coronary illness, joint pain, and neurological problems, inferring that this data is stowed away from the standard. They back up a large number of their 131 treatment conventions with logical investigations and expect to have the most exhaustive and late manual for self-security.

In any case, Disease Prevention and Treatment has additionally run into certain issues with the FDA. In their 2017 letter to Life Extension, the FDA makes reference to that the book recommends cerebrum growths can be relieved with explicit Life Extension diet and wholesome enhancements (close by the clinical oncology standard of care). This expectation of treatability is by all accounts a pattern among care ideas in the book.

Remember that all cases of treating, restoring, moderating, or forestalling infection with supplements can’t be confirmed on the grounds that we couldn’t yet have the evident logical information to say whether it’s valid, notwithstanding the logical investigations they influence. Assuming that you have worries about unambiguous clinical issues or side effects you are encountering, talk first with your favored clinical supplier. Life Extension’s cycles might work for you however clear it first to guarantee the most ideal result for your wellbeing.

Health and Wellness Market

Life Extension


Science of Life Extension’s supplements

Life Extension

Do Life Extension’s tablets disintegrate?

Life Extension

How much it costs

Life Extension is generally widely appealing with regards to the amount of you’ll possess to pay for their items. While not horrendously costly, they aren’t really modest by the same token. A greater part of their enhancements cost somewhere in the range of $10 and $30 for a solitary container, however they can cost as much as $75 or just $4. Obviously, these jugs likewise have anyplace somewhere in the range of 30 and 300 containers, so at times, you can get much more item for significantly less cash.

Their other significant item – LabCorp blood, spit, breath, pee, and waste tests – is impressively more costly in all cases. These can cost among $20 and more than $800, contingent upon the size of the board and what you are expecting to have tried. While there aren’t any perceptible patterns between the testing strategies, tests for single nutrients or biomarkers cost around $47. Board tests, or those which take a gander at more than one component of your wellbeing, lounge around $150. The more intricate the test, the more it will cost.

Customer support

Life Extension

How Life Extension stacks up to the alternatives

Life Extension


Life Extension’s inventory is restricted to their image yet has a wide cluster of interesting and difficult to come by supplements. GNC adopts the contrary strategy: they continue 375 external brands yet remain generally standard in their contributions. Their commercial center is one of the biggest in the enhancement world, with additional items than a greater part of their rivals (counting Life Extension).

GNC doesn’t have a considerable lot of similar objectives as Life Extension, however, as GNC comes together for their athletic and diet items. Out of GNC’s ten significant item classes, seven connect with diet or games. In examination, Life Extension’s “dynamic way of life and wellness” classification has fifteen items.

They might not have a good time and ostentatious flavors, yet Life Extension centers around the medical advantages of what they offer.

Puritan’s Pride

Puritan’s Pride is an incredible prologue to supplements for the individuals who may not be as acquainted with what they are. The organization has a more grounded center around regular wellbeing and natural items, guaranteeing that everything is produced securely and effectively, contrasted with Life Extension’s careful attention to logical spearheading. Nonetheless, science is still very critical to Puritan’s Pride, who gives simple admittance to numerous nutrient aides and references to the exploration they used to figure out items.

Puritan’s Pride’s most significant advantage is their low costs and staggering gives: it’s not unexpected to see get one-get sans two deals on all containers of enhancements, as well as up to half off deals routinely. In the event that you’re searching for a characteristic item in mass, you’re probably going to find what you’re searching for with Puritan’s Pride.

Nature Made

Life Extension

Nature Made is one of the most brightened brands of enhancements available. They have endorsements and confirmations from much more outsider associations than Life Extension and totally nail it concerning quality. Their expansive inventory has their own items like Life Extension, however with a receptive and sensible tone. The main drawback is that the vast majority of their items come exclusively in sticky structure, which draws in the people who could somehow or another keep away from supplements however rots the parts that are great for you quicker.


Assuming you’re stressed that your necessities are specialty to such an extent that even Life Extension’s intriguing enhancements and Wellness Specialists can’t help you, everything will work out just fine to attempt a customized nutrient program. There are such a large number of these projects to list, however Thorne is quite possibly of the best

Like Life Extension, they give a blend of enhancements and at-home wellbeing tests (however it’s difficult to beat Life Extension’s 230 all out LabCorp tests). They additionally offer direction and the apparatuses you really want to track down your nourishing holes at home, from ripeness to destroy wellbeing, and are handily packaged with the appropriate enhancements to help. Thorne additionally offers nutrient and supplement tests like Life Extension in light of your propensities and wellbeing objectives.

Their items cost about equivalent to Life Extension’s, however it is simpler to explore with filterable labels and moderate feel.


Custom’s attention on straightforward and precise science is suggestive of Life Extension. They unequivocally spread the word – it’s perhaps the earliest thing on their landing page – yet Ritual goes above and beyond than Life Extension and make their whole production network (fixings, sources, studies, and providers) promptly accessible on their site too as opposed to expecting you to call their client care line to get that data like Life Extension.

Nonetheless, their items are almost two times as costly as Life Extension’s.

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