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Lately, my Facebook and Instagram feeds have been filled with ads for Waterdrop. As a new mom, I’m always trying to up my hydrated and I get bored with plain water after a while. Usually, when this happens I tend to grab a soda or drink filled with calories.

After drinking one too many sodas, I decided to give Waterdrop a shot. In this post, I’ll share with you my experience with Waterdrop and if it’s actually helped me drink more water. To say the least, you’re in for a surprise to the following question: do Waterdrop filters remove fluoride. Now to figure this out, I’ll be testing the Chubby (water filter pitcher) and tankless reverse osmosis system from Waterdrop with a fluoride meter.

About a month ago, I was going through my social media pages, and I found a couple of companies and products that I wanted to try. These are just a few random things or shops that popped up then or have popped up before. None of these companies are giving me anything to give my opinion here or in any of these posts from this random picking of products to review.

Overview of Waterdrop


Waterdrop is a tablet that you add to water that makes it flavored. It’s a cute little cube that you put into water, and after about 5 minutes you have a lightly flavored drink.

As I am not an affiliate with Waterdrop I don’t have a cool code for anything extra special off I do have a refer a friend code that I would like to let all of my friends reading this have. This link will give you $15 off your first purchase and if you use it and spend over $35 then I get points to my account.

Waterdrop is a company and product made to enhance water, much like powdered or liquid water additives like Mew or Crystal Light. The enhancement of water to have a flavor is supposed to encourage more water to be drunk to get closer to or achieve the goal amount of water per day. The Mayo Clinic says that women should drink 2.7 liters and men 3.7 liters a day of fluids, preferably water. These amounts are for an even climate without extra activities like running.

I will be the first to admit that I do not meet this goal very often, which is made worse by MCAS and living in South Texas. So, when I saw a product that was 100% sugar-free and was supposed to not only be a compressed mixture of fruits and herbs that are good for you, but I don’t have the patience or time to make myself, I was hopeful that this would be a great alternative to something with food coloring, sugar, and was only adding flavor but without any extra benefits.


  • Oral Rehydration Solutions in 16 different flavors
  • More effective than IV treatments
  • Formulations are NSF certified, kosher, and free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, gluten, and GMOs
  • Travel friendly
  • Brand provides relief missions all over the world
  • Discounted subscriptions optio

Waterdrop is well known in the water filter industry for its high-quality at-home water filtration solutions. The brand offers a variety of water filter types to suit all needs and budgets, from reverse osmosis water filters to under sink filters, faucet water filters, and water pitcher filters.

In this Waterdrop filter review, we’ll be taking a look at some of Waterdrop’s most popular water filters, providing all the information you need to know about the brand if you’re considering making a purchase.

Waterdrop Review


When I first ordered Waterdrop I wanted to order a bundle that included a water bottle and 4 different flavors, but I was sad to see the bundles sold out. I could, however, order everything individually so I ended up ordering just 2 flavors – Love and Vibe – to try it out.

About 2 days after I ordered my package arrived! I was really impressed with how quickly the order arrived – but I guess it didn’t travel too far since they come from Chicago and I’m only a few states away.

I was so excited to try them! Once I opened the package, I decided to try Love first. I popped the little tablet into a water bottle and let it go. I let it sit for about 2 minutes before taking a sip – which I quickly learned was a mistake because I ended up getting a mouthful of the tablet. I waited another 3 minutes and the tablet fully dissolved into the water.

The water had a hint of berry flavor and the flavor reminded me of a light version of Vitamin water. I ended up drinking it pretty quickly and then I noticed that my mouth felt kind of dry. I ended up having 2 more after and before I knew it I had hit my water goal of the day!

I ended up finishing the packs I bought and went and bought a few more. This time they had the bundles available so I got a water bottle and 4 Waterdrop packs. So far I’ve liked all the flavors I’ve received and my favorite one so far is Love!

Waterdrop micro drink anyway Review


Are you one of those people who always drink too little water? The recommended drinking amount of 1.5L-2L daily sounds impossible to you? The simple, fruity solution: flavored water . Our delicious microdrinks in over 10 varieties are small cubes that turn your boring water into a delicious soft drink in no time at all and always make you happy to drink it. In contrast to common soft drinks, we also get along completely without sugar and therefore without calories. Our fruity cubes contain even more valuable vitamins and natural ingredients.

Finally drink more water: A waterdrop ® microdrink is a small, sugar-free cube that gives every water a delicious taste. It’s so easy to get your soft drink:

  • Fill 400-600ml of cold water (sparkling or still) into a container of your choice
  • Let your microdrink dissolve completely
  • Enjoy immediately

Whether you need an energy boost , want to relax for a moment or just want to do something good for yourself: choose from our colorful variety with over 10 flavors that contain only the finest fruit and plant extracts . Are you looking for that certain extra? For your ultimateWe recommend flavored water with ice cubes, as well as cooling mint leaves, a few slices of lemon or another tasty decorative item you trust.

We not only write the topic of sustainability very big, we live it. Did you know that with our microdrinks you save up to 98% on plastic and CO2 compared to a conventional plastic bottle? Due to their practical size and feather-light weight, we also avoid unnecessary transport routes and the associated environmentally harmful emissions. So that you can access your microdrinks anywhere and anytime, we have chosen a size that fits in any trouser pocket. Upcycling idea: Reuse your empty packaging and make a storage box out of it, for example. Get creative!

Waterdrop Discover the Microtea Collection Review


We love Diversitea in all its shapes and colors! Discover our Microtea Collection and enjoy a soothing hot drink made from the finest fruit and plant extracts according to your taste – without steeping time or tea bags. When delicate, comforting notes of rooibos and honey bush combine with the full-bodied taste of caramel, the result is an unmistakable drinking pleasure.

With the comfortable drinking opening and the innovative, leak-proof cap, this stainless steel tumbler keeps your hot drink warm for up to 6 hours. Enjoy your favorite drink on the go – whenever and wherever you want.

Our thermos flask to go is the perfect accompaniment for on the go. Made from high-quality materials and with a practical loop lid, you always have our 1L tumbler under control and your favorite hot drink at hand

 Waterdrop Drinking Bottles & Travel Mugs Review


This is how drinking is fun: our robust and heat-resistant waterdrop® bottles made from sustainable materials of the highest quality. With our popular accessories in tasteful designs, you not only reach for the bottle more often and drink more in the long term, but also reduce your CO2 footprint in the long term. Already knew? With waterdrop® you save up to 98% of plastic and CO2 compared to a conventional plastic bottle. Just as you like it: all our drinking bottles are available individually or in personalized sets.

Regional quality combined with innovative design: Each of our glass drinking bottles made of robust borosilicate glass is lovingly manufactured within the EU under the highest quality standards and is decorated with the unique waterdrop® flower. Thanks to the innovative Soft Square® shape, our revised glass bottles now sit even better in the hand for maximum drinking comfort. Colorful as well as minimalist designs for every taste, a free protective cover made of neoprene and a bomb-tight cap make your glass bottle the perfect companion for on the go. Available in handy 400ml, 600ml & 1L perfect for any tote bag!

Practical & beautiful: The popular drinking bottles made of double-walled stainless steel not only keep every drink ice cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, but also impress with their innovative drinking opening, which ensures a pleasant drinking experience. Manufactured from one piece to avoid whoops, the stainless steel drinking bottles are available in over 10 exciting designs, provided with a leak-proof cap, they are not only suitable for everyday use, but also perfect for every thirst, no matter how small or large: choose between now 0.4L 0.6L & 1L Bottles!

Hot refreshment on the go: The latest addition to our bottle collection has it all: Robust, heat-resistant thermal mugs keep your drinks hot for up to 6 hours and, with their bomb-tight comfort closure for easy opening and closing, are also suitable for a turbulent everyday life and offer anytime & anywhere the hot refreshment you need. Lovingly provided with a playful pattern or tastefully simple, the thermo mugs are practical and perfectly suited for any tote bag, backpack and are a real eye-catcher.

Waterdrop Die neuen Toddler Bottles Review


The new stainless steel drinking bottles for children consist of 4 elements that can be easily taken apart and cleaned individually. In this way, the Toddler Bottle always remains hygienic, even when it is used day after day. Thanks to a special valve, the Toddler Bottle is the perfect leak-proof drinking bottle for children. Whether your little ones love to flip through picture books on their stomachs or jump into muddy puddles, Buddy, Tilly and their friends are ready for any adventure!

Children can enjoy our microdrinks without any problems. The varieties from our standard program contain neither caffeine nor sugar. However, caution is advised with the varieties NERO, SHIRO and WHITE BLOSSOM, they contain caffeine and are therefore not suitable for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. The mouthpiece was specially developed for children from 18 months and ensures that your child can drink safely.

On the side of your desired Toddler Bottle you will find a field in which you can enter your e-mail address: “Write me back as soon as possible”. In this way you will be informed as soon as your desired product is available again. The backpack is not included with the Toddler Bottle, ie to get the same backpack design as the Toddler Bottle, you have to actively order it.

Waterdrop LUCY Your Smart Drinking Assistant Review


Enjoy clean water at home or on the go. With the help of the innovative UV-C cleaning function, the LUCY ® Smart Cap deactivates up to 100% of all possible germs in your drinking water. This keeps your bottle clean and odor-free.

Thanks to a special sensor, the LUCY ® Smart Cap keeps a close eye on your water consumption and automatically saves it in the waterdrop ® hydration app. Get an overview of your progress, compare your water consumption with your daily fluid goal and optimize your drinking habits sip by sip.

Never forget to drink enough again: The LUCY ® Smart Cap flashes at regular intervals to remind you of your drinking goal. You can easily adapt this function to your individual needs. Keep a close eye on your water consumption. By tracking your hydration and recording it in the waterdrop ® Hydration App, your LUCY ® Smart Cap will help you develop better drinking habits over the long term. All you have to do is drink water – LUCY® will take care of the rest.

Life is hectic and can distract us from drinking water. With the reminder function of LUCY ® you will never forget it again. The LUCY ® Smart Cap flashes gently at regular intervals if you have not yet reached your fluid target, helping you get your drinking habits under control again. Connect LUCY ® to the waterdrop ® hydration app: together they help you to keep a close eye on your water consumption, remind you to drink and prompt you to drink the next sip more.

Waterdrop Subscription


As a WaterDrop Curator, you can create your own private networks and connect data from up to 200 monitoring locations alongside available public data using either telemetry, API or batch upload. Time-series data of any type can be added to your WaterDrop dashboard for analysis and sharing (optionally).

Unlike WaterDrop Basic, which only combines publicly available data into an online dashboard, WaterDrop Curator enables a water consultant, scientist or manager to assemble their own water data – level, water quality, flow or observations – from both history and on an ongoing basis as more information is collected and importantly, to create and share custom reports and analytics with colleagues and on public websites, as long as agreements allow.

In this way data can be stored permanently and privately, and they can be assembled into WaterDrop’s powerful analytical tools, like contour mapping, change-over-time, compare (influence of one location/datatype to another), etc. or made ready to share at an API endpoint.

Waterdrop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?


If you’re tired of boring water and want to add in some flavor without the calories, I recommend trying out Waterdrop. It helps me drink more water and it’s super easy to use. Although Waterdrop is most definitely not a complete game-changer, I do think it does help you drink more water. If you’re looking for something new to try out it’s worth checking out Waterdrop!

If you’re anything like me, you struggle to drink the right amount of water we drink each day. Drinking 2L of water are a lot, and then drinking tap water…. bleh!

Over here in Italy everyone just buys bottled water, but the eco warrior in me hates that idea, especially when here in Rome in particular, they have water bottling stations (although the one closest to us was closed for a little bit – I wonder if it’s open now) run by Acea who run the water supply here, or they have the amazing water fountains all over Rome, there is one so quite close by, which the water from them are just as good as the water we have to pay for from the supermarket – and I can reuse my bottles or put it in my glass bottles. But When you’re a mamma of 2 under 3 and without a car, it’s not always possible to refill my bottles. And even then, still not a big fan of the taste (or lack of) when it comes to water.

While I was a bit skeptical at first, I was in need of a new water bottle, since my last glass water bottle had shattered over a year ago, and I wasn’t too much of a fan of my aluminium bottle that made everything a bit like drinking out of can, I thought Why not? Let’s give this water drop thing a try. And if it means I can drink water out of the tap without worrying about the taste even better!

As a breastfeeding mother I really should be drinking more than I do, so this would hopefully give me the encouragement to do just that. So I ordered myself the Empowerment Edition Set which was on special for €37,90 and waited patiently for it to arrive from Northern Europe. Then I came across an advertisement for Waterdrop, these seemingly little individually wrapped in recyclable packaging drops of different flavours with vitamins that you can add to water.

Is Waterdrop Worth It?


Overall, I think Waterdrop is pretty tasty. Is it a complete gamechanger? No. Will it make you drink more water? Possibly. It definitely does make water taste a lot better I’m a sucker for cute water bottles and packaging so I absolutely love it and do find it helps me drink more water. I’m adding at least 20 oz a day in because of the tablets so I take that as a win!

The tablets are a little pricey when you look at it – about $1 a drink, but to me it’s worth it because I really do like the flavors and have started drinking slightly more water each day. sugar-filled electrolyte drinks you’re already consuming. But, this option is much better for you, providing 3x the hydration and just half the just take a look at the Waterdrop nutrition facts!

Plus, a subscription will save you 25% and ensures that your to-go stash of sticks is always full for your next marathon, mission, or over-indulgent night. For all of these reasons, this Waterdrop review thinks that a purchase from this company is definitely worth it.

Waterdrop Promotions & Discounts


Our latest Waterdrop discount code was found 6 days ago ago and will get you 15% off, but we’re always discovering new coupon codes and ways to save. Check back regularly for the latest offers. We last found new Waterdrop promo codes on March 23, 2022. In the last 90 days we have discovered 30 new deals for Waterdrop. We discover a new Waterdrop discount code every 3 days on average. The average shopper saves $12.96 off their total when they use a coupon code at Waterdrop.

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You are able to save immediately on Waterdrop’s website. Within the pop-up advertisement, you can enter your email address and click “Submit” to receive a coupon code. The code will give you up to 5% off of your purchase. Waterdrop will frequently publish coupon codes that are able to be used on your next purchase. These will save you up to 30% off of your purchase. You only have to enter your coupon code into the promotional field box at checkout. You will find sale items throughout the website. These will save you at least $60 off of the original price of the products. Many of the sale items will be highlighted on the homepage.

Choose the product that you want to purchase, and click the blue button that says “Add to cart.” You will proceed to checkout by clicking “Checkout,” where you will see the field that says “Gift card or discount code” on the right side of the screen. Copy the coupon code you want to use, and paste it into that field, clicking the gray “Apply” button after. You will see the discount applied, and you can complete checkout.

Where to Buy Waterdrop


Enjoy free tastings in a relaxed atmosphere, get our personalized advice, discover exclusive store-only products, collect loyalty points and much more. We look forward to seeing you It pays off to drink more: bring your empty waterdrop® packaging to one of our stores and exchange them for club points that you can redeem for exciting accessories. We’ll do the rest for you! #bringitback

Signing up for a subscription on the company’s website is actually really easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • Head to the webpage for depending on your preference
  • Select your desired flavor or variety pack, then “subscribe and save”
  • Choose for regular deliveries every 1-10 weeks or months
  • Check out

Frequently Asked Questions Waterdrop


How many waterdrops can you drink per day?

We recommend that you drink enough water every day. Our waterdrops are ideal for 400-600 ml of water. We recommend that you dose your waterdrops to help you stay hydrated per day (this varies for everyone but should be at least 1.5 liters per day for adults). You can find more information on this in Austria’s public health portal.

How are the waterdrops packed?

Our waterdrops contain highly sensitive natural fruit and plant extracts. In order to protect them optimally from air and moisture, they are wrapped in a recyclable PP cover that was developed over 2 years by a leading team of experts in Germany.

This saves you 97% of unnecessary packaging compared to conventional drinks – not to mention the enormous transport weight that is eliminated because everything you need is already with you: fresh water.

How can I track my order?

For non-customized products, you will receive a shipping confirmation including a tracking link as soon as we have handed over the order to DHL or our shipping partner. You can also find the tracking link if you click on your order information in the order confirmation. In the case of individualized products, we will always keep you up to date personally and also send you tracking information as soon as the order is on its way.

What is Waterdrop Shipping Policy?

Have you already checked whether the mail is possibly hidden in the spam folder? If this is not the case, you are welcome to contact us directly and we will be happy to send you the order and shipping confirmation again. After you have placed your order, you have 30 minutes to add products to your shopping cart or to change the order. Simply send us a message or give us a call.

After you have placed your order and we have received it, we will check it. As a rule, the order is forwarded to our dispatch staff within 12 hours and prepared for dispatch as quickly as possible.

What is waterdrops Return Policy?

If you contact our service team within 24 hours and the item is shipped, we could offer you a free return label and you will get the refund after we receive the item back. If you want to cancel the order after it has been generated for more than 24 hours and shipped, you need to bear the extra return fee.

Thanks for shopping at Waterdrop. We appreciate the fact that you like to buy the stuff we build. We also want to make sure you have a rewarding experience while you’re exploring, evaluating, and purchasing our products.

There are times when we may not have the product(s) that you choose in-stock or may face some issues with our inventory and quality check. In such cases, we may have to cancel your order. You will be intimated about it in advance so that you do not have to worry unnecessarily about your order. If you have purchased via online payment (not Cash on Delivery), then you will be refunded once our team confirms your request.

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