Outdoor Voices Review: Technical Apparel for Recreation

About Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is a sustainable recreational clothing brand that targets all recreationists. Their goal for every product they produce is based on sustainability, global impact, and to instill a motivation to “do things.”

Outdoor Voices has featured in many magazines and newspapers, such as The New Yorker, Vogue, and The Wall Street Journal. Plus, the Outdoor Voices Instagram has over 400k followers.

This Outdoor Voices clothing review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, as well as customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

Overview of Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices is on a mission to “get the world moving” because they believe in doing things! Outdoor Voices wants you to “embrace doing things for fun”, rather than doing things out of competition or obligation. Outdoor Voices encourages you to live your best and healthiest life, and release all of those happy endorphins!

Tyler Haney is Outdoor Voices founder and Outdoor Voices CEO. He launched Outdoor Voices New York City in 2013, but Outdoor Voices is currently headquartered in Austin, Texas. Since the brand was created, they have been extremely eco-conscious.

The brand has an entire section of their website dedicated to breaking down their sustainability features from products to packaging. Need more convincing? The brand has two goals that should make any conscious consumer jump with joy. Their aims are to:

  • Increase number of bluesign certified fabrics seasonally (Goal: 50% by 2021)
  • Increase percentage of traceable fibers from recycled sources seasonally (Goal: 80% by 2022)

Enough about how this athletic wear makes their apparel, shoes, and accessories. Let’s now move on to what these clothes can do for you. Outdoor Voices strives for their customers to be active. But the major pieces of the puzzle for this brand are comfort and ease of movement.

Clothing from this brand is assured to keep you comfortable by implementing fabrics that are sweat-wicking, thermoregulating, anti-odor producing.

Another added bonus is that Outdoor Voices is currently hiring! If you want to join this dynamic and innovative company, go to the Outdoor Voices Career section to find out more.

Outdoor Voices

This Outdoor Voices clothing review will now examine the pros and cons of Outdoor Voices as a brand.


  • Variety clothing, accessories, and shoes with flattering colour options and patterns
  • Body inclusive with broad spectrum of sizes and models
  • High-quality functional multipurpose clothing
  • 20% off Student discounts
  • Installment payment options available
  • Free Shipping on orders over $75
  • Free returns on all orders


Outdoor Voices Women’s Review

Every woman has their go-to workout clothing ensemble. But many find it impossible to find clothing that can keep up. Outdoor Voices does not promise to be your perfect workout apparel solution. But their sports bras, dresses, shorts, tees/t-shirts, and leggings will definitely try to be.

This Outdoor Voices clothing review will explore some of their most popular pieces and see if the brand challenges your current workout gear.

Outdoor Voices MegaFleece Sweatshirt Review

Outdoor Voices

The MegaFleece Sweatshirt is an extra roomy and cozy sweatshirt made from Outdoor Voices’ 63% recycled wool MegaFleece fabric. This sweatshirt was specially designed to keep you outside and on the go, even when the temperature drops. The MegaFleece Sweatshirt will keep you warm whether you are star-gazing, or on an early morning hike.

This fleece sweatshirt comes in 3 neutral colours, Black, Oatmeal, and Dijon, that will perfectly compliment any outfit combination you have in mind. The MegaFleece Sweatshirt is naturally thermoregulating, anti-odour, and sweat-wicking.

So, don’t worry about breaking a sweat when you are enjoying the great outdoors (and perhaps taking a few Insta pics). The MegaFleece Sweatshirt retails for $98.

Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress Review

Outdoor Voices

The Exercise Dress is the little dress that could. This sporty dress is versatile and will have you feeling like the confident goddess you are. The Exercise Dress is made from breathable, LightSpeed fabric, featuring a built-in shorts liner and secret pocket to hold your phone.

Wear The Exercise Dress playing a round of golf or tennis, or out in the garden to soak up the sunshine! This dress is available in 8 different playful and complementing colours.

The Exercise Dress is $100, and will hug your body and curves in all the right ways! Or, purchase the dress with Afterpay with four installments of $25.

Outdoor Voices Core ¾ Legging Review

Outdoor Voices

With over 200 glowing reviews, the Core ¾ Legging is Outdoor Voices clothes fan favorites. These leggings will become your go-to choice for high sweat, high-intensity activity. Made with lightweight, breathable, TechSweat fabric, these leggings feature Outdoor Voices’ inventive and carefully crafted OV Core Band.

A structured hi-rise waistband will hug your shape and also features a back pocket for storage. Pair the Core ¾ Legging with the Outdoor Voices Powerhouse Bra for the ultimate sweat session. These leggings are currently available in 3 different flattering colors.

Grab your Core ¾ Legging for $88, and never worry about having to pull up your leggings again. Or, buy the leggings with Afterpay for four installment payments of $22.

Outdoor Voices Rectrek Pant Review

Outdoor Voices

With over 500 reviews, the Rectrek Pant is undoubtedly the must-have pant. This is Outdoor Voices’ most versatile pant, sporting a relaxed fit and slightly cropped length. It’s definitely a refreshing take on recreational clothing. These pants are made from durable, elements-resistant, TerraStretch fabric for the ultimate comfort and mobility.

The Rectrek Pant will have you looking stylish and fashionable, whether you are taking a stroll through the rain or going rock-climbing. This style comes in 4 colours that will complement any number of ensembles. Pair the Rectrek Pant with the Outdoor Voices’ Athena Crop Top and some sneakers to complete this laidback, comfortable look. The Rectrek Pant is $98, or use Afterpay and pay four $24 installment payments.

Outdoor Voices Doing Things Bra Review

Outdoor Voices

The Doing Things Bra is made from the infamous Outdoor Voices lightweight and breathable TechSweat fabric. It also features a mesh racerback for ultimate comfort and mobility. This bra provides ultimate coverage, so no need to worry about the “girls.”

Wear this bra for a day of “doing things,” whether it’s yoga or trekking a mountain. The Doing Things Bra has got you covered! This bra is available in six vibrant colors and styles. The Doing Things Bra will have you unleashing your inner warrior (and never wanting to wear a shirt again).

The Doing Things Bra is $68, or four installment payments of $14 with Afterpay. It’ll be sure to become your favorite sports bra in no time at all.

Outdoor Voices Men’s Review

Now it’s time for the men. Whether you want to lounge around in a pair of the perfect sweats, or you’re looking to sneak in that extra rep at the gym, Outdoor Voices has curated the perfect hoodies, tees, shorts, sweats, and sneakers to help step up your game.

Whatever that “game” may be, this Outdoor Voices clothing review will explore some of their men’s bestsellers and see if the brand can go the distance.

Outdoor Voices CloudKnit All Day Hoodie Review

Outdoor Voices

The CloudKnit All Day Hoodie could be the softest hoodie you’ll ever wear. It is made with lightweight, insanely-soft CloudKnit fabric, meaning you will never want to take it off.

The CloudKnit All Day Hoodie is the perfect combination of minimalistic and sporty. The clean and simplistic design of will pair perfectly with all of the sweatpants in your collection.

The CloudKnit All Day Hoodie comes in seven colours. Wear this hoodie lounging in the comfort of your own home and feel like you’re wrapped in butter. You can get this hoodie for $88, or four installments of $22 with Afterpay.

Outdoor Voices All Day Shortsleeve Review

Outdoor Voices

The All Day Shortsleeve is extremely soft. Enough said. Just kidding – it’s made from lightweight CloudKnit and sports a classic fit. This tee comes in four dark shades and designs, and this Outdoor Voices clothing review thinks it’ll be there for you every step of the way, whether working out or relaxing.

The clean-cut nature of the All Day Shortsleeve will complement any outfit, and have you feeling comfortable the entire time. This shirt retails for$58, or four $14 installment payments with Afterpay.

Outdoor Voices High Stride 5” Short Review

Outdoor Voices

The High Stride 5” Short is the lightweight train short for high-sweat recreation. They are designed with a built-in shorts liner and hidden phone pocket for functional movement. These shorts are available in three different colors to suit your style.

Made to move with you at all times, these shorts have a great fit and are made from 100% recycled polyester. Pair these shorts with an Outdoor Voices Fast Track Tank, a pair of socks, and runners, and you are ready to face whatever the day may throw your way.

The High Stride 5” Short is $68, or four $17 payments with Afterpay.

Outdoor Voices All Day Sweatpant Review

Outdoor Voices

Your legs will thank you for wearing the All Day Sweatpants. Made from the infamous crazy-soft CloudKnit fabric. These sweatpants will have you feeling like you live in the clouds. The sweats have a relaxed tapered fit and can be bought in five colors.

You can perfectly match the Outdoor Voices CloudKnit All Day Hoodie with these stylish sweats for a comfortable on-the-way-to-the-gym look. Wear them together for the perfect monochrome combination of comfy and stylish.

The All Day Sweatpant retail for $88. Or, they can be purchased with Afterpay for four $22 installments. Your bottom half will thank Outdoor Voices later.

Outdoor Voices Men’s Hoka x OV Clifton Review

Outdoor Voices

The Men’s Hoka x OV Clifton are as light as a feather with marshmallow-like cushioning. This shoe keeps your feet happy mile after mile, with their sleek, stylish, design. Not to mention, they offer the ideal kind of support for you feet.

The Men’s Hoka x OV Clifton are only available in one color, but are versatile enough to be paired with street clothes to take your workout ensemble to the next level. The Men’s Hoka x OV Clifton are currently on sale for $104. Keep in mind that these sneakers can be purchased with Afterpay with four $26 payments. You’ll be walking on air in no time.

Just a heads up, Outdoor Voices has also collaborated with Teva, so be sure to check out the Teva Outdoor Voices collection. Inspired by Outdoor Voices’ vibrant hues and colour-blocking aesthetic, this bold collaboration beckons adventure-hungry explorers everywhere.

Outdoor Voices Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Outdoor Voices


This Outdoor Voices clothing review will explore what customers think of the brand, including the good and the bad.

The Better Business Bureau has rated Outdoor Voices with an A-. However, the BBB does not recognize Outdoor Voices as a BBB accredited business. Customer reviews of Outdoor Voices on sites other than the official brand website are few and far between. However, this Outdoor Voices clothing review has noted that customers, on sites such as Influenster, give Outdoor Voices 4.4/5 stars.

Customers on Influenster rave about the charming high-performance clothing for men and women, with flattering color options and patterns. Customers note that Outdoor Voices’ clothing is all well-made and allows for freedom of movement.

“Outdoor Voices is such a great company. I love the message they portray with making workout gear for all bodies and people who love to move. It is pricey! But everything I’ve bought is totally worth it. I love the founder,” said one Outdoor Voices clothing review.

Some also claim that the brand is long-lasting, functional, cute, and unique. “My favourite place to buy workout clothes or just clothes for being comfy at home! Outdoor Voices is all about doing things for fun and moving your body, and I love that. Everything in their store is bright and colourful, and I always end up buying something new when I’m there.”

Is Outdoor Voices Worth It?

Outdoor Voices


Ultimately, this Outdoor Voices clothing review believes this brand is worth the buy. The brand is body inclusive, sustainable, and creates long-lasting fashionable athletic/athleisure apparel. That is more than enough to convince someone to purchase. Not to mention, Outdoor Voices is a female-owned business.

While this Outdoor Voices clothing review can appreciate that the company is definitely on the pricier side compared to other brands, it is essential to note that Outdoor Voices’ clothing is developed from a material made to last and is functional.

You will not need to replace your items every couple of months because of wear and tear. In regards to the refund issues, the brand is always careful to address and solve complaints when they happen. If you want to be part of this amazing brand, search “Outdoor Voices careers” to view their openings.

Outdoor Voices Promotions & Discounts

Outdoor Voices

Currently, there is an Outdoor Voices sale on the brand’s website. Items are on sale for up to 75% off. They also offer Outdoor Voices student discounts! Sign up with your .edu email and receive 20% off in shops and online.

The brand does not have an Outdoor Voices promo code or an Outdoor Voices discount code available at this time.

Where to Buy Outdoor Voices


You can shop their collection through OutdoorVoices.com, or in person at one of their stores. There are Outdoor Voices locations in Soho, Los Angeles, Austin, Washington, and Chicago, to list a few.


Outdoor Voices

How much is Outdoor Voices worth?

Currently, Outdoor Voices is worth $40 million. However, it was worth $110 million two years prior.

Where are Outdoor Voices clothes made?

Outdoor Voices manufactures clothing in the US, China, and Vietnam.

Is Outdoor Voices an ethical brand?

Outdoor Voices sources sustainable textiles, responsibly sourced wool, and recycled polyester from water bottles. The company takes care of its stateside and overseas factory partners, prioritizing fair working conditions and ethical labour practices.

What sizes does Outdoor Voices offer?

Outdoor Voices sizes typically range from XS-XL. However, some items offer extended sizes. Be sure to check the product description and size chart on the website.

Do Outdoor Voices leggings stretch out?

Outdoor Voices’ apparel does offer stretch, but it’s minimal. Their clothing will stretch to your body and shape but never further. Your items will become more comfortable with each wear.

How do you wash Outdoor Voices products?

Outdoor Voices recommends keeping things cool — wash on cold and hang dry, or use a low heat setting in the dryer. This will keep the stretchy fibres and shape of the garment intact while reducing your energy use. Good for your gear and for the planet.

Does Outdoor Voices ever have sales?

Outdoor Voices does offer sales. There is currently an Outdoor Voices sale happening on their website.

Can you return Outdoor Voices in store?

Outdoor Voices accepts returns in-stores and online.

How long does Outdoor Voices shipping take?

Outdoor Voices only offers Shipping to Canada and the United States. In the United States, Outdoor Voices offers a few different shipping methods:

  1. Standard Shipping for $5
  2. 2-Day Shipping for $20
  3. Next Day Shipping for $30

However, spend $75 and get free Standard Shipping. For orders shipping to Canada, Outdoor Voices offers Standard Shopping at a flat fee of $25.

With Free Shipping, your order will arrive in 3–6 business. Alternatively, you can choose to upgrade to either 2-Day or Overnight Shipping:

  • 2-Day Shipping is $20
  • Overnight Shipping is $30

Outdoor Voices does not offer tracking for your order. However, you can check the order status by sending a note to Outdoor Voices at [email protected].

You will not be charged for taxes or duties. You are not responsible for any charges at the time of delivery.

Does Outdoor Voices offer free returns?

For Outdoor Voices returns or exchanges, go to returns.outdoorvoices.com and enter your email. Outdoor Voices will send you an email that links to your order history—next, select which items you’re sending back and print a prepaid return label. Returns must be unworn, undamaged, and unwashed.

For orders shipped to Canada, Outdoor Voices only accepts returns on orders that don’t quite work out.

Outdoor Voices offers free returns on all purchases not marked final sale in the United States. There is a $25 flat fee for orders shipped to Canada that is deducted from your return when processed. Any duties and taxes paid will not be refunded.

For exchanges, you can try a new colour/size for any style when selecting items that you’re sending back. Outdoor Voices will ship the new colour/size right away!

Exchanges are not permitted for orders shipped to Canada.

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