Weebly Review : Is It the Right Website Builder for You?

About Weebly


Weebly is the best option if you want to enjoy developing websites with lots of customised templates for nothing. Many novices and first-timers find it intimidating to learn programming in today’s technologically advanced environment.

This website-building interface is ideal for beginners to utilise because it doesn’t necessitate complex coding or knowledge of any coding language’s fundamentals.

Overview of Weebly


Even if one is not aware of the technical side of things, they can still easily make a good website by using the guide given in the website. It also has various ‘Bold and Beautiful’ themes to help in creating a stunning website, and gives a lot of options to choose for different kinds of websites.

Further, Weebly also provides a user-friendly structure and helps in creating customisable themes, mostly in the form of creative visual web designs. The site also has site tools to manage the web pages effectively.

Comparing Weebly to the Best Website Builders


Weebly is easy to use in the sense that instead of dealing with abstract lines of code, you drag actual images, text boxes, buttons, and more around your page until you’re happy.

However, there are limits to where you can move things, and you are somewhat restricted by the structure of the theme you choose. It caters to the users of all abilities, from beginners to advanced website builders by designing the site in a way that it can be customised in every manner.

Weebly Pricing and Options


One of its most important features, which makes it popular among the masses, is that it has affordable packages ranging from $6 to $29, which can be availed by anyone without spending a lot.

Out of the bunch, it is most suited for websites for small businesses. Despite not being the most scalable of platforms, it offers excellent SEO help, and its straightforward designs make it a suitable choice for small business websites, freelancers, and other types of businesses trying to build an online presence.

How Weebly Ranks


Search engine optimization, or SEO, aids in raising a website’s placement in search engine rankings. A sitemap, meta descriptions, and HTML formatting are all features included with Weebly.

It is now simpler than ever for E-commerce websites to start selling online thanks to Weebly’s seamless integrations with Square’s payment suite. It also includes a number of marketing tools and statistics to provide a picture of the status.

How Much Does Weebly Cost?


Comparably, Weebly features a fantastic selection of blogging tools that include certain themes, a system for scheduled sharing, as well as a choice to include media in the blog.

Weebly also offers a variety of styles and fairly organised themes, but it also has template limits and some outdated designs that can be considered simple and classic. On smaller screens, such those of mobile phones and other handheld devices, the majority of them do not look good.

How Good Are Weebly’s Themes?


In addition, it has several features that make the process of building websites easier. Weebly has a robust app centre that makes it possible to create websites with only one click. It is both free and paid.  Through its app, it also promotes online marketing by including social media and email.

Overall, Weebly is an excellent tool for quickly creating the website of your dreams. Every first-time internet user or non-technical user chooses it since it is simple to use and comes with a handbook.

What Are Weebly’s Key Tools and Features?


However, there are some drawbacks to websites that make it difficult to construct websites efficiently. Most of the templates are out-of-date as a result of Weebly’s lack of technology advancements or improvements to the site throughout the years.

As a result, consumers must make concessions when choosing a suitable design for their websites. The most common question that comes to our mind is – What if I need help?



But Weebly ensures this through a live chat centre as well email services as a part of its help and support facility. But,  only paid users have access to all support resources.Moreover, Weebly is also not mobile-friendly because the websites seem bad when viewed on mobile displays.

You may move real photos, text boxes, buttons, and more throughout your website using Weebly. But there are places where you can’t move stuff, and more often than not, that’s because of the theme you pick. In addition, one of the most well-known platforms that provides a ton of in-built tools for free website creation is Weebly.

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