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Waking up motivated every morning is both a mindset and a lifestyle. Tonal offers the gym workout experience without ever having to walk out the front door with their compact, wall-mounted machine. The mini-gym includes pre-set workouts and adjustable equipment with the innovative ability to analyze and correct your form.

Tonal has been featured in Fast Company, Men’s Health, The New York Times, and Bloomberg, among many other media outlets. Men’s Health wrote, “get ready for the smartest home gym you’ve ever seen.” Tonal also has an Instagram following of over 130k.

This Tonal gym review will take a close look at the brand and its equipment, membership details, customer feedback, and more, to help you decide if this exercise brand is worth the buy.

Overview of Tonal


Founder of Tonal, Aly Oraday, struggled with his weight since childhood. Having discovered a steady schedule of weight training, combined with dedication and persistence, he lost 70lbs.

Although he was pleased with the results, going to and from the gym regularly took a toll on Oraday’s personal life. Without wanting to sacrifice those physical and mental benefits, he set out to develop a machine with electromagnetic resistance of up to 200lbs.

This concept eliminated the need for numerous machines he once needed at the gym. With his resistance equipment, Oraday could achieve the same workout, if not better, in the comfort of home.

Tonal was launched in 2015, adding itself to the list of home workout companies that are changing the name of the game. The company operates from its headquarters in San Francisco, California.


This Tonal gym review will now highlight some pros and cons of the brand.


  • Innovative electromagnetic resistance machine
  • Smart technology automatically adjusts to users’ bodies
  • Conveniently compact
  • Includes preset workouts and adjustable equipment
  • Personalized features like spotting and form correction
  • Supports multiple users
  • Quick installation of the device in under an hour
  • Membership offers access to thousands of on-demand classes including yoga and boot camp
  • Payment plans available for 12, 18, 24, or 36 months


  • Only available in the contiguous US
  • Cannot use machine in its full capacity without the subscription
  • Long shipping times (minimum of 4 weeks)

Tonal Gym Workout Machine


What does the Tonal system include? This smart home gym is packed with features, despite its compact size. The machine includes:

  • Digital weights that provide resistance up to 200 pounds
  • Interactive touchscreen display (24 inches)
  • Adjustable arms that support upper and lower body movements
  • Playlist access through Apple Music and Tonal Radio

Users can add onto the system with Tonal’s Smart Accessories Bundle to take workouts up a notch, featuring:

  • Rope with custom-T lock
  • Workout bench
  • Roller
  • Workout mat

The smart machine learns from your workouts and automatically adjusts to your body to measure reps, sets, range of motion, time under tension, power, and volume.

The Tonal gym is incredibly easy to set up since it’s delivered and installed by professionals. It comes with a bit of a caveat, though—users must commit to a 12-month subscription when purchasing the machine. We’ll get into the membership next in this Tonal gym review.

How Does the Tonal Membership Work?


The Tonal subscription includes unlimited access to hundreds of expert-led programs and personalized features that are not available without the membership.

One Tonal membership provides unlimited user access for your entire household. Others can create personal profiles with individualized reports and progress tracking.

After the initial 12-months, the subscription operates on a month-to-month basis that you can pause or cancel any time. Without the membership, you’ll still have access to weight adjustments, safety features, and WiFi for receiving updates.

This convenient machine completely reshapes workouts. By providing equipment, workout routines, expert advice, and tracking in one device, Tonal helps you achieve results faster and more efficiently.

This Tonal gym review provides specs on the membership plan and how it can change your routine, body, and lifestyle.

Tonal Membership Features


As a Tonal member, users have access to pre-set programs including strength training, boot camp, yoga, pilates, cardio, pre-and post-natal workouts, meditation, and balance control.

Within these programs, there’s access to personalized features such as your Tonal energy output, strength assessments, weight adjustments, and spotter modes.

The membership also provides suggestions and videos that demonstrate proper form. Users can keep track of how they’re doing through workout performance reports provided by Tonal.

How Much is Tonal?


The Tonal price for a one-time purchase with a credit card are listed below:

  • The machine is $3000 and accessories are an additional $500. Professional installation costs $250.
  • Membership is $50/month and includes unlimited profiles. This ultimately saves your household gym membership fees.

If you’d prefer to finance your Tonal cost with monthly payments with Affirm, the prices are listed below:

  • 12-Month Financing $400/month
  • 18-Month Financing $265/month
  • 24-Month Financing $200/month
  • 36-Month Financing $150/month

The financing prices are inclusive of delivery and installation, accessories, and membership fees for the duration of your payments.

Tonal Reviews: What Do Customers Think?


This Tonal gym review will look at reviews on the company website, Reddit, and Product Hunt, which discuss the compact design, smart features, easy installation, plus cons including repetitive content and expensive equipment.

On the Tonal website, 91/105 customers rate the equipment and programs 5/5 stars. Many reviews praise the easy setup, such as this one: “the installation was professional, quick, and friendly.”

Other reviews on the site compliment the flexible and compact design. “It takes up no space. I can work out how I want – when I want. From creating custom workouts to individual workouts to weeks-long programs, it’s all there.”

Tonal gym reviews Reddit users post mostly speak of positive experiences. For instance: “I’ve just completed my first 4-week program and started up another. My strength score has gone up nearly 15% in ~6 weeks and I can see and feel a difference. It’s a solid workout and a very well-designed machine.”


A separate Reddit thread notes the repetitive content that make workouts mundane. Several testimonials convey sentiments like: “the content gets a little stale if you’re a part of the programs….That makes some of the instructors’ little anecdotes a bit annoying after a while.”

Product Hunt contains 65 Tonal reviews that discuss the pros and cons. Fans of the programs have comments like “[there’s] a coach for everybody” and the membership is “super convenient.”

While happy customers note that the mounted device takes up little space, others are concerned about the wall support necessary long-term. Other users complained about the price.

Is Tonal Worth It?


This Tonal gym review came across numerous testimonials on the exercise progress and results associated with the machine. On the other hand, some users feel that the programs are repetitive and lack variety. From our research, it’s clear that the positive reviews heavily outweigh the negatives.

Tonal is a space-saving, all-in-one option for those who wish to change up their fitness routine, avoid gym fees, and eliminate transit times. Tonal equipment is definitely an investment, but financing offers accessible payments, especially when split between household members.

So, is Tonal worth the money? If you’re looking to work out at home and see value in the smart features and programs it offers, we think this machine is a solid choice.

Tonal Promotions & Discounts


There are currently no Tonal promotions, but keep an eye on their website and social media platforms for future sales.

Sign up for Tonal


To sign up for the membership, head to and follow these steps:

  1. Click Pricing in the top right corner of the webpage
  2. Choose whether you will be making a one-time purchase or if you will be financing your Tonal Gym
  3. Click Checkout
  4. Enter your billing and shipping information, and click ‘Place Order’
  5. Use your Tonal login to set up your personal account


Where can I try Tonal?

You can book an appointment online for an in-person demo at Tonal’s flagship store in San Francisco. Visit the Demo Booking Page for more information.

Can I install Tonal myself?

When your Tonal machine arrives, the installation team takes care of the setup. This includes WiFi and Bluetooth connection, account activation, and Tonal language preferences.

How long does Tonal take to install?

Your Tonal will be delivered in approximately 4 weeks after the order has been placed and the installation process takes under an hour.

Can I install Tonal in a garage?

You can technically install Tonal in a garage, but keep in mind there are wall and height specifications required for installation. For example, you cannot install the machine on brick or plaster surfaces. For more information, check out the Installation page on their website.

How much room do you need for a Tonal?

Tonal dimensions require at least 7 feet, 10 inches of space to stretch its arms out fully and you’ll need 7 feet of width (3 ½ to the left and 3 ½ to the right of the machine). The machine is installed 27 ½ inches from the floor. Tonal stud requirements are 2 x 4 inches.

Can you use Tonal without a subscription?

You can use Tonal without a subscription after 12 months if you made a one-time purchase, or after your financing term is over.

How do you move your Tonal arms?

To rotate the arms, press and hold the button near the middle of the arms and push/pull on the arm until it rotates. You will hear a click each time it rotates.

What is a good Tonal strength score?

The minimum strength score for the Tonal is zero with the top score being 1000. The average score for men is between 300-550 and between 175-275 for women.

How do I cancel my Tonal subscription?

To cancel the Tonal subscription, head to the website and submit a request. Alternatively, you can call 1-855-MY-TONAL.

How long does Tonal take to ship?

Tonal only offers shipping within the 48 contiguous states. Purchase requires completing an assessment survey and results can take 7-10 days. Delivery normally takes about 4 weeks, though current delays may push it to 10-12 weeks.

Customers receive shipping updates throughout the entire process. Once delivery has been scheduled, you’ll receive a time slot for installation. On the day of your installation, a member of the Tonal gym team will call 30 minutes before they arrive.

What is Tonal’s Return Policy?

Tonal comes with a limited 3-year warranty that covers product defects. To qualify for the warranty, you must have purchased the home gym from an authorized Tonal retailer in the US. This Tonal gym review notes that proof of purchase is required.

Tonal equipment can be returned within 30 days of installation. Your refund will include the price of the machine, taxes, accessories, delivery, and installation fees. Proof of purchase is required to initiate a return. To start a return, email [email protected].

How to Contact Tonal

If you need any other information that this Tonal gym review did not include, reach out to them via Contact Form on the website or call 1-855-MY-TONAL.

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